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  1. https://chng.it/pHXxJz5CqL
  2. Only including a 3 button controller with the Genesis throughout the 5th gen. Assuming people wanted "Vectorman" when it was an unproven game. Nintendo had more respect for the consumer,2 six button controllers and Mario World were bundled with the console while gamers who went with Sega had a caveat right out of the box, ask your parents for a Decent controller after they just got an entire console. There's no reason why a gaming system sku shoul've been this shitty in the final days of 1995!!
  3. Live action is gonna require serious funding to look good!!
  4. Are there REAL killer apps on the horizon? PS5 seems lack luster!!Xbox series is no better. I dont think the offerings justify a new console purchase at the moment. I waited all the way til Gears 4 to get into the 8th gen and it looks like i'll be waiting a while to get into the 9th. I'd rather just play RE4 remake on my PS4 and wait til the SLIM revision of the PS5!!
  5. Just this week my 360 wont connect to the Xbox live service. Anyone else experiencing this? Discontinued?
  6. Currently playing Family Guy on my RROD! Mine works 🤪
  7. Skipping part 3 (already own it) which one is the best?
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