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  1. Four of his campaign officials, including his campaing manager, and his personal lawyer and fixer for 12 years get indicted, and your response is that has nothing to do with Trump?
  2. I'd love to see "truth" but you don't seem to want to spell out exactly what that means. S'ok, pumpkin. We know what you mean by it.
  3. Ohhh, getting saucy, aren't you? Itchin' to talk about globalism? Urge to discuss the REAL number of holocaust victims? Tell good ole McWicked how you really feel.
  4. Don't you have some jews to blame for something? Shoo-shoo!
  5. Libertarians supposedly don't want black people to get arrested over petty drug crimes. Not my fault you can't see the overlap.
  6. I'll believe Mueller if he says Trump is completely innocent. He may say that, even. It's entirely possible there's no smoking gun in this Russian collusion case. The 16 other investigations that have spun off of this one, however, aren't going away. The chances of Trump getting away with everything are incredibly small. The only reason he's not indicted with Campaign Finance Fraud right now is because he's the POTUS. They've already indicted his lawyer over it, and his lawyer had tapes. Trump either going to die as POTUS or get ramfucked with state-level crimes that can't be pardoned. Either way, he's going to get what's coming to him. Yeah, yeah, "bu bu not indicted, bu bu tell me when Trump get indicted", etc. etc. We've heard it.
  7. Because in two years it's become abundantly clear that the GOP are inept at governing. That's what happens when new information comes to light. You change your mind. I'm not ashamed of my voting record. Not sure why you'd think I was. What I'll likely never do going forward is vote for anybody with an R next to their name. Unless that name is Robert Mueller.
  8. If you ask them about it, you get nothing out of them, 'cause they don't wanna admit it publicly. But if you start speaking their language, start saying things they agree with, get them comfortable...that's when the nasty shit comes out.
  9. For once, Vini...yeah, you're right.
  10. This is the great irony: many minority groups have conservative values that could easily be exploited by the GOP. But the GOP can't do that because those minority groups are full of non-white people. The Latino vote alone would guarantee social conservative values for decades if the GOP would court that instead of people like Deeno, because, let's face it, you think Deeno's going to vote for the Democrats instead?
  11. You'll also notice that Nintendo releases actual sales numbers versus the number of people who played the game on Game Pass for 10 minutes total.
  12. Duh, I'm in Texas. I can vote for whomever I want because it's not a swing state. Yet.
  13. Well this thread about the original thread is going about as expected.
  14. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/22/politics/mueller-nunberg-trump-campaign-nra/index.html?utm_source=twCNNp&utm_content=2019-01-22T21%3A03%3A25&utm_term=image&utm_medium=social Mueller wants to know about 2016 Trump campaign's ties to NRA NRA -> Trump Campaign ties, baby!
  15. Gunn had long since apologized for his previous jokes. Dude owned up to it and didn't continue the behavior. Not sure what point Cook's trying to make; it's not like he's gone on a rant about how Mike Cernovich is a SJW piece of shit that lead a twitter dogpile to get Gunn fired. Free Speech! It's the ultimate right until a lefty uses it, then fuggem'.
  16. He was better than Trump, he wasn't Hilary, and he wanted to end the Drug War.
  17. Bu bu bu games: Smash Ultimate - 3,592,000COD Black Ops 4 - 1647000RDR2 - 1,435,000
  18. I don't. I voted for Johnson. It's only the 10th or 11th time I've said that on SW, though, so I understand why you didn't know.