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  1. The open world still looks gorgeous and that's a 2015 game. Fallout 4, another open world game from 2015, still looks great as well. Kingdom Come Deliverance takes the cake though, 2017 and looks absolutely phenomenal (Cry Tek engine). I love seeing old games holding their own. Or maybe that's a statement on how little assets actually improved in recent time because the raw power is all spent on performance and definition.
  2. That means every other big publisher who hasn't done this already, will.
  3. It's weird, I think I'm actually more excited for action brawler Yakuza than turn based Yakuza. Despite being a huge RPG fan myself. Like a Dragon was great but it started getting old quicker than the average Yakuza game due to the slower pacing of turn based combat.
  4. You're talking to me like I'm going through some rough times or something. Staying with that girl would have made me depressed, that's for sure.
  5. Lol. Just because I smoke weed and play F76 doesn't mean I'm depressed. It's pretty much Fallout 4 online. Combine the FO4 experience with addictive online stuff on top and you basically have crack made specifically for my taste.
  6. 25 hours in Fallout 76 in just a few days. The game is pretty good as it stands now after 11 seasons, but it must have been pretty fucking lame at launch before all the updates. Shit, it didn't even have any friendly, living NPCs at launch. That's like a quintessential part of the Fallout experience. Online, or not. Goodbye social life, it's been fun.
  7. Is it just the technical issues or it sucks anyway?
  8. Controller hoodies and polish nail? There must be a lot of women running things at the Xbox division. Xbox has become a useless decoration. Lmfao. Soon MS are gonna start selling Xbox that can't even run games at all. It'll just be a useless brick with a green X on it.
  9. There are some really hidden stuff in this game. I don't remember, look it up, but there are items on the map, one secret level requires you to pick all items before the time limit, the challenge is reaching them. Check your map, there's usually an item, north, south, east and west on every level. I remember doing some shenanigans to unlock the secret levels but that was a while back so I'm not sure. You missed out on the boss fight though and the post end characters+new weapons, it's not that big of a deal though if you are tired of it.
  10. Impossible. You don't have all the upgrades available yet. Yet, you don't even have all weapons/characters yet. I'm almost 30 hours in and nowhere near close to have all upgrades. I have beaten every level many times in multiple modes, including the secret onces.
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