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  1. What the fuck. I want Medieval Total War 3. Not this embarrassing gen z crap.
  2. That's true but also the kind of shit that ruined MK's reputation and nearly killed the franchise. That and terrible sequels. IX, X and XI didn't have any portable versions, at least I don't think so.
  3. Game looks phenomenal. I have no idea why they even bothered with a Switch port.
  4. That's the plan. I will try some but not all of them though. I barely play games anymore.
  5. I have AI The Somnium Files CE for Switch but it's really not gaining much value at the moment.
  6. There's some good indie games keeping VR afloat but it's seriously lacking in recognized support. The early days had more support, VR is pretty dead right now.
  7. PSVR2 has destroyed the Hermits. Remij hbfr Reprojected in fake 120fps with motion blur effects.
  8. Looks amazing. Anyone hating on this is as stupid as Ghostz, it's a free update. I played the Gamecube version on Oculus and it was awesome.
  9. Hermits have become low settings warriors playing on a tiny screen for babies. Truly embarrassing.
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