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  1. Mine is Skeleton’s in the Closet - Oingo Boingo. (1989)
  2. I couldn't get past Adel, either. Rinoa is inside her and my team didn't have good weapons, just summons. But if you use summons she dies and you lose, so I couldn't beat Adel. That's at the beginning of Disc 4. I watched gameplay of the ending, though, so I didn't have to replay it.
  3. Cross platform is cool
  4. So many amazing songs for that game, it’s not even funny.
  5. I’m going on two Big Mac’s and some Glucerna. I’m a sexagenarian.
  6. What’s the colour of our culture? Orange?
  7. I’m not gunna lie - I like those highlights
  8. I dunno what’s worse: Creed II or this Spicoli creep
  9. I wonder if he did something creative to quit
  10. Ike - in BC and Washington, going through the mountains and trees it looks a lot like Skyrim.
  11. I got a free HDMI cable off a friend and the picture and audio was going out randomly. Got a different cable and now it works. Probably a cheap cable.
  12. At least it wasn’t sixty sexagenarians.