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  1. Nah, the only games I'd be interested in are SMTV and Fire Emblem 3 Houses, never cared for Xenoblade or the Xeno series in general. I'm not buying a Switch for two games. Besides there's been a pretty consistent rumor that SMTV will get a release on other platforms so all we might need to do is just wait. Honestly, I'd get a 3DS XL before a Switch, has a much better game library but the damn thing is still overpriced. I'm not spending 350 on a handheld LOL... If it was like 100 bucks cheaper I'd grab one.
  2. Apparently only a few members on the team would like to make a new Ninja Gaiden, the majority of the team don't have much interest in doing it. It's a shame but if the team doesn't want to do it then don't force them to do it.
  3. Wasn't Luminous Productions a team SE put together specifically to work with the Luminous Engine in order to try to prove to themselves that the engine wasn't complete shit? Looks like Forspoken made them finally realize the engine is complete shit and not worth investing further in. Don't know why they needed to make Forspoken to make them realize that though, it's been well documented that the FF XV team hated working with the engine and is one of the reasons why the game was stuck in development hell (as well as many other reasons). Guess SE figured the results would be differen
  4. Yeah, I got the Platinum so I did everything. I'd give the game a 7/10, it has its issues but I didn't think those issues were anywhere near as bad as people make them out to be and overall I did enjoy the game.
  5. I've been on a SMT binge lately. Played through Soul Hackers 2, pulled out my PS2 and played through Devil Summoner, and now I'm playing through SMT 3 HD. I enjoy these games way more than any of the Persona games. Unfortunately if they announce anything it most likely will be Persona related... I'd be hyped for a Devil Summoner 3 announcement though.
  6. Never really had any interest in the game despite enjoying the Arkham series. This game feels like it's late to the party, 5 years ago I might've been interested.
  7. I went to buy this game the other day but didn't. I was thinking it was going to be like 40 bucks tops but then I saw the actual price. Why the fuck is this game 60 bucks? Overpriced as hell for what it is. I'll wait for a sale. What the hell were they thinking with that price point...
  8. Ehh, it's just Toukiden with a different name. Never was a fan of the series, it sits in the weird middle ground between Monster Hunter and God Eater. Not as technical or nuanced as Monster Hunter and not as fast paced and free flowing as God Eater. Playing Toukiden just makes me want to play MH or GE instead.
  9. LOL I ended up buying it like an hour after I made that previous post. Put about 6 hours into it so far and it's not too bad, I'm enjoying it more than Yakuza Like a Dragon at least. Some early impressions: -The Sabbath system seems like it could be interesting once I unlock some more Skills for it. -The Mystique and COMP systems look like they could provide some interesting character build setups so I'm looking forward to messing around with these systems as I get deeper into the game. -The dungeons are pretty bland but I was already expecting
  10. Is Soul Hackers 2 any good? It's on sale right now and I'm thinking about buying it. I know the dungeons are bland and tedious but that's something I would say about all the SMT games TBH. How bad are the dungeons? No worse than usual or are they actually really bad?
  11. Ehh, I still plan on trying it out. Can't really trust reviews for this one, this is God Hand type of territory.
  12. A new Director so we can actually get a new game.
  13. So Yakuza Like a Dragon... not really feeling this. Don't get the praise for it. I'm around Chapter 6 and so far I've found the gameplay to be too basic and the game flow to be terrible. For the first 4 or so Chapters you get like 5 minutes of gameplay and then 20 minutes of cutscene. Rinse and repeat. The cutscenes themselves aren't good because the dialogue ranges from average to bad. Not sure if it's just weird localisation or bad writing but the dialogue in this game is awkward a lot of the time. Don't really find any of the characters interesting either. Especially Ichiban, fo
  14. First time I've heard about this. With SE though, revamping tends to mean "real-time" combat though... Last thing I want is a real time combat system for DQ. Fuck that shit.
  15. I'm worried for DQ 12 TBH, apparently a lot of the veteran staff that has worked on the DQ series for years aren't working on the new DQ game. Last thing I want is DQ becoming another shitty Square Enix Action RPG...
  16. I don't think it's going to be a traditional gacha though. Or at least not like the one in your typical mobile game. Still would suck though but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out true. Cygames is a gacha developer after all, I'm sure they're looking for some way to nickle and dime that won't cause that much of an uproar.
  17. I knew it would suck. Ever since it was revealed all I saw was another generic Action RPG. This sub-genre is bloated with mediocre games, more so than any other genre. Well, maybe except Open World games. These two genres are so paint-by-the-numbers at this point I just roll my eyes and groan whenever a new game from these genres is announced. It doesn't help that these are the two dominant genres today, pretty much every new game is from one of these genres (sometimes both)... It's why it's been so easy for me to not care about this gen and why I've never been in a hurry to grab
  18. Heard there might be some kinda gacha system incorporated into the game so I lost interest.
  19. GB Vs. Is honestly pretty good. Only thing holding it back was the shit netcode which is why the playerbase wanted rollback so badly. DnF is broken trash with gameplay so simple it pretty much got solved within a month so a lot players dropped it pretty quick. And Strive... ehh. Strive ain't really a GG game, I went back to Rev2. Yeah. I heard of that game, haven't played it though. I don't really play Fighters that much anymore though. Mainly just stick to a couple games (Rev2 and Tekken) and really only play them for a little bit every now and then.
  20. Actually, it's not them. Its Cygames. People have been asking for rollback netcode for this game for well over a year now and ASW wanted to do it but couldn't because Cygames had the final say. Cygames has purposely been sidestepping the request and now we know why... ASW has put rollback in pretty much all of their games at this point, some of those games the update was free ( Accent Core and BlazBlue IIRC). The other games that got rollback were re-released but its understandable, getting rollback in games is not a simple or cheap process for newer games.
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