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  1. 3 RE games that about matches the three Final Fantasy games. The rest was mostly arcade ports, with Alpha 3 and Darkstalkers being some of the best ones. lmao... How is this comparable? I never realized how many of you skipped on Square masterpieces until I've made this thread. It's the only explanation.
  2. Who cares. These morons has no idea what they're talking about. Xenogears is as overrated as Legend of Dragoon. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon shits on all these games. Bushido Blade 2 is the best Square game on PS1. Secret of Evermore is the best game Square has ever made. Capcom gen 6 was better. This thread is GOLD.
  3. Dumb trash with very little artistic value. Don't compare Squaresoft masterpiece of art and storytelling to your gamey games with dumb characters and mascots.
  4. What's the point in having a disc tray when you have no games anyway?
  5. You gonna LOVE it. https://gematsu.com/2018/11/sony-to-skip-e3-2019-exploring-new-and-familiar-ways-to-engage-playstation-community-in-2019
  6. It's a jab at Sony for skipping E3, you fucking retard. Maybe if you didn't pull assumption out of your ass all the time you wouldn't be a walking embarrassment. Goddamn.
  7. And fuck DQXI true last boss fight. Even with a few level 99 characters I got fucking raped. What the fuck is this masochistic shit? It's some FF7 Atma weapons level of crap.
  8. I disagree. CT is technically better but both FF games aren't far off.
  9. The characters design in these games are embarrassing to look at.