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  1. When I go for a Platinum for a game I don't really like I'll play the game in short bursts. Makes it much more tolerable. Sometimes I'll even ignore the game for weeks and finish getting the Platinum later. I'm not in race to get the Platinum. LOL
  2. I look at the trophy list. If I don't like the game but it's trophies are easy and not time consuming then I'll go for the Platinum because it won't take long to do. If the list has annoying or time consuming trophies though then I won't bother and will instead will play something else. I don't really force myself.
  3. Easy Platinum and the game only takes like an hour to beat. I've Platinumed worse games. I'm not proud of this.
  4. Your comprehension is lacking once again. I've beaten the game like 5 times now and am halfway through a 6th play through ( getting all the character trophies). All of these playthroughs have been on Hard which is the intended difficulty. I am having zero issues beating the game. My issue is with the game itself being ass when it could be a lot better if it cared to be a balanced experience.
  5. D. Special being unbalanced isn't even close to what I was talking about, dumbass. The game is unbalanced because of the ridiculous lengths this game will go to in order to tilt the scale in it's favor. Character mobility is absolute trash in comparison to enemies. Enemies have twice the movement speed and even get half screen dashes, rolls, dodges and backsteps. The player has no tools like this. Enemies get full screen attacks that can even go diagonal. Some enemies even get insane tracking in these attacks that will literally defy the laws of physics and curve
  6. You smoking crack if you honestly think this game is "fantastic" LOL. This game just becomes D. Special spam because its the only efficient tool you have to deal with this games unbalanced nonsense that the game never stops relying on. But oh, this is "difficulty", right? LOL Whatever...
  7. I dunno. I have no history with the series, this is the first one I've played.
  8. Streets of Rage 4 is whack. Good thing I got this shit on sale. Fuck you, Hedgehogs. Your "classic" is garbage. -SNES Kid
  9. It goes beyond that. Fanboys can try to deny it but this game really put a nasty blemish on NDs reputation.
  10. Played and Platinumed that game years ago. Good game, had some fucked up difficulty spikes though.
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