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  1. I thought Death Stranding was releasing on PC? Or am I getting the game confused with something else?
  2. People shit on RE5 but I liked it. It's not a good RE game, but it's still a pretty good co-op game. And Mercenaries owned, fuckin' love that mode.
  3. People called me and CM mad when we said that MHW would sell 5 million easily. "MH doesn't sell outside Japan" "MH isn't that strong of a series anymore" "MH is niche"
  4. Just my opinion, bro. 10 is linear, 12 is much more open. That's the main difference between the two.
  5. 10. Easily. Better characters Much better combat system The story is structured and paced better Better end game content. 12 is a single player MMO. Only a couple characters are cool, the rest are completely forgettable and one dimensional. Combat is very automated especially once you get your Gambits setup Story happens in chunks, not uncommon for you to play 2-4 hours before any cutscene happens. Side content is repetitive since it's roughly all the same,
  6. I mostly play one game at a time. Which is probably why I always have a backlog of games to play through.
  7. How the hell is North Carolina at 18 yet South Carolina is at 42? LOL
  8. Did they ever specify what they mean by "full game"? Hell, did they ever specify the Remake was going to be 3 parts or is that just what everyone is assuming? Because I get the feeling that when they say "full game", they mean "full game" by today's standards (10-12 hours). Not "full game" by RPG standards (40-60 hours). If 10-12 hours is what they meant, no way in hell is this game going to be 3 parts. And considering all the speculation that Part 1 is going to end at Junon (which is around the 10-12 hour mark in the original FF 7), we're looking at FF7 Remake potentially being 5-7 parts. This could just be me expecting the worst case scenario, but they better start specifying shit when June comes around.
  9. Nah, not really. X and XIII are both linear, sure, but X had much better level design. FF X had lots of towns, temples, and other things interspersed between it's "hallways". FF XIII was just endless hallways with no variation to it's level design. You literally just fight enemies, reach the end of the hallway and enter a new hallway, then fight more enemies. That was it. The game had nothing to break up the monotony.
  10. I'm honestly expecting a structure more similar to X TBH.
  11. No way in hell this is going to be three parts. If Part 1 is really ending on the ship ride to Costa Del Sol then that means they are segmenting the fuck out of this game to get as much money as possible. Midgar>Kalm>Chocobo Ranch>Cross the Marsh>Through the Cave> Outside the cave to your left is Ft. Condor and straight ahead is Junon. Bam. Part 1 complete.... 60 dollars please. Go ahead and keep thinking this greedy ass company is "serving" your needs while they reach into your pocket as much as possible. We're not talking about SquareSOFT, we're talking about SquareENIX and this company cuts corners in their games and comes up with the most bullshit excuses to justify why they're not delivering on the things they're expected on. FF 7 is the one game where they CAN cut corners and get away with it because the game is STILL going to sell simply because it's FF 7.
  12. You have no proof and until you show me proof I'll remain unconvinced. Show me, don't tell me. The fact they've ONLY been showing Midgar despite the fact the first part of this game is apparently coming in 2020 (and the first part is speculated to end after the trip from Junon to Costa Del Sol) should be a red flag that you might want to pull back your expectations.