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  1. omg so niche, so underground 111!
  2. Bayonetta is way out of place in Smash, you can tell Nintendo was desperate to sell more WiiUs, but at least her moveset is unique enough.
  3. Why would he be in Smash if he only was in 2 'good' games ? Also the weird fetish with Geno from Mario RPG, he appeared once and some are acting like he deserves a spot. 3rd Party characters need to have a much longer history of the IP before stepping in Smash.
  4. Hey cooke can you send me any blackberry phone ? I cant find any here in my tiny country. I dont care if its old, I just want the keypad on a phone.
  5. Well, I can at least safely say that this Paper Mario on Wii U is much much better than the 3DS one, where it was bad on so many levels. This one has a colour mechanic so it helps to progress much more smoother.