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  1. What about "death threats" don't you understand? Or are you OK with them?
  2. Is that what you think the death threats are? Do you think Ilhan Omar's life is worthless? She's fighting for LGBT rights. Why are you constantly against people who are fighting for your rights? AOC can justify not speaking out on something that the entire world is already speaking out on, especially if doing so puts her peers in danger. I would speak out on it, but she can certainly justify it. Especially in America.
  3. Probably because she doesn't want Ilhan Omar to get more death threats because people like you don't see a difference between her and the people who blew up Sri Lanka.
  4. This isn't the first time Deeno has ignored the official line from Microsoft. He tried to convince me that MCC wasn't still broke-ass even after I posted a video of the developers discussing how they were going to fix it.
  5. Ignoring the whole "bu bu bu teh old testament doesn't count in Christianity" line because it's still read, and was used to justify slavery, LGBT oppression, jim crow laws, you name it. Lmao, this is America. "Christians" are assumed white here. That's the point. Sorry it flew over your head. Christianity was biiiig into it until we fought a Civil War over it. People from the south still fly confederate flags. Wonder what that means. This is a bold-faced lie. Preachers speak out against homosexuals and gay marriage from the pulpit every fucking Sunday despite the fact Jesus didn't say shit about gays. You're lying to me and you know it.
  6. They're doing it to you, too. Guaranteed. Mayor Ford is just the beginning.
  7. As if they could play AAA exclusives anywhere.
  8. Guys, what if, now bear with me...but WHAT IF Dragon Ball Z was tied into Pride and Prejudice. EDIT: They're all just different levels of the Dark Tower, anyway.
  9. Why is Deeno railing on this game. It's not like anyone was shoving it in his fa.... Oh.
  10. Fake News implies he did it on purpose. He didn't do it on purpose. He legitimately didn't understand what he was reading.
  11. Say it with me now! Slow. Johnny.
  12. I like the artstyle, but I ain't sold on the game. I'm sure it'll be great, but it doesn't look like something that's for me.
  13. I'm sure the Trump Administration will take swift and decisive action against a hostile foreign nation trying to influence our national discourse via subterfuge.