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  1. Jewish people should be cooked and eaten.
  2. Which one? The one on the bottom left, the one to the right of the bottom left, or in the centre? Or the transparent oblique background people?
  3. It must be a good mix if it got a six.
  4. Angel Jim

    Galaxy fold

    I don’t like smart phones. Waste of time making them.
  5. How the hell is it “untold” ? Just because some people haven’t heard it?
  6. I feel like I’m tumbling down the rabbit hole.
  7. I was casted for a play for my particular and appropriate caste.
  8. Angel Jim


    Kaz and Val are pals.
  9. Xbox One X is the most expensive and supports new technology with 4K. Going into a new market has always been difficult because people don’t accept change, even though it’s better.
  10. I’m just trying to beguile for you all with poetry - don’t be so harsh. I don’t want to feel abandoned with another ban.
  11. I got bit by a Golden Retriever once. I took some pills but I don’t think I had to take them because the dog probably didn’t even have rabies. Those types of dogs don’t usually bite, though. Which was weird. I did the wrong thing by trying to touch the dog with my palm down. You should have your palm up, so he can smell you first.
  12. Heard this song in a Robin Williams documentary. A requiem for Robin:
  13. You mean the breast. That would be opposite of back.