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  1. that is pretty good man do you by chance maybe have a beat to go with it? cuz i think if you had the right beat to go with it then your song could be really good do you know definitely
  2. probably not considering he hasn't had sex
  3. those are fly imma cop me some
  4. snakey doesn't even know how to smoke a bowl
  5. lmao i think my MGO character in the beta was named Chris Benoit
  6. rede has been owned time to play
  7. I can't get one either. Fuck. The Halo 3 beta was an abysmal failure, too.
  8. g-c

    MGO Beta is up

    5 more days. :] Nope, four. Download it on the 17th, but... it's the 16th. Japan to American times (EST at least) means I can play it at 12PM on the 20th. Then GTA4, then MGS4, then LBP and KZ2, then Resistance 2. Godly year for Playstation. :]
  9. Yeah I saw this earlier :nudge: I need the Metal Gear Saga dvd :]
  10. g-c

    Resistance: FoM

    The sniper rifle in this game is great :]