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  1. Funny thing was it was because of Skywalker Digital, Ltd. If that was removed by me, that makes no sense because I wouldn't allow that.
  2. These androids are transforming.
  3. Android peasants are the reason you're alive, right now.
  4. I'm with Hugh Hefner... currently playing with ladies.
  5. What difference does it make to cut the label showing the price of something?
  6. Why do you guys ignore me talking to you? I have valid words.
  7. You’re saying it’s a remake, he is saying it’s a make. You guys are both dullards because it’s the same thing.
  8. I didn't have a lot of might because I was a poor mite.
  9. You snaked me, you faggot cop.
  10. Brave Fencer Musashi II? Anyone?