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  1. WTF? That ain't RF. That looks like a Genshin clone.
  2. Blizzard really isn't the same company they were 10 years ago. They've been bleeding talent for years and a lot of the key vets aren't even there anymore.
  3. Combat sounds terrible. Just your typical brain dead, heavily automated Korean/Chinese combat system. All flash, no substance. Dumbass scrubs get fooled into thinking the combat is "good" because of all the extravagant animations and don't even realize there's very little skill involved to achieve anything in these garbage ass combat systems.
  4. Nope. I'm not really in the mood to jump into another gear grind heavy game. I just played through Wo Long not too long ago.
  5. Cool but let's be real- LOL at Fighting Game reviews. They should always be taken with a grain of salt because they're not the type of games that are figured out or understood in a week. It takes months just to get a solid understanding of the game's balance and system mechanics.
  6. Sheesh, with the development time this game had there really is no excuse for it to turn out this bad. Only explanation is complete lack of talent and skill.
  7. Knew it's been in the works since DMC5 wrapped up but it's nice to see an official announcement.
  8. Anything concrete about the Pro? Heard something nuts about the PS5 Pro expected to cost around $700 and I immediately went WTF. There's no way Sony would do something that fuckin' stupid, right?
  9. Another one that popped into my head after The Raid movies was Daredevil Season 1's "Hallway" scene. Probably doesn't count though since it's not from a movie. Still a fuckin' awesome scene though, I love it because it didn't feel choreographed at all, the fight had a sloppy and clumsy feel which made it look real. I love the end of the scene after DD makes it to the end and he just pauses for a moment. He's out of breath and is just like "Fuck... I'm spent".
  10. I'm surprised it took this long for these movies to get mentioned. They were the first movies that popped into my head when I saw the thread title.
  11. LOL I mean, it looks fine but it's like the last thing I want from a FF game so it's hard to feel excited for the game.
  12. I mainly remember him for The Punisher movie. His Punisher is my favorite out of the actors who have played the character.
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