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  1. It goes beyond that. Fanboys can try to deny it but this game really put a nasty blemish on NDs reputation.
  2. Played and Platinumed that game years ago. Good game, had some fucked up difficulty spikes though.
  3. Rachel segments are terrible and tacked on. Karma system is fucked. New areas were poorly planned out and hurt the pacing of the game. Basically, everything they added and changed didn't enhance the experience, instead they decreased it. Fuck Sigma, NGB is far better.
  4. Agreed. Ninja Gaiden Black is the far superior game.
  5. Never was interested in the game. It always looked kind of jank.
  6. Yeah. Pain in the ass until I realized I had to use the Sword as an item.
  7. You will beat them though if you just keep playing so your complaint makes no sense. Trying again from the beginning is the basic foundation of the Rogue genre, all of them share this design... Unless you want an Easy Mode or something but then it would defeat the point of the genre. Rogue Legacy was intentionally unfair (characters born with disabilities and other stuff like that) so you should've realized early to not take the game too seriously. On the other hand, Rogue Legacy also had semi-permanent progression that would make each run easier than the last. Anyone could beat Ro
  8. It's a Rogue-Lite. They're not the type of games you go into with the goal of beating them. Your goal should be "How far can I get this time? Over time you just end up beating them because you'll eventually get a good run if you play enough.
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