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  1. Cartridges generally cost a bit more than a disc so they add the dev costs to the game. The digital version is 40 bucks (or at least it is on the PSN store) for people who weren't a backer.
  2. Those were also on cartridges. I was expecting this game to be 25, 30 bucks tops.
  3. Take the time to find the blueprints for the Witcher gear. Witcher gear is by far the best gear in the game and really aren't that hard to get. Plus the gear just looks cool.
  4. I remember paying 30 bucks for my PS2 GameShark. You got ripped off.
  5. Nevermind. Went to mess around with it for shits and giggles but found out you have to pay for it. I'm not paying 60 bucks for this, that's some pretty unreasonable pricing for what's essentially cheat codes.
  6. Nice. I think the 360 had something similar to this.
  7. Digital sales aren't that surprising. The game is on sale like every month it seems. I see it all the time on the PS store. Hell, I think it's on sale right now actually.
  8. They showed Cloud confronting Sephiroth on the Junon ship in the latest trailer. This is why the original speculation that Part 1 was going to end at Costa Del Sol was gaining steam.
  9. Why are you bitching about something that was always going to happen? You're bitching is like 5 years too late. WTF...
  10. I don't think this season was bad but I don't think it was good either. I have more of a "Ehh, whatever" feeling about it. That might be because I'm a bit more understanding of the circumstances than most people are willing to be. I can see what the show was aiming to do but they just didn't give themselves the amount of time needed to execute it properly.
  11. We've known since the game was announced that it was going to be released in parts. The only question was how many parts. If two is true then I'm completely fine with that, I was expecting it to be worse. Much worse.