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  1. You mean tax cuts for the rich? The only consistent GOP strategy other than starting wars? Yeah, it is an excuse. Glad to see some self awareness coming from you. Btw, Trump just closed down his charity due to all the scandals. Clinton foundation still going strong. Imagine that.
  2. Imagine being excited for 5tate of Decay 2.
  3. You're right. We've got to stop these freaks from quitting social media platforms of their own free will.
  4. Octopath is great. Solid 8/10 game with a surprising lack of bullshit, likable characters, and a great little battle system that's not too simple and not too complex. Enjoy.
  5. In case anyone's wondering what's going through people like Vini's heads, the answer is below: TLDW: Not much.
  6. Except for that one time he said “You are acting like a bunch of n******, just so you know. You act like white n******,”: Or that other time he argued racism was good for black people: Like I said: don't be a dick and/or don't quit the platform.
  7. Or like a right-wing white nationalist: This is a non-topic. Patreon didn't deplatform Sam Harris. Sam Harris quit. Milo got deplatformed for being a neo-nazi. Alex Jones got deplatformed for saying the Sandy Hook shooting was faked. Gavin McInnes got deplatformed for advocating violence in the streets. But Sam just plain quit. Seems pretty obvi to me: if you want to participate in the services of private entities, just don't be a dick, or don't quit using the service.
  8. It's not a sheep trait to make fun of you, Deeno. Everybody does that.
  9. Pointing out that Deeno's predictions were flat out wrong isn't bullying. Bullying is when we call him retarded for it. We do that, too. EDIT: Lmao you triple posting 'cause i'm living in your head rent free.
  10. I'm starting to think Deeno has a secret "my dick is dry" signal that he projects into the night sky for you and Slow Johnny.
  11. Trump is suggesting that SNL is illegal because SNL makes fun of him. "I like him." - The only real champion of free speech and the first amendment on these here boards, Victimhood Vini. EDIT: What it feels like is happening here is that Trump is trying to do the same thing he did during 2016, but it's not sticking. "Lock her up", "Crooked Hillary", "Drain the swamp", "Fake News", etc. He's trying to re-purpose "collusion" into a right-wing soundbite that benefits him, so he's throwing it out there at the most random things to see if it sticks.