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  1. Got around to finally giving this game a try and finished it yesterday. Story was pretty good, I'll give the game that much.
  2. I noticed MGSV updated today and I was surprised. So this is what the update did? It didn't do anything else? EDIT: Just did a quick google search. Apparently the update did the following: Added Quiet as a playable character in FOB Added Easy and Hard difficulties for FOB Events Added new gear and weapons to develop for Grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 Some issues have been fixed (notes didn't specify what was fixed)
  3. And who is going to make these games? MGS? Kojima's gone so what's the point unless you actually want more shit like Metal Gear Survive. Castlevania? IGA's gone and I don't want another MercurySteam Castlevania. Contra? Been dead for decades. Silent Hill? Is this team even still around? Wouldn't get your hopes up with this news, this most likely means they're going to go all in on Winning Eleven or whatever the fuck that Soccer game series is called.
  4. If it's a similar system to RE4 then I don't see the problem.
  5. I enjoyed it until I got to the end game. Low drop rates combined with a ridiculous amount of RNG completely killed the game for me.
  6. 1 million over 3 platforms for a game that's been out for almost a year? That's... that's really not that impressive...
  7. Oh, struck close to home, did I? Oh noez, muh precious "experience". I need muh award winning OST in order to be immersed in teh game. How else will I knoez how to feelz! Games aren't art, they're just games. Sooner you start treating them like that then the sooner you might actually start enjoying some. In closing- Go fuck yourself, cunt.
  8. I do it all the time. I listen to Nier's OSTs to a lot of shit. Hell, I was just listening to it while I was doing some grinding in a game. That's just me though, I'm not one of those people who treat games like some kind of special cinematic experience. If your gameplay is good then I'm already invested in the game.
  9. Music is an easy fix though, you can just turn it off and listen to your own while you play. Can't really turn off art direction LOL...
  10. Gameplay looks slick but it's Itsuno so that's not surprising, combat systems are his thing. But man, I really don't care for the art direction... Maybe it'll grow on me over time but somehow I doubt that.
  11. Did they change Leon's voice actor? He doesn't sound the same.
  12. A bit short? They get like 70% (that's being generous) to their target. Granted it's still pretty impressive but the final games are missing a lot of the finer details that they showcase. It happens every time, ND is as bad as Ubisoft at this shit and yet you all fall for it every single time.
  13. It's amazing people still get duped by NDs target videos. Final game won't look that, stop falling for this shit.
  14. 2 better than 4? Oh fuck no... DMC2 was a DMC game in name only. It plays NOTHING like a DMC game because it originally wasn't a DMC game.