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  1. youre a fucking idiot if you think nintendo will ever stop doing its hardware. Nintendo's philosophy has been the same for over 100 years = games are toys, which need a physical body that looks and feels unique. Read up on Nintendos policy if you know Japanese.
  2. lol thats called braindead gaming
  3. you must be fun at parties
  4. Thats what Whippit did ages ago, he could never get a white girl to respect him so he moved to Tailand, where a burger flipping loser became a god overnight. Asians cant get enough of white people. And its true theyd take any random white guy over a decent looking asian dude. So this is why the ugly western guys go to Asia as the last resort to find a waifu.
  5. lol are you gonna take Azas role to copy/paste Neogaf threads here?
  6. Japanese are ultra polite, they treat every customer like a king. Also, strangers are incredibly nice too. One time in Sapporo, I asked a stranger where some landmark was and this lady invited me to stay over at her place with her family for the night. It may seem creepy to go to a strangers place after a short 10 min conversation, but she seemed so genuine I couldnt refuse. They prepared a wealthy dinner and I had my own room to sleep in. It was mind-blowing how open they were to allow a random foreigner in their home haha
  7. thats really cool man. Congrats! If theres an online link to the movie Id love to check it out.
  8. Oh I guess you werent here much after 2006 lol as thats when I joined
  9. Damn, that must suck to have those issues. How old are you? Also, I dont think I recognise you, what was your old SW name?
  10. 20 years ? damn, what did they make you do?
  11. Some of you are already married and have kids, but the rest of us in the late 20's/early 30's what are you ideas of foreseeable future? Career, family, personal goals etc. what matters most to you?