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  1. Just kidding. It's for iOS and Android.
  2. Only took 4 years to get bluetooth headset support...
  3. Looks like more of the same. Which is not really a bad thing. Lost Judgment - Easy Allies Review - YouTube
  4. Wii was saved by a few niche exclusives like No More Heroes, Trauma Center or The Last Story. Nintendo first party was arguably at it's worst during the Wii era. But it's not just the games, SD and forced waggle really didn't help.
  5. Polyphony are so behind it's not even funny. Every time I think GT is back it turns out to be a pos with bad decisions all around.
  6. It looks alright gameplay wise. It's Zelda esque with an emphasis with switching characters and solving environment puzzles. If the level design is good then it should be fun to play.
  7. This guy is craving attention. One month delay for BF2042! Alert the President!
  8. Dreamcast might as well be considered it's own transition gen. Same thing with WiiU. The original Wii is the worst console of all time and would rank dead last during any gen. Don't kid yourself.
  9. Love the art style and I'm usually sick of 2D indie games.
  10. Fastest sales for a Tales of game ever, I presume?
  11. 1.SNES 2.Genesis 1.Playstation 1 2.Nintendo 64 1.Dreamcast 3.Playstation 2 4.Gamecube 5.Xbox 1.Playstation 3 2.Xbox 360 3.Wii I didn't buy a Xbox One, or Xbox Series X nor a Switch nor the PS5 so I'll just stop there.
  12. You mean the same Nintendo games that clings to the charts for months and even years because there's nothing else on Nintendo platforms? I think I saw Mario Kart 8 in the chart earlier. Wow, lmao. And the occasional Sony exclusives. That's not a whole lot of games, especially since I don't expect anyone to like all of them. So you have a small pool of games to choose from. A handful of games from two publishers. When you have a PC you usually don't play your multiplat anywhere else, there's generally no need. PC has more exclusives than you'd think. Just n
  13. I hated the demo for the first game. haha I guess I should have played a demo for the sequel too. I was really hungry for a turn based JRPG too.
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