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  1. Same. My PS4 collection is like nearly 200 games and only 6 of them are physical copies because they were gifts from birthdays/Christmas.
  2. The only difficulty spikes I can remember is the double boss fight that's pretty infamous.
  3. B3cause seeing those numbers will give an idea of how effective this strat is. Fuckin' duh. We'll know how many subscribed for just 1 month to play Starfield and how many decided to stick around after that month is done.
  4. How much of those are Gamepass though? I'd imagine it'd be a pretty significant amount. Hell, there's people who bought a 1 month subscription just to play Starfield and then plan to cancel afterwards.
  5. I still can't believe they're charging 70 bucks for this. If it was like 35 bucks or so I don't think people would be shitting on the game so much.
  6. The first one really grew on me. Watching the twists that put on the classic Job formula and Summons was fun and by the end of the game I was a little disappointed because I wanted more. I rarely preorder games but I'm preordering this one. Fuck FF VII Rebirth, fuck P3 Remake... THIS is the JRPG of 2024.
  7. HEY! They changed the voice cast too, buddy! And I'll have you know the new voice cast is worse than the original, thank you very much.
  8. Dude, WTF is up with the hitboxes in this game? Did they have an intern code all the collision boxes in this game or something? Some of the attacks in this game have the most bullshit hitboxes I've seen. I literally get hit by shit that's like 10 feet away from me LOL. I would be annoyed if it wasn't so damn comical. I'm not dying or anything and I don't even think the game is hard but the amount of times I've been hit by something thats made me go: "WHAT? Are you serious?" Or "HOW!? I'm 5 feet BEHIND you!" O
  9. As goofy as that looks, I would even take this design over the PS5's design. Goddamn, the PS5 is ugly...
  10. Well even a broken watch is right twice a day. Whatever, okay. That's great, YOU called it. Good for you, have a fuckin cookie. YOU were not surprised but YOU are singular. But BG3 definitely surprised the gaming industry. No one saw this game coming, which again, was my point. Well, no one besides you. There, I said it, enjoy your validation.
  11. I literally said only the people within BGs circle were talking about it and expecting it to be good, you dumbass. But not even those within that circle were expecting it to be as big as it is. Even fans are calling BG3 a unicorn, a rare exception. Games from this genre just don't see this kind of attention and praise. BG3 surprised everyone with how it blew up and took the gaming world by storm. THAT was my point. Even fuckin Hasbro is surprised and is expecting BG3 to make more money than all of its film licensing over the past 10 years. So don't even try to act like
  12. That's some bullshit... No one was talking about the game until those first reviews dropped. Once the glowing praise started rolling in the game caught fire and it was popping up everywhere. A game with little hype became the most hyped game basically overnight. I'm sure fans of the series were looking forward to the game and were even expecting it to be good but to sit here and act like you knew this game was going to reach far beyond its fanbase and hit mainstream appeal is just bullshit. Get the fuck outta here... LOL
  13. Redfall was coming right off the tails of the Dishonored games. Arkane was on the up and a new game by them seemed like a sure thing. At that point in time it would definitely seem like the better pick over BG. ... But then the development hell began and Arkane lost a lot of key staff. How was MS suppose to foresee that happening? MS already invested a lot into the game though so they were just kind of fucked.
  14. TBF, let's not act like the Baldur's Gate series was some high profile needle pusher. Sure, the series has recognition but it was never the kind of series that was on everyone's radar. BG3 is an exception and it took everyone by surprise.
  15. Not Sony's fault, blame SquareEnix. FF is responsible for the continual decline in interest for JRPGs that plagued the genre for over a decade. FF was THE JRPG series to many people and yet the series has been polarizing since X-2. X-2, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, VIIR and XVI.... After so many entries in a row getting mixed reception FF basically killed interest in the entire genre for a period of time. Just look at the PS3/360 for proof, the JRPG offerings are scarce and limited compared to previous gens. JRPGs were considered too risky and a lot of that blame falls on FF. FF i
  16. Going wait a bit before I try Lies of P. Wasn't really impressed with the demo. Had to take a break from FF XVI, I'll clean up the Platinum later. I just can't be bothered right now. Even skipping all cutscenes and ignoring side quests the game is a slog. The problems with the game become really obvious on a 2nd playthrough. So I'm playing Scars Above, bought it months ago. This game is... kind of dookie. Apparently it's really short though and the story is supposedly pretty good so I'll soldier on through it.
  17. Guessing it's because the main character is trans? I dunno, the rating doesn't make sense to me either.
  18. If you're chasing max settings then 1500 ain't gonna be enough. If that's your budget then you're going to have to compromise.
  19. You'll probably love it. I tried the demo last week and thought it was alright and this is coming from someone who doesn't like the older entries. So I'm not really sure what's changed since now and then because its pretty much the same game but a lot prettier. I'll probably end up picking it up TBH.
  20. Might want to wait until we see some actual system specs before we start claiming anything. Only thing that can be said for sure is it will be stronger than the Switch. Sure, the tech for Switch 2 to be a powerhouse does exist but I can't see Nintendo actually using it. Nintendo is not going to price their system over the $400 mark. They'll make compromises where need be to fit their price point.
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