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  1. I was a diehard Nintendo fanboy. I thought Nintendo SNES was the best but now that I look back. I think Sega may have had the better experience
  2. Damn the Sheep have been OWNED. The wool about to blown off their backs. 180 mph of Ownage
  3. What is wrong with white people killing people
  4. Bruh just leave the thread with the last bit of dignity you have. The Ownage is severe. And the thought that you thought this thread was a good idea is
  5. MU Ha Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Like who the fuck has that wack ass Switch There is no way a grown man is walking around with a switch unless he is a complete lame. If you are 17 or older with a Switch then you ain’t got no hoes. Bruh that article is so cherrypicked you sheep should be ashamed. You sheep stay getting the wool shaved off your backs
  6. Damn this thread flopped like Nintendo exclusive Miami is safe. You sheep up in the Carolinas or Georgia better leave
  7. Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha your post is weak and trash. No one has replied in over an hour Sony so trash no one is even interested in that filth Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha the Xbox Gang are playing elite games while getting from your girl then taking her to the back and
  8. My boy Cool Ugly and Dookie Mouth left the Game Saturday to try the Popeyes sandwich. Cool Ugly said sandwich was fire. Dookie Mouth could not eat the sandwich because the dentist told him not to eat any spicy foods. But he said it smelled good. Popcorn and Cool Ugly told me about this other spot over on the south side of Atlanta that sells this fire fried Lamb Sandwich. I went and tried it out. It was better than any sandwich I ever had. The spot is called “We Play No Games” it was marinated fried lamb with a buttery Hawaiian Bread roll with crisp lettuce and tomato and special sauce.
  9. His post was sitting their collecting dust
  10. Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha. Jeezus....OMG! You posting numbers named at tree that people use to beat their kids. No self respecting man that is getting pussy is having a switch any where near him. You can’t get no pussy and your dicked sucked around no broad with switch
  11. Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha No one replied to your post in over 51 mins. They are saying that you are a simp and jelly back Mu Ha Ha Ha Mu Ha Ha Ha
  12. Her pussy was fat ass hell to. But her pussy was extra stank
  13. Sheep be having that stankin pussy mu ha ha ha mu ha ha