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  1. 'Cause i'm trying to clear the backlog before buying another game. I think lemmings have gone full alt-reality. They're chastising cows and sheep for not having exclusives. This happens without a hint of irony.
  2. Of all the filthy lemmings to mod, I guess Remij is the least worst. He's not a racist begging for the tiniest bit of power and he's not dumb as shit, so i guess that's that. I don't know why we need additional moderation. There's only like 12 guys on the forum.
  3. play squads with friends. You don't die immediately, you just get downed and you can be brought back unless someone finishes you off.
  4. Switch has been absolutely invaluable to me since my daughter was born. I literally cannot get an hour in edge-wise, so booting up the PS4 is just impossible. But bringing the switch out of sleep mode with a baby on my belly for 30 minutes of skyrim or a couple matches of Fortnite is doable. I still think Fortnite is pulling a lot of weight behind the scenes. Octopath is great, but it'll fall out of the top 10 pretty quickly. Fortnite will keep pushing hardware.
  5. GotG 1, by far. Though Thor is up there with GotG2, Winter Soldier, and Civil War.
  6. Don't you remember the last time you peeked up in here? Might wanna back out before you reaffirm why we call you Slow Johnny.
  7. Slow Johnny, the chances of you knowing how it is are pretty goddamned slim.
  8. Aza's bi-polar as fuck and since we banned Grip, we need someone to brag about getting blown by hookers.
  9. Lmao the "I'm not a Trump supporter, but teh SJWs" defense.
  10. It would be one thing if they took it on an individual basis. But when you take every single instance of a brown man having an opinion as a negative, shit starts to add up.
  11. Sad part is it works for his base (scared white people like ghostz and slow johnny). My parents are deep in the cult and they've brought up kneeling twice in 4 days. A black man kneeling in peaceful protest is bad but a white president bending the knee to a hostile foreign adversary on live television doesn't even register. Propaganda works.
  12. This is thought process is dumb as fuck. A car accident has someone at fault. Most pre-existing conditions do not. "You should accept personal responsibility for getting Lukemia, bro."
  13. Day and date switch version? That overton window sure is shifting.