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  1. Thank god the Black Isrealites showed up in the longer version to give MAGA kids a shield to hide behind. Really legal, really cool. Main person that needs to be reprimanded here is the school's chaperone, who shouldn't have let the kids get into this situation in the first place.
  2. We've been down this road with Ghostz multiple times. Notably with immigration and healthcare.
  3. Holy hell, are you guys seeing this thread? Full-on stormfront in there. Blaming the jews, white-genocide concern trolling, "i'm not saying hitler was right, but..." The fuck?
  4. There's no need. It's a shit deal on its face and even shittier when you dig into it. The only thing more shit than this deal is Trump's ability to negotiate.
  5. EDIT: The part I disagree with on some of these issues is the Equality VS Markets scale. I don't think that's an either/or situation. Taxing the rich doesn't eliminate markets. The US had the strongest middle class in one of the best markets of its history post-WWII and it had a marginal tax rate of 70% under Eisenhower.
  6. Oh I'm sure nobody is going to be exactly what I expec...
  7. How about we make the default yellow and call it "chickens"?
  8. I chose the faction that currently works best for me, whereas you picked the one that gives you plausible deniability when you defend 300+ hours of Sea of Shit.
  9. While you're at it, get rid of the manticore faction. It's a non-faction and the only people who use it are lemmings who are too chicken shit to turn green.
  10. This is not the same story, slick. This thread is about Paul Manafort, not Michael Cohen. @Teh_Diplomat - Fix the thread title back. Nothing has changed on the Paul Manafort/Konstantine Kilimnik story.
  11. You're confusing this story with a Buzzfeed story that Mueller's office has disputed. Paul Manafort passed polling data to Konstantine Kilimnik. Collusion between Trump's Campaign and Russians is no longer in dispute, despite what some over-eager mods decide to do to the thread title. Here's a hint that you jumped the gun with this post: Paul colluding with a known Russian operative, and Buzzfeed's story being wrong, are both coming directly from Mueller's office. I know it's hard to keep up because your inner white hood is going nuts, but give it a try.