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  1. 1st dude: Did you know what the F in orphan stands for family? 2nd dude: There is no F 1st dude: There is no family This killed me.
  2. Post anything you come across that you find funny. Videos, memes, whatever goes as long as its not political, keep that shit for the sub forums. I'll start: I'm so fucking immature because I find this absolutely hilarious.
  3. Uncharted 4 is by far the most overrated PS4 exclusive.
  4. Yeah, tell that to all the businesses who shut down in the past two years. There was a significant increase in companies declaring bankruptcy during Covid while others were raking in the profits for obvious reasons. It's one in a lifetime opportunity if you're offering an online service like Netflix but it's a death sentence for the tourist and restaurant industries among others. Like what is even your point? Oil companies are making record profits among a oil shortage on the market because of the economic sanctions to Russia and the war in Ukraine? No shit. And some
  5. What's crazier is that I recognize most of them. But then again I spent my childhood reading video games magazine before the internet. It was actually really expensive to keep up with gaming news. Lmfao. I bought 3-4 magazines per month. Nintendo Power and Official Playstation Magazine in particular. Damn, nostalgia, I wish I never threw them away.
  6. Lmfao, that's what most people say. But give me anything I can manage to trade at a profit, even if it's just a few cents and I'll start making money non stop out of it. I could give you a heads up if any game you have on steam is profitable atm. Stray was good for a while for example, especially if you had pre ordered the game, you could make packs before the game launched and people were buying cards for a few bucks a piece. It's more a question of timing and having a sense of what's going to be profitable in advance, the actual process actually takes
  7. Well, there's multiple ways but primarily you need to create cards (boosters packs) using gems, basically you need a game where gems cost less than what you'll get from selling the three cards you get out of a booster pack (pure speculation, no way to know in advance), and if you're lucky it might contain a rare foil worth a few bucks, if you produce packs you're bound to get a few but don't rely on luck, if the base cards aren't profitable, don't make the pack. You can only do this once every 24 hours per game and it's only profitable with recently released games that are least than a month o
  8. It's way too expensive but it has steam trading cards so I should be able to recoup 20-30$ maybe if I'm lucky. So day one.
  9. His father used to do the ''it's goofy time'' while wearing Nintendo costumes. It's Mario time just took a whole different meaning.
  10. It was a dumb argument to begin with. If there's one thing I hate it's character stopping to pick things up, especially in an open world where you do that all the time. You know a ''lack'' of a certain effect might have been done on purpose to increase the pacing of the gameplay, like not having to wait to pick something. lol, not every game has to aim for realism and interactable physics to be good.
  11. Pretty sure his claim was that Nintendo games were outdated by 20 years and their animations sucks.
  12. And yet Horizon is a 100x times more impressive open world than some basic effects we've seen million of times before in other games. Obviously, BOTW has a different approach on interactivity. It wouldn't make sense to cut grass and trees in Horizon to begin with. I'm just saying, there's nothing impressive about BOTW, shut the fuck up.
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