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  1. You are the dumb one here if you erase the evidence.
  2. I dont actually, you erased the thread. So why dont you remind me and everyone else what I posted that deserved a month ban?
  3. i posted this last year... its racist this year?
  4. This place offered the freedom that made it stand out among the faceless 4chan and reddit boards. Theres a lot more personality each poster can have and these personal feuds is part of what made this place fun. Posting edgy content is SW in a nutshell, so if you want the Chinese surveillance zone, nobody is stopping you, but just know you are killing this place faster than you think. Oh and FYI I use my real name on Twitter, so you'd lose the bet.
  5. I havent posted any comics here since 2014 what pedo ?
  6. We all know what political stance Alphonse is taking, so instead of givings us the freedom that even Twitter provides he allows the bottom of the barrel posters to roam the SW streets that pollute any air of discussion.
  7. Well, it wasnt a ban per se, but he did put a 'moderator approval' curse on every post I'd make. So technically, yeah, it was a ban, as I couldnt post even non-political posts when I tried. So instead of dealing with this shit, I went to Twitter, and after a month of tweets, I got 6.5k+ new followers lol (secret ingredient : comics). So I am actually glad Alphonse gave me the restrictions, as I wouldnt even think of going the Twitter route. Thanks for that dude. I stopped even lurking here, but checking my username in the search now, its no wonder who missed me the mo
  8. Liquid, Aza, losfool, jimbo etc. theres a lot more gays here than one might think
  9. Oh, I see who reported it
  10. Some of the mods here are seriously abusive :/
  11. time to get deported back to mexico
  12. Jerry cant reply but still clicks the 'laugh' reaction ^
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