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  1. The blood tells where the veins should go, just like the wind tells where the weather-vane should go.
  2. Just had a phantom poop. Reminds me of ABS because it’s like it never even existed.
  3. Canucks lost to Anaheim 5-1 Leafs are playing Buffalo, right now.
  4. Canucks will be an underdog and take the cup. Tampa Bay currently has 10 wins and 0 losses past 10 games.
  5. I guess when they say a game has gone Gold, it’s different when it’s a digital download. Because it doesn’t need to be shipped in a truck it gives them more time because sending the full-game to the servers takes no time. So they have Gold to market in like one day.
  6. Someone told me that the Canucks are cursed, so they might never win ever. Edit: win the cup*
  7. It's not my fault I'm from White Rock. We're you guys seriously in shock? I wasn't trying to mock. If you don't let me back on, you'll lose a valuable stock!
  8. Cooke, Alphpoo ban all the evil people.
  9. because they were indicted for pedophilia when they tried to teach how to puck to a kindergarten class. They were teaching the children how to play with their stick.
  10. I hate every atom in your body. Because you think you’re smarter than me. Just because I failed kindergarten class doesn’t mean I hate everyone.
  11. We’re not animals. We shouldn’t force animosity.
  12. The nazi’s here are still eliminating the Jews news?
  13. Fuck you, Alph. I’m gunna take this site and cram it up your ass.
  14. James Markstrom is one of the best goalies in the NHL, right now. He’s on the Canucks. So James’ are actually good.
  15. I remember playing this game when it first came and enjoying his suggestive comments so much.
  16. I put my toaster in my bath tub. Hertz hurts.
  17. Dude, I’m not a pedophile. I’m a Jimbo Fearn.
  18. Well, you offered him the brown pill and it was your shit.