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  1. Crushing blows is just not a good system, imo. Whatever.
  2. I got bored of it real fast, even having a friend with the game isn't helping. Dunno if it's the characters I'm playing but the combos basically boils down to the same thing every time with slight differences here and there. Always the same launchers and similar follow ups. It becomes less exciting after a while, I'm basically capable of pulling all of Raiden combos. Meh. Anyway, still playing Sekiro, I'm almost at the Dragon. Still a few optional boss fights left (Second Ape fight, Second Owl fight). Should be over by the end of the month.
  3. Yeah, I'm finding it easier now. Still some bullshit moments here and there. Like that headless guy I just encountered where you can't run or dodge and terror build up real fast. Fuck.
  4. Hereditary. It's recent and it's the best movie I saw in years.
  5. A lot of normal enemies are deadly, unless you know the appropriate tools to take them down easy. The monks with spears aren't so bad after you learn the Mikiri counter.
  6. Tell that to the mid bosses that are harder than him. Not like I don't understand the mechanics. And I can parry supers in Third Strike, which is a lot harder than anything in Sekiro. You need to learn patters recognition first. And that goes for even normal enemies. Souls games are a lot easier than this crazy shit.
  7. Yeah I listened to it before. I like this one.
  8. I'll get it but I need to finish Sekiro first. One game at a time for me from now on.
  9. No way. The easiest is still Demon's Souls, then Dark Souls 2, then Bloodborne. Sekiro is so far the hardest of the bunch. I kept playing btw, finally killed Genichiro. I feel like cheesing through the game is the only way to be succesful, trying to legit fight everything only gets me killed. It's not the case with other Souls games. And you don't need to master the combat, and you can always raise a few levels to give you an edge.
  10. I need my GF's big tits in my face, that's about it.
  11. Don't take me too seriously, I'm super jaded.
  12. That was going to be my next purchase. That and Samurai Shodown but Idk, I feel like gaming again was actually a huge waste of time and I don't think a 50+ hours game like Judgment is what I need right now.
  13. I'm done, fuck gaming. DMCV was okay but ultimately forgettable. Sekiro is trash for masochistic gamers, and this comes from someone who beat all Souls games solo no problem. MK11 is clunky trash that's not fun to learn. Only game I truly loved this year was AC7 and even that had some awful missions. Fuck all of this. What a waste of life.