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  1. I don’t understand how Captain America could use Thor’s hammer and how Iron Man acquired the Infinity Stones from Thanos by just grabbing his hand. Someone explain.
  2. How did Iron Man get Thanos’ stones that easily? I don’t understand how that happened. There were no ending credit scenes. I guess this was the end.
  3. I operate systems because i OS.
  4. You should buy a grenade, pull the pin and then throw it into a class of kindergarteners.
  5. I'll send you a state-of-the-art Pentium IV for $400. I'll surprise you with the other shit in it! :|D
  6. Not really. Their penis' are fairly small.
  7. I hope you turned off your engine, because it looked like you were biding your time.
  8. I'm feigning gaming. But I still have dark shades under my eyes.
  9. I wanted to fuck my phone so I turned it into a fleshlight.
  10. Not as bad as watching Days of our Lives. That's days gone.