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  1. I’m listening to The Cars while listening to the cars.
  2. I took out the processor for my iPhone and threw the apple core at the ground.
  3. I paid for a year subscription 6 months ago and it doesn’t work anymore. I guess they did cancel them.
  4. Yestermorrow was supposed to come out yesterday, but they postponed it till tomorrow.
  5. I’m happy he didn’t get sucker punched. That’s heinously odious.
  6. So he sat on a potato and played the video?
  7. James Skywalker


    I got a call from London about The Clash at SystemWars.
  8. I’ve talked in the Politics forum but barely anyone replies to me. I’m starving because no one bites my bait.
  9. You should have a “Don’t care.” option.
  10. Vote on politics? Does anyone else see the relevance?
  11. As a person, I personally have a Personal Computer.
  12. It starts with me and my friend playing golf and making jokes with a basketball, but then it gets to me selling the games:
  13. It’s cool taking on like 5 storm troopers at once in melee combat.
  14. I bought it. Was a great adventure. They should make a Star Wars movie with protagonist in it.
  15. I’ve been watching shows. I watched Ballers, Gun Powder, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, and currently Awkwafina Nora of Queens. I watched a bunch of movies, too. Vivarium was weird and I really liked this song from XTC that was in it: I ask myself, “should I put my finger to the left?” Nooooooooooo I ask myself, “should I put my finger to the right?” Nooooooooooo. it doesn’t really matter if I move my finger because someone will come around and move it because it’s always been the same - it’s a complicated game.
  16. I guess his aneurysm was caused by his stress tests. I guess he died doing what he loved.
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