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  1. Fuck, I ate some beans and they were funky. I’m not feeling good.
  2. I would have underwear without holes but all the clothing stores are closed. Mail isn’t essential for clothes! It’s Corona’s fault! how do I become a guest? I spelt hole as whole. edited it
  3. I just got a replen of posts. :) Come in my thread I just made justifying what I did!
  4. When I posted the pic I didn’t know my private’s were showing. I was wearing underwear and I guess there was a hole in them. I thought it was an appropriate photo with no nudity with me having fun on my patio in the sun... that’s all. I sincerely apologize for breaking the rules but I didn’t mean to. I hope you can forgive me and unban me. Like Cooke said - I’m a good person.
  5. He’s here because of me. His name’s Milo Newman.
  6. I cum back when I’m doing doggy style with your mom.
  7. Because of Corona, I’ve never seen so many Doctors.
  8. I’m banned because I’m part of the Taliban.
  9. The good thing about this virus is that it’s easy to have a long distance relationship. Would you rather be 6’ apart or 6’ under? When you eat an Icecream Cone, you want the cone to be full of fibre; so I thought I’d invent the Dark Rye Cone. Sell it to bakery’s.
  10. This is a picture from the back of Costco, at the receiving. Then it goes to the front and does like a few loops again. Long line because they said it was seniors day. The day before there were barely anyone in the line at 8AM PT.