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  1. The fact we've barely got any gameplay after all this time is a big red flag. Probably just going to be a straight rehash gameplay wise and the first game's gameplay wasn't anything special. The first game was carried by its subject matter but that's really only interesting once. I've said before that this game didn't need a sequel so I don't really understand why this game even exists.
  2. -FF7 fans wanted a true remake, not a shit sequel. Not surprised many wrote off Rebirth after the butchering Remake did to the original. A lot of people checked out Remake because of all the hype, the type of people who don't normally play JRPGs but gave FF7 Remake a try because its a "remake" of FF7, arguably the most popular JRPG of all time. I would expect a lot of these types weren't going to stick around for future games though. And then there's people who are literally just waiting for all the games to be finished so they can just play all of them. -16
  3. Man, this game must have been very horrible at launch because I'm not in agreement with the low reviews judging by how the game is in it's current state. This game has been pretty good so far, I'm enjoying it more than Stellar Blade. I'm digging the jumping back and forward between the two realms, I thought it would be gimmicky but it's actually utilized well. So far anyways.
  4. Game has been smooth as silk so far in my experience. Game is at version 1.5 now and has apparently had 95% of its performance and technical issues ironed out.
  5. So for some reason Lords of the Fallen is $25 bucks at Walmart. Not sure if this was a blunder on their end but I wasn't going to ask to find out. Normally I wouldn't bother with this game but for 25 bucks I'd be foolish to ignore it at that price. Anyways, played about two hours of it earlier. Man, movement in this game is.... weird. Especially during attack animations, your character just kind of skates around when they attack so getting a good understanding of positioning and spacing can be annoying. There have been countless times I'd think I'd have the spacing right only to wa
  6. The performance issues weren't even my problem with the game, it's the gameplay that made me avoid it.
  7. -Combat has become literally nothing but spamming Beta and Burst skills. -Normal attacks do minimal damage even with a highly upgraded sword and the only reason to use Normal attacks is to recharge Beta energy. -All the Normal attack gear is useless so just equip Beta/Burst related gear. -Parries are pointless because Perfect Dodge recharges Burst energy. -Retribution system might as well not even exist. -The "super" mode is underwhelming because it's damage output is pathetic even when you spam Skills. Its only use is the invincibili
  8. Yup. I was hoping for something Way of the Samurai like, got AC garbage instead. What a disappointment...
  9. Yup. I think a lot of them are a little too coomer for my tastes TBH. A lot of them are just tacky... I basically only use the Racer Yellow, Planet Diving 2nd (all black one), and the Cyber Magician outfits. There's like 30 outfits in the game and I only have like 15 outfits unlocked so far. Out of those 15 I only use 3. I'm hoping there's some other decent looking ones left to find because if it's just more coomer shit then all the bitching makes zero sense.
  10. The Wastelands in Stellar Blade are basically killing the game for me. Just a big ass zone that is boring to run around in. The combat has lost a lot of its shine as well because the same handful of enemies are just copy pasted all over the place. Not getting the praise for the combat, its pretty mid TBH.
  11. Yeah, the graphical jump from PS3/360 to PS4/XOne really wasn't that big. There's quite a few games from the PS3/360 era that still look good even by today's standards. Didn't care for the game but FF XIII is a way more visually pleasing game than FF XVI is. Gears of War 3 still looks good. Look at Bayo and Bayo 3, Bayo 3 looks better but not by much. GG Xrd is another game that comes to mind. Compare that game to GG Strive and sure, Strive looks better but it really doesn't look that much better. MT Framework games in general all sti
  12. I can't even go to YouTube without this game flooding my feed. I've basically had the whole game spoiled for me at this point so I don't really have any interest to play the game now.
  13. It's a short manga series that Akira Toriyama did like decades ago. Post apocalyptic setting, the world has limited water supplies so society is basically fighting over what little water is left. Main characters are Beelzebub (yes, that demon prince), his assistant Thief, and Sheriff Rao(?).
  14. Impulse buy a few months ago. Think I got it for like 15 bucks? Can't remember.
  15. I can actually see them dropping the Switch name and calling it something new.
  16. Finished Scars Above. Don't recommend, play literally anything else. Game is only like 6 hours long but it's the most bland 6 hours ever because everything about the game is just so damn basic. It's like the perfect average game.
  17. And only one of them is new- Red XIII. Cid's confirmed to not be playable as well. The rest of the playable characters are characters people have already played with. The characters will get some tweaks and new moves but they're not going to play any differently from the previous game which means combat is going to feel very familiar, very fast. A couple new characters would've helped with that. There isn't enough new being implemented which means combat in this game is going to end up feeling too same-y.
  18. That'd be cool bit I wouldn't trust these fucks to pull it off well. They'd ruin it.
  19. Vincent isn't playable in VII Rebirth. He'll be a companion character like Red XIII was in VII Remake. Purposely holding Vincent back just so they can charge you for the eventual VII Rebirth: Intermission or whatever the fuck they'll call it where Vincent will be playable.
  20. Same. My PS4 collection is like nearly 200 games and only 6 of them are physical copies because they were gifts from birthdays/Christmas.
  21. The only difficulty spikes I can remember is the double boss fight that's pretty infamous.
  22. B3cause seeing those numbers will give an idea of how effective this strat is. Fuckin' duh. We'll know how many subscribed for just 1 month to play Starfield and how many decided to stick around after that month is done.
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