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  1. You are in complete denial Jeezus you are in your feelings. Your fingers are tired ass shit trying to search the internet for any hope. OMG my side hurts
  2. They Sheep trying to Microsoft for a port
  3. OMG!!! OMG!! my side hurts. The Sheep got the wool shaved right off their backs. Then the cows just got marinated and flame broiled over an open fire with a side of fries
  4. MU HA HA HA Mu Ha Ha Ha. No they won’t. You mad and are in denial. Microsoft is you deep
  5. MU Ha Ha Ha Ha . Damn the Sheep and the Cowstation flop 5 has been rapped
  6. I was a diehard Nintendo fanboy. I thought Nintendo SNES was the best but now that I look back. I think Sega may have had the better experience
  7. Damn the Sheep have been OWNED. The wool about to blown off their backs. 180 mph of Ownage
  8. What is wrong with white people killing people
  9. Bruh just leave the thread with the last bit of dignity you have. The Ownage is severe. And the thought that you thought this thread was a good idea is
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