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  1. Liquid, Aza, losfool, jimbo etc. theres a lot more gays here than one might think
  2. Oh, I see who reported it
  3. Some of the mods here are seriously abusive :/
  4. time to get deported back to mexico
  5. Jerry cant reply but still clicks the 'laugh' reaction ^
  6. sorry, but you have bad taste
  7. Basically, Jehurey accused everyone of being racists.
  8. Then why are you still here?
  9. Unban Saucer since Jehurey didnt do his part of the deal by keeping his pics on the forum. @-GD- If he removed them then the ban is off, plain and simple.
  10. SW has been more active than ever. Do you guys want to see it go to the Jimbo Wasteland mode again? Also, lmao if you take Aza's opinions seriously (looking at his 'racism' thread). He is a worse mental case than both Jimbo and kaz combined. This is Systemwars, its all for fun. Nobody is actually taking this seriously (except jehurey and Chimp), so if this locking and banning continues its another Resetera basically.
  11. Sega owns a huge arcade business in Japan, theres no point in selling it to MS
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