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  1. TCHBR Vita fans only wish this was made by sony
  2. I wish it was released earlier, wanna buy it in August at least.
  3. The struggle is real. Turn off the internet while working, unless your job is moderating...then youre fucked.
  4. I don't really follow the drama lately, but I'm guessing jehurey has a deep need for interaction, something thats most likely very difficult to have in his rl environment. Before I got permed from Neogaf I noticed a lot of 40+yo men there posting endlessly (thesis/wall of text posts) in even the most trivial threads, most likely lacking social life.
  5. Mosquitoes+house flies do not usually get sympathy from me. Spiders at home I try to catch and get them out.
  6. lol its bhytre whos from belgium (the shithole) Estonia is hyper introverted, which makes it really boring when people prefer screens. The IT industry is growing fast because of that, and in the process killing human interaction. Other than that, its a pretty safe place to live in, if you wont die from boredom.
  7. hmmm thats a good idea actually :)
  8. HolyAx

    Art thread

    yeah, those are super messy. I hated using them as a single wrong hand placement on the drawing smudges everything lol
  9. I get where youre coming from, I find it almost impossible to find any media that does something new. The only thing that still manages to keep my interest going is Tezuka Osamu's manga and the recent Promised Neverland from Shounen Jump. The last RPG that made me play only for the plot and story was Xenoblade Chronicles and 999 on DS.
  10. 3. Characters 4. Writing 6. Gameplay/Mechanics