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  1. Wii U's Wii catalog was pretty limited, it only had the main titles in the E-shop, but lesser known classic titles like Capcom vs Tatsunoko, Super Monkey Ball, Fire emblem were never released there thus remaining exclusive to Wii.
  2. To make the Wii U completely useless? I dont think even Nintendo would want that in their console records, even Virtual Boy still has some good exclusives.
  3. With character skins everything can change ;)
  4. How is your game coming along? I remember you had that wall jump fighter for phoneapps
  5. I was going to post some gifs on it in 2014, I was doing a sample vid, but never finished it
  6. Try Unity, its pretty much the easiest engine out there. We did 2 demos in it already (guys who had 0 programming experience handled the coding pretty well).
  7. thanks man Cant wait to launch the sweetass remix you guys did!! Are you filming anything this year?
  8. uhh they have plenty of tutorials today on 2D figthers
  9. Ah, BRA squad has been trapped inside here as expected
  10. do you actually think thats exclusive to the church? There are way more cases in schools, clubs, theatre and just about everywhere