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  1. I always wondered why the sealab on that show was made but now i understand that Covid being widespread is the reason. Quarantine in a Submarine!!
  2. You WILL laugh,. Amazon video has the entire series for free (with ads) Season 5 Episode 21 8:00 mintues in and watch for 10 seconds and listen closely. You dont have to be a Prime member or anything.
  3. Try to play some PS 2 today if youre American.
  4. The Xbox One isn't like the Wii or PS2 in terms of a vast userbase. Devs will dump it before they gimp their own games.
  5. You would think since the Xbox One X is actually more powerful than the Xbox Series S then it could be supported along side it. Sony doesn't have a lower priced entry level console for next-gen until u relize that The PS4 Pro could simply come down in price and be given that place to it. Maybe people wasted their money on Mid-gen junk in the first place.
  6. "Mario games- Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy" Glad I kept all my games and consoles so they cant re-milk me over and over!
  7. One monetized video,9 ads.
  8. 79 bucks, I should've included that detail.
  9. Just the base cost about what a PS5 will. Each systemModule will run you another $79.
  10. Has it been discussed here yet?
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