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  1. That's what Vita should of been. Concentrate all the big budget titles for PS4 and let Vita be the more obscure, indie level system. Thrown in a few multiplats as well.
  2. I didn't say they did. But if your competitor releases numbers why wouldn't you release numbers as well? The obvious answer.....Xbone numbers are significantly less than PS4 numbers therefore it wouldn't be wise to release them.
  3. I told you for years PS4 was superior to 360 buy nooooo, You're a fanboy cow you said 360 is the NA market leader therefore it's the best system you said, Think of all the years you wasted money on Xbox
  4. Wow the WiiU version has frame rates going down to the teens Gouko explain this this. You said it was better than the PS360 version.
  5. You bought a WiiU at launch. those "cross gen" games are substantially better than the last gen versions not to mention games like EA Sports and BF4 were built from the ground up for next gen consoles The PC versions of games have always been better than their console counterparts yet for whatever reason that bump in resolution and effects was never good enough for cows and lems... But now it's all you guys talk about... "Buh buh it runs at 1080p" That's because cows and Lems are console gamers not PC gamers.
  6. Why would they need to produce WiiU's when no one is buying them?
  7. Nintendo doesn't need factories. People aren't buying the WiiU so why make components?
  8. We assumed it would be a success because last time you said a system would be a sales bomb (the Wii) it sold 100 million. Wasn't counting on soccer moms to factor in Wii sales
  9. Only fools didn't see this coming. Well I knew WiiU was going to suck but this is a disaster.
  10. What is the point of this thread? The article just states Sony is better prepared to support those that might have DOA consoles? Is the expectation now is to have zero defect?
  11. More xbox ones are selling than PS4s period. xbox one is sold out everywhere too You're bragging about being 1st in a race where you're the only one on the track. You even stated an impossibility. It is sold out yet selling? Are you high? :? things come in and out of stock continuously both PS4 and XB1 have sold through their stock as soon as it ships to the stores one could argue XB1 just shipped more units given the news that it sold more during black friday.. but to say that PS4 has not been available is wrong. It has been available about as much as XB1 ( save for these crazy $800/900 bundles - you can get PS4s w/ games on ebay for the same ) GameStop almost had a backlog of over 2 million pre-orders to full and that's after Sony announced 1 million consoles were sold in 24 hours. PS4 has pretty much been much back ordered before X1 even launched.
  12. More xbox ones are selling than PS4s period. xbox one is sold out everywhere too You're bragging about being 1st in a race where you're the only one on the track.