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  1. Character creation is not my issue. This is my issue: To further bring it up to date, it’s been a conscious decision by Hardsuit Labs for Bloodlines 2 to reflect fifteen years of change in the game and real world, and its setting of Seattle. The developer is taking a refreshing approach of weaving politics into the game, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. Now if they go the Deus Ex approach then it'll be fine. Deus Ex does a great job of presenting the current politics of our world and interweaving the core elements to make them fit the narrative of it's world. It doesn't feel heavy handed, it doesn't feel forced, and you can easily draw correlations between it's world and our world. Basically, it's just very well done. However, the current trend of movies and games incorporating politics over the past few years and this quote specifically is what has me worried for the game. Pushing for change is fine and I'm all for it. But trying to FORCE change is a problem and is the approach the mediums are going with. This approach is not genuine, stuff is being created with such transparent intentions, you can actually see where they're forcing stuff in just so they can check all the boxes. It just comes across as manufactured bullshit to me and It's made even worse with the self-congratulatory attitude the creators have after the product is complete and anyone who calls them out on the bullshit they produced is immediately labeled the "bad guy". Everything about the situation is just toxic and is counter-productive. Humans are complex creatures and change doesn't happen in a day. You can push for change but you can't force change. Change is a slow process and when you try to force it, people will push back. Especially when it doesn't feel genuine. Change WILL happen though. Not today, not tomorrow, but it will happen eventually. It just takes time. SJWs don't seem to understand this but trying to force change is not going to speed up the process. It has the exact opposite effect, it's stalling the process. I hope, I really do hope Bloodlines 2 does go the Deus Ex route because I would be willing to give the game a chance but after everything I've seen from these mediums over the past few years when it comes to these issues, I'm just really skeptical that's going to happen. Anyways, that's just my two cents and this is all I'm willing to discuss on the subject. I really don't like participating in these types of conversations because they always turn into shit slinging contests and I have better things to do with my time than take part in that.
  2. Sheesh... That's harsh. Makes you wonder if that's a contributing factor to the high suicide rates in Japan. Granted, taking drugs is not the answer but between it and suicide, drugs is the lesser of the two evils. I mean, at least with drugs there's still a chance that you can bring someone back from the brink. That's not possible with suicide since it's well... death.
  3. Doesn't surprise me TBH. Traditional JRPGs was many's first experience with the RPG genre. Ask any older gamer what his/her first RPG game was and you're going to get a lot of Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest for your answer. So for the older gamer, traditional JRPGs is the "default" style for RPG games. I know that's how it is for me, when I hear RPG I immediately think of a JRPG first.
  4. Once you give birth to a child, the whole "identify as a man" thing kind of flies out the window at that point.
  5. Didn't really care for the first one so me passing on the sequel was actually quite easy TBH. All the praise the first one gets did have me interested in giving the sequel a chance but not now. Keep your fuckin' politics out of my video games please.
  6. I can't tell if you're trolling or if you really are a bit of a strange dude.
  7. On any medication? If not then you may want to cut back a bit on fiber and foods high on sugar and fat.
  8. Was Bruce some kind of CG wizardry or just a really, really, really, good look-a-like? The mannerisms, the voice, the cadence in his voice... All of it was so on point it was actually really eerie.
  9. I don't know, I quit watching the show after Season 5 (or was it 6?). Show went downhill fast once they left the prison.
  10. I'm not one of those people who believes that we only exist simply because we were meant to do something. That's destiny/fate territory and I don't believe in that shit.
  11. In the far future, sure. Not anytime soon though.
  12. Door stop? Paper weight? Cinder block substitute?
  13. Jon "Fuck this, I'm outta here" B.
  14. This is bad news for everyone. At least before we had Cage's crap isolated and contained. Now his bullshit is infesting other systems.
  15. You don't need a crystal ball to see that potentially happening. Hell, I'm sure EVERY developer that is releasing a game on Steam is also looking at the Epic Store. That's just business.
  16. Umm... he's pointing to the Unreal Engine sign. The engine KH III was made with.
  17. No shit. Their blueprint has been outdated for over a decade, people are just NOW noticing this? LOL They won't update it though because they don't need to, the masses are going to buy their next game regardless of it's design. Rockstar is THE perfect example of sales =/= quality.
  18. I was interested in the game until I played the beta. I think I'm going to pass on the game.
  19. We're all going to be Lemmings. Well, part Lemming when you really think about it.