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  1. I dunno, I thought God of War was pretty overrated.
  2. Yeah, no idea why ND likes to make enemies tanky in their games. It's like they don't understand how that makes for terrible feedback when it comes to the gunplay. A headshot should always be fatal but in ND games motherfuckers have steel skulls. Watching a dude take three to the face and STILL not die makes for unsatisfying gunplay.
  3. Not too late to stop and play something else. Nah, real talk I think it was alright. Better than 3 but nowhere near 2 although TBF 2 sets a high bar. 4 just tends to drag a lot so it has issues holding momentum which is important for this type of game.
  4. I remember seeing a lot of these ads in EGM and GamePro magazines.
  5. Never cared for it, always preferred other fast food places. Don't eat fast food much but when I do its usually Firehouse, Arby's (love their curly fries and roast beef sandwich), or Chick-Fil-A.
  6. Ehh, Platinum is a shell of its former self. A lot of the team went back to Capcom years ago. Kamiya should just swallow his pride and go back too. I would love to see the real version of DMC 2.
  7. Are they seriously going to try to nickle and dime people for each game separately? The fuckin' greed of these fucks...
  8. Still boggles my mind that SE considered TR and Hitman commercial failures despite both games selling millions (TR sold like 10 million). What kind of unrealistic expectations did they have for those games?
  9. I hated Chrono Cross when it released so I never had any intention of buying the remaster. I will grab the FF Pixel Remasters though whenever SquareEnix decides to release them on console... Why they aren't on console already is something I'll never understand.
  10. That depends. If you spent time doing some mini-dungeons and are fighting everything within the Castle then you're probably around 25-30.
  11. Did they give up on trying to fix it? I know the patches have helped but the game is still a mess.
  12. Oh, I'm not condoning his actions at all. He absolutely deserves to be punished but the punishment should be fair.
  13. Wait. What?! Didn't know that. That... uhh... Yeah, that hardly seems like a punishment then.
  14. Yeah. Even 5 years seems reasonable. 10 years though? Sheesh, it's not like he beat the shit out of Rock. He just slapped him. He shouldn't of put his hands on Rock to begin with but still... 10 years for a slap?
  15. Just heard about the 10 year ban and I don't agree with it. That's too harsh IMO, 3 years seems far more reasonable.
  16. Story goes all over the place but I found the game to be entertaining. I would never play it again though.
  17. Aaand thank you for reminding me why trying to have a serious conversation about a game on the internet is almost always a waste of time. Fuckin' hate fanboys LOL...
  18. Because it seemed like you're downplaying it as if it's not that big of an issue. You're still doing it even now. We're talking about an open world game that is actually paper thin on the type of content it offers. Everything is just combat related. -Mini-dungeons (there is like 3 types, 4 if you wanna count Heroes Graves) and I've already talked about those. -There's copy pasted Ruins where you do the same thing at every single one of them- go down some stairs that lead to a door where you either fight another throw away "Boss" or enter an empty room with
  19. Could end up being a mobile game so don't get too excited.
  20. Okay? The point is to make the distinction between objective and subjective. There is a lot of repetitive content. That is objective. Rather you enjoy or dislike this repetitive content though is subjective. Twinblade doesn't find repetitive content interesting, a subjective perspective that I also share. This is fine. You and Remi apparently enjoyed the repetitive content. A shared subjective perspective. This is also fine. My personal issue is how Elden Ring is being shown favoritism. Repetitive content is almost always seen as a negative in ga
  21. You missed the point Twinblade was making then. He obviously WANTED to experience all of the content. I mean, who doesn't try to experience all of the content a game offers? It's a very normal thing to do when you play a game. Elden Ring's content is repetitive though and he didn't find the content interesting. It's a completely fair complaint and one I agree with. It just seems like you're trying to brush the issue under the rug which isn't being fair. We would all complain about this if this was another game, Elden Ring shouldn't get special treatment.
  22. Don't really see how pointing out the repetition is subjective. It's so blatant it's absolutely an objective observation. The mini-dungeons all share the same visual layout and enemies, you can break them down into 3 types- Cave, Mine, and Tomb. 4 if you want to count the Heroes Grave's as mini-dungeons. Boss fights get repeated constantly: Eldtree Avatar? Fight him like 12 times. Ulcerated Beast Thingy? Fight him like 6 times. Night Cavalry? Fight him like 8 times. Bell Bearing Hunter? Fight him like 7 times. God Skins?
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