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  1. People born in late 80's-90's are the last ones who can see the pre and post-social media era, and now that I teach 13-17 year olds its really interesting to see how different a lot of them are compared to even the last decade. Socially awkward and introverted, but Im still pondering if thats because they are into art and stuff, as its common among creative peeps. I hear its worse with the 10 year olds from what my teacher friend is saying. They are all on instagram and its all about who gets the most followers that gets the most respect.
  2. I hope not as an animator (jk). Congrats, and yeah would be cool to see the project.
  3. Is that a giant forehead or just balding?
  4. have fun playing for 10 min , getting a headache and not being able to play in a social setting
  5. Which exclusive PS4 title has better multiplayer?
  6. Still plays and looks better than every PS4 game this year TCHBR
  7. No surprise, cows cant handle higher concepts such as art Go play your God of War or something