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  1. I might get it whe it drops in price, but I have a feeling the weeb shit will put me off quickly. I really cant stand jpop/anime idols.
  2. Its been a while since Liquid was put in his place. Guessing nobody could stand him on Discord so he crawled back here.
  3. Does Chimp have amnesia? Or did the therapy really did work? If only there was a way to show his Sidescrollers posting history so he can drop his 'reborn' masquerade.
  4. the only wii u game i didnt get the chance to play, will get this
  5. Low is gonna take Chimp by his nose piercing back to the zoo.
  6. Low called you out, Chimp. Post the pic or GTFO.
  7. Got my hopes up for a second, but when I saw they made it members only. What a wasted opportunity, even Resetera allows guests.
  8. whats the domain name of sw2, was it dubz something?
  9. Sure this is late 00's style video, but only 100k views for this content is sin.
  10. When I got internet at home at age 15 it made me more introverted, as I finally found people with the same interests online. GS was the first place I was lurking in and eventually I became comfortable to post, but it wasn't until everyone moved to this place that I fully realized what internet really means. The off-topic and sharing pretty much any song or image was like magic, but Im glad I didnt get to discover it earlier, as those simple internet-free days were key in shaping my creativity and goals in life.