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  1. You're crying about the NYC government not being willing to subsidize Amazon's new headquarters. @Ike - This is what I mean when I say "they don't believe anything". They'll throw out terms like this, but when it comes to practice, they'll toss that shit away the very moment they can use it to "get one over on the libs". For example, if this were a Solar Energy company requesting 3 billion dollars to come to NYC, we can bet that Saucer would be singing a different tune, because Renewable Energy is a liberal value.
  2. This thread is obviously about something other than Crackdown 3 because nobody would make fun of the fans of such a shitty game.
  3. Mueller: Manafort deserves 19.5 to 24.5 years in prison for Virginia convictions https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/15/mueller-manafort-sentencing-1173314 Paul Manafort, also known as Trump's Campaign manager that passed private, internal polling data to known Russian operative Konstantine Kilimnik, has been recommended a sentence of 19-24 years...for the crimes he's been tried for thus far. Oh yeah, baby, it's only going up from here. This is the guy Deeno thinks had nothing to do with the Trump Campaign. Other than running it and selecting Mike Pence as the VP pick, I guess.
  4. DeenoHBFR like the little bitch that he is.
  5. Yeah. It is. If you try to understand alt-right people in terms of what they believe, you'll be left confused every single time. You can't stamp down what they believe because they don't believe anything. If you frame their words and actions in terms of "does this get one over on the libs at this very point in time regardless of consistency's sake", then it starts to make a whole lot more sense. Reactionary-right. They're reacting to demographic and social changes that scare them.
  6. lmao where there goes any semblance of this being about his performance.
  7. There's no way Roger Stone didn't get caught lying to the FBI. Zero percent change. Dude's dead to rights already.
  8. Imagine being Deeno, or Vini, or Ghostz, or Sublyminal, or Roflpwndez. Imagine being that guy that didn't get it before Ann fuckin' Coulter did.
  9. Just the concept of Tetris x Battle Royal is so retarded it just might work.
  10. The average yearly salary for an NFL player is 2.1 million. Kaepernick just made more in one settlement than the vast majority of players will make in their entire career. If I were a middling player in the NFL, i'd stir up some new way to make a controversy, because all you gotta do is get Trump mad at you on Twitter and you've got yourself a fucking payout.
  11. 3 years of this shit and lemmings still think they're on par with Switch. This past Nintendo Direct announced more exclusives for the first half of this year than xbone has for this entire generation.
  12. Given what they announced during the Direct, I'm OK with it. Delay as needed, there's plenty coming out.
  13. Deeno has the xbone's success tied directly to his identity as a person. If the xbone fails, it means that he's a failure. That's why he defends it tooth and nail. Having a game on Switch look better than a game on Xbone isn't just an insult to him, it's full-on blasphemy. Dude's got issues. Personally, I think Astral Chain looks just OK. I get that it's graphically impressive for the system it's on, but I don't care for the up-res'd Xenoblade 2 look that it's got going on.