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  1. I'll master it with all four control schemes, but I think you'll be able to change which type of controller every one has to use for matches to make it fair.
  2. I'm almost done, just beat the thing that cuts you in half, I forgot how great this game is.
  3. I just got to the castle. It's great so far, there is less ammo but I also noticed there is more money.
  4. does the system come with a wiimote and nunchuck? Yes, it does.
  5. Oh shit! Awesome :P Now i hope they ditch fagglypuff :P Jigglypuff owns when used correctly. :P
  6. Today's Update: Metroid Boss Battle Music (Ridley Fight) Composition Supervisor: Minako Hamano Arrangement Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama • The copyright for this music is held by Nintendo.• Check your volume settings. This song appears in a variety of games in the Metroid series. It’s the theme song for Samus’s arch-nemesis, Ridley. In the original game, most of the places where you heard this song were the sites of fierce battles. As such, this arrangement features a suitable sense of cruelty and tension. It’s magnificent! So this may be a hint that Ridley could be a playable charecter.
  7. The most gimped control scheme looks to be the Wiimote sideways, I wonder how that's going to work at all.
  8. So what control scheme are you going to use?
  9. A new major title or two announced like Mario Kart or Animal Crossing for the Wii. A closer look at Super Mario Galaxy and Brawl too.
  10. I like Pokeballs, they're fun because there completly random. But I don't even know who grounden is, I haven't played Pokemon since the GBC version.
  11. So far this gam is pretty fun, but I'm on a very pointless chapter where I break a vase and have to pay off the debt by hitting blocks and running in a wheel. It's fucking retarded.
  12. Isle Delfino looks great, but I was hoping for some new charecters. Here's hoping for some soon.