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  1. That PS5 looks like a graduate hat.
  2. Both. Only Luke and Ryu are playable in the demo though so maybe it's just them. They do have some moves with forward momentum but a lot of their attacks just kind of kept them in place or they really didn't advance forward much. Like they barely move an inch. Dashing/Back Dashing move a lot of ground so it's kind of easy to bait shit and make it whiff.
  3. I think I know why the game feels off to me. Characters are a little too rooted when they do a lot of their moves. In other Fighting games there's almost always some forward momentum when you do a move. In this game a lot of moves keep you in place or you barely move forward at all. So the fighting has a stubby feel to it.
  4. Ehh, the first one was pretty generic. No idea how the fuck the game got labeled a Metroidvania though because it's most definitely not. The level design is nowhere near Metroidvania like and the game is separated between different worlds so it's not even one large cohesive map.
  5. Been playing RE4. Barely touch the Story because I pretty much spend all my time playing Mercenaries. Not as good as vanilla RE5's Mercs mode but it's still really fun and much better than RE5's Mercs Reunion and RE6's Mercenaries.
  6. WTF are you talking about? Game isn't underrated at all. Most reviews were glowing, the game recieved 9 out of 10 scores from many sources. Pretty sure even Gamespot gave the game a 9 out of 10.
  7. Playing through RE 3. I honestly forgot I had it so I decided I'd play through it before I start RE4. I pretty much beat the game in one sitting and I was taking my time. Finished the game in under 4 hours and was kind of shocked at that. I heard it was short but I didn't think it'd be that short. Probably because they cut out a lot of stuff from the original. It's alright though despite its length. Definitely not as good as RE2 but I wasn't expecting it to be. The highlights for me would be the Nemesis fights, I thought they were fun. Well, except for the last fight, t
  8. Still not really sold on the art direction. I know Capcom loves their RE Engine but I don't think it's a good fit for Street Fighter. Also, something about the combat just feels... off. Not sure what it is though.
  9. Automata is a much better game than Replicant. Don't try to lump it with that trash.
  10. Art direction is looking confused judging from the concept art. I don't get a sense of cohesion from those images.
  11. BB is my favorite too. It's just different enough to carve out it's own identity and the game's quality is the most consistent out of the Soulsborne games. The DLC is fuckin' amazing, FromSoft's best DLC offering.
  12. Control sucked. Cool tech but the gameplay was so dry. Don't understand the praise for the game. One thing that really bothered me about Control though was the facial animations, it was so over animated that it looked like shit.
  13. A FF game for the people who have never actually touched a FF game. Why is this a mainline entry? If this was a side game or whatever, I could see it garnering more interest from veterans and newcomers alike.
  14. I still haven't played the 4th one.
  15. Still haven't bought the first Switch so don't have much interest in a Switch 2.
  16. Nah. Pyramid Head is best used sparingly. The less he does, the creepier he is. If you have him pop up too much then it just diminishes his presence.
  17. I'll probably only grab IV, V, and VI. I have the I and II remakes on PSP and I feel like it would be hard to go back to the original versions after that. Not sure about III. Only played the 3D remake and didn't care much for it. Doubt the 2D version would be any better.
  18. Why didn't they just make an actual handheld? This shit is going to be DOA.
  19. Finished Wanted Dead. Don't pay 60 bucks for this. Game is alright but what it offers isn't close to being worth it's current price. The combat is fun but not on the level of stuff like Bayo, NG, DMC. It's on the tier with stuff like Nightshade, Otogi, Gunvalkyrie, etc. Bosses are all pretty easy, the 2nd boss is the hardest by far. Enemy variety is lacking but what's here is decent enough. Game is also short, there's only 5 levels. Quite a few minigames though but the minigames range from being too simple to ridiculously hard (Ramen and Karaoke minigames are fuckin' nu
  20. Wasn't Nintendo very hands on with this, too?
  21. 9 billion?! How the fuck is WWE worth that much? Vince really is a genius when it comes to business.
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