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  1. Siri suggesting illegal MP3 websites.
  2. Cant believe this is finally gonna happen.
  3. Why is it still the console my mind goes to when I think "Console Wars"? The PS2 Vs Dreamcast was unfair in my view. Wasnt Sega's fault VHS sucked and people were desperate for a digital alternative.
  4. They dont speak the fanboy language cause they have their own way of Communicating, Money. They dont give a damn if u buy Gears 5 for PC or X1 as long as u buy it. They could easily delay the release for the gears pc version by several months and watch Xboxes fly off shelves but they have infinite money and just like their Zune mp3 brand that failed Miserably, they are destined to sink the Xbox brand aswell. On May 21st 2013 they nearly succeeded!!
  5. I mainly buy digital for xbox one. My sale wouldn't count either....for any of my games.
  6. And Gears 5 for PC is coming the same day as the xb1 version. MS doesn't care about sellinng hardware.
  7. Looks like a PS3 controller but it wont sync with mine. Any info would help.
  8. It plugs into the tv with a PS brand av cable. I dont have an old enough tv to see what it does.
  9. I have Mk2 and MK Arcade Kollection and play a round with someone
  10. I read an article online where somebody from MS was saying that fanboys are too criticle with their 9.0 or greater review system or "it flopped" He also mentioned what I thought was still too OBSCURE, the nicknames, which were always dumb and misassigned!
  11. That site has lost all relevance to me. I remember back in the day the editors had SW by the balls, as if their views on new titles were THE OFFICIAL DEAL or something!!! I currently only find the site useful when I wanna know what all was listed and delisted from Netflix. They take care of that information better than anybody but their previews and reviews arent as well done as other sites plus Youtube is filled with all the same coverage as their site and it just gets the information straight to your ears instead of popup ads appearing while youre trying to read a wall lf text that in the end only represents what one person thinks of something.
  12. I only care bbout more Shenmue and the PS4 is getting that as an exclusive!!
  13. anyone wanna play quick game