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  1. You would think since the Xbox One X is actually more powerful than the Xbox Series S then it could be supported along side it. Sony doesn't have a lower priced entry level console for next-gen until u relize that The PS4 Pro could simply come down in price and be given that place to it. Maybe people wasted their money on Mid-gen junk in the first place.
  2. "Mario games- Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy" Glad I kept all my games and consoles so they cant re-milk me over and over!
  3. One monetized video,9 ads.
  4. 79 bucks, I should've included that detail.
  5. Just the base cost about what a PS5 will. Each systemModule will run you another $79.
  6. Has it been discussed here yet?
  7. How can I forget? And he hit me with a surprise left!!!!
  8. Theyll sell 013,660 units per second, technically
  9. Which will sell faster?
  10. After 13 years.....anyone wanna battle?
  11. Siri suggesting illegal MP3 websites.
  12. Cant believe this is finally gonna happen.
  13. Why is it still the console my mind goes to when I think "Console Wars"? The PS2 Vs Dreamcast was unfair in my view. Wasnt Sega's fault VHS sucked and people were desperate for a digital alternative.
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