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  1. Yeah, as bhytre has said theres bitchute, but its nowhere near as good at making a living as Youtube. I dont think theres evena single channel that has a mill subs. Its very small. But yeah, I could always get back to freelance, but thats gonna be a very bitter ride, as I will prolly lose all the creative freedom in the process, and will have to make some stupid ads for some soulless company. Dark times ahoy
  2. Also, COPPA next month will fuck EVERY animation channel hard Its basically gonna divide content between 'for kids' and 'not for kids' with a bot system. So if a bot sees animation the chances of it being labeled are pretty high lol. Also you get like 40k fine if you mislabel a video.
  3. Nah, its not really that. It's the quantity that matters the most. If you can upload at least a weekly 10 min vid you have a much higher chance to stand out a bit even if you don't have a 1 mill sub channel. But channels with at least a mill subs also will not get those large view numbers if they don't upload regularly. You basically lose the space if you can't keep up in the hamster wheel race.
  4. Thats 90% luck I'd say. There's seriously no telling how any particular video will do in the algorithm. People who spend months on a quality video may never get any views, but those who make something in a week can get millions. I make animation so I'm screwed from the beginning as I can't make vids over 10 min long on a regular basis, but it's still possible to ride a certain trend wave if you're lucky enough to release something at the right time.
  5. this goes in the same pile of trash where Life is Strange is.
  6. So after they announced Terry for Smash, I thought of looking into the series, and its amazing that you can play every title from it on Switch. Im really impressed by the animation of those late 90's titles. Still, after playing like 4 or 5 of them, nothing comes close to Waku Waku 7 warning: Seizure inducing moves (the only flaw of the game)
  7. It kinda sucks that it was all a theatre play in the end as Miyamoto later revealed. No real stakes or anything.
  8. Thats something i was thinking about. First stage is to watch anime, then become an incel, then become gay, then change your gender, and after all the transition imbalances/drugs you end up finally being an asexual.
  9. Why do this hideous CGI when you can create gorgeous 2D? Because good art costs.
  10. - find serious business/animation partners -getting into a new relationship -reaching 1mill subs on YT (about half way to go) -get back to game dev. for a bit