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  1. Same. I've known about the Atelier series for years but just never bothered to check them out. The Ryza games really put the series on the map though and Ryza 1 and 2 are on sale right now so I might grab them just to see what they're all about.
  2. In 2 days the game has apparently sold over 3 million already. That's insane.
  3. Finished Star Ocean VI (on sale for 27 bucks so I figured why not?) It was... surprisingly okay. First half is honestly good, second half is pretty bad. I'd give it a 6 out of 10, second half really dampens the overall experience. If the second half was better then this would easily be the best SO game and honestly a pretty good JRPG period. Such a shame, SO 6 was so close but yet so far.
  4. Why would you bomb an empty village? Actually... I didn't see a single NPC in any of the towns and villages now that I think about it.
  5. SH2's cast are tropey but they're also actual characters. That makes all the difference to me. In SH2, I'm controlling a party of actual characters. In OT2, I felt like I was controlling a bunch of NPCs. Its also hilarious you can literally recruit actual NPCs and they will fit right in with the cast and don't look out of place LOL...
  6. Definitely sluggish but I also think it's just the gaming landscape in general. AAA gaming has been on a decline for awhile now. I'm looking at the releases that are coming in the future and there really isn't anything coming that I'm interested in or anything that makes me go, "I need to buy a PS5 to play this game". This year's biggest games are what? Final Fantasy XVI, Diablo, and .... Uhhh.... Yeah, I think that's it. I don't feel a need to play either of these games. My most anticipated games for this year are actually indie games (Gestalt: Steam and Cinder, Afterimage, Sea o
  7. Holy shit, Battle Fantasia. That game deserved way more recognition but unfortunately it released around the height of SF IV's popularity. It's a shame too because its definitely the kind of game that was a bit ahead of it's time. I could see Battle Fantasia doing very well in today's Fighting Game landscape.
  8. Actually I was around Chapter 3 last I checked.. I enjoyed the combat a lot more in Soul Hackers 2. I also enjoyed the characters a lot more, OT2's cast just feel like generic stock templates in comparison. Not to mention Soul Hackers 2 actually has an engaging plot. Sure, it's simple and straight forward but it does a much better job of driving the game forward compared to OT2's lack of a plot. OT2's combat, its biggest strength, is actually pretty shallow and horribly balanced when you spend more time with it. Boost and Break are cool ideas but that's all they are, t
  9. Little over 25 hours into Octopath Traveler 2 and I've pretty much lost all interest in the game. Don't think I'm going to stick with it because I don't see it getting any better.
  10. Wow, I feel like an idiot now. I assumed the license would come with all the teams and players included. So they're basically just paying to use a logo?
  11. They apparently made $1.6 billion off FIFA/Team Ultimates last year. Paying $250 million to keep the license seems like a steal at that point.
  12. Didn't EA make over a billion dollars last year off FIFA alone? Surprised they're not trying harder to secure the license.
  13. I should replay ME. Dont know if the first one would be worth revisiting but I loved ME2 and I enjoyed everything but the ending with ME3.
  14. Heart Machine starting to look like a One Hit Wonder. Their second game was very meh and this game is just looking like a huge departure from what made the first game worth checking out.
  15. Put about 10 hours into Octopath Traveler II and it's alright. The stories for the characters I've experienced so far range from decent to "I really don't give a shit". Despite the claims that the writing in this game is supposedly better (never played the first so I don't know) I'd have to say the game is definitely getting carried by the combat so far. Maybe the story will take center stage and improve as I get further into the game but right now I'd say it's pretty generic stuff.
  16. You obviously failed at being clear with your point to begin with then. "Best non turn based maybe" If you were trying to imply some kind of underlying message behind this statement then next time you shouldn't be so vague. The failure isn't my understanding, the failure is your poor communication. So how about you learn when to curb that little snide attitude of yours.
  17. Not even close. VIIR combat is just a streamlined version of FF XIII. I swear I'm the only person who actually played the XIII trilogy LOL...
  18. Man, I forgot how meh the endings are in SMT 3. I guess that's kind of par for the course when it comes to SMT games (even Persona has meh endings) but SMT 3 has 6 different endings so you'd figure at least one of them would be good, right? I've seen 4 of the 6 and so far I'd say "Nope" to that question LOL...
  19. Game is going to be so Baby Mode LOL... Instead of properly tuned Difficulty settings they're creating Accessories. Problem is the Accessories are OP as fuck so why wouldn't you equip them? I'm talking stuff like one ring gives Auto-Dodging, another ring will slow down time whenever an enemy attacks (Seriously WTF LOL), Auto Combos (literally only need to push 1 button), and a Auto Heal. There were some other rings too but these are the ones that made me laugh when I read about.
  20. Nah, the only games I'd be interested in are SMTV and Fire Emblem 3 Houses, never cared for Xenoblade or the Xeno series in general. I'm not buying a Switch for two games. Besides there's been a pretty consistent rumor that SMTV will get a release on other platforms so all we might need to do is just wait. Honestly, I'd get a 3DS XL before a Switch, has a much better game library but the damn thing is still overpriced. I'm not spending 350 on a handheld LOL... If it was like 100 bucks cheaper I'd grab one.
  21. Apparently only a few members on the team would like to make a new Ninja Gaiden, the majority of the team don't have much interest in doing it. It's a shame but if the team doesn't want to do it then don't force them to do it.
  22. Wasn't Luminous Productions a team SE put together specifically to work with the Luminous Engine in order to try to prove to themselves that the engine wasn't complete shit? Looks like Forspoken made them finally realize the engine is complete shit and not worth investing further in. Don't know why they needed to make Forspoken to make them realize that though, it's been well documented that the FF XV team hated working with the engine and is one of the reasons why the game was stuck in development hell (as well as many other reasons). Guess SE figured the results would be differen
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