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  1. Twilight Princess and Spore. Especially Spore... like holy shit the hype for this game was insane, quite possibly the biggest flop of all time.
  2. I mean, that was kind of a given. I guess it's nice it's confirmed but if you're remaking RE2 then that's definitely going to stay in since the game was literally designed around the idea.
  3. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    People hating on 2? LOL, why? It easily has the best main character and the combat system was at it's peak with 2.
  4. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    Is Warlords a collection or just Onimusha 1? Because I'll pick it up if it's a collection. If it's just Onimusha 1 though then I won't bother. I didn't really care for Onimusha 1. I really enjoyed 2 and 3 though, 2 is easily my favorite game in the series. I even liked Onimusha Dawn of Dreams, I thought the game was fun and don't really understand the hate the game gets.
  5. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    FYI, you backtrack through the second half of the game in DMC3 as well except it's handled much worse than DMC4. For me, the ranking goes 1>4>3>Who gives a fuck about the rest.
  6. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    Special Editions made changes to the gameplay systems and added new modes and characters. In DMC4's case the additions were great- new modes, three new characters, retweaked some of the game systems and is just generally an all around much better game than the original. DMC3 SE didn't really change much from the original. It just added a new checkpoint/orb system (Gold/Yellow), tweaked the difficulty settings (the original's Normal mode was actually the Japanese Hard mode), and added Vergil as a playable characer.
  7. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    I've basically played all three in a row and DMC4 SE is definitely a MUCH better game than DMC3 SE. Easily.
  8. Sabo

    DMC3 ....

    I remember liking the game back in the day but recently I bought the DMC collection and have played through these games again (not DMC2 though because fuck that game). I enjoyed DMC 1, the game is showing it's age in some ways but it still holds up really well despite that thanks to well thought out game design. Playing through it again just reconfirmed why it's still my favorite game in the series. DMC3 SE, however, is just not that good. In fact, I think it kind of sucks. I have never seen a game degrade in quality as fast as this game does. Once you hit Chapter 8, this game plummets into shit.
  9. Only endgame is active on PS4. Game is pretty dead online until then. I was even playing when this game's population was at it's peak and I was still barely finding other players.
  10. They did server merges (same thing happened on PS4 as well), the game really isn't that active for the amount of servers the game originally had. It was the community that requested to merge the servers so the game wouldn't feel so dead online.
  11. You can go around finishing things you didn't do after you complete the game. The only missable things in SOTR are the combat related Achievements/Trophies.
  12. Game is boring as fuck to play now but for it's time it was alright.
  13. Damn, Diablo 2 and Ikaruga.... I can't believe I didn't list either of them. Ikaruga pretty much lived in my Dreamcast for like a year straight and Diablo 2 is responsible for me losing a lot of sleep on a school night during my high school years. Great games, great memories.
  14. There's a DMC5 demo coming to PS4 and PC later. Don't know if it's going to be a new demo or the same one Xbox got though.