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  1. Plenty of great VR games already. More than enough to justify buying a PSVR or PCVR headset.
  2. Im not hating on FF7R, more like disappointed by some of the heavily changed events near and during the ending and I have some issues with the gameplay. But it was still a good time overall. Death Stranding was good and unique but its not for everyone. Also Valkyria Chronicles 4 was godly, but its very animeish so you might not like it. Cant think of anything else right now.
  3. Post game is just new game plus with tougher enemies from what Ive played. Im not going to bother. Sure Cyberpunk might just kick ass, I love me a good WRPG, but nothing they have shown so far in terms of gameplay had me go ''yep, this is a day one purchase''. Im just waiting for more gameplay footage, especially since everything we have seen was early into development. Hell I wouldnt even be surprise if it gets delayed into 2021.
  4. Meh, looks like shit to me besides the funky looking visuals/artstyle. Ive never played a Paper Mario game and its probably going to stay that way. Its exactly the type of franchise that I want Nintendo to stop making, or at least take a long break from it. Give me something else, anything.
  5. Maybe not but PS4 hardware is really old right now, any improvement will be welcome at this point. I just want some great exclusive (not cross gen) games to go along with it and Im good to go.
  6. Couldnt agree more. They are always farming out the same IPs now. They dont even bother to try and revive some of their older beloved IPs, forget about a new FZero or Star Fox or Earthbound. Heres Yoshi Crafted World and Luigi Mansion 3 instead. Thanks Nintendo.
  7. Dont you mean FF7 Remake??? Its not my favorite game of 2020, at all. DOOM Eternal and Streets of Rage 4 are my top games for this year. And disc 1 went beyond Midgar. Fuck the stupid shit they did at the end, I dont give a fuck about part 2. Fuck them for messing up one of their best game they've ever made. Old Squaresoft is still the best.
  8. Everything on Switch is a port that I would rather play on another system. I owned a WiiU as well so I already played those games, minus BOTW. I also played Smash Bros Ultimate at my friend house already enough to bore me. Their first party effort this gen has been really overrated. Im sure Super Mario Odyssey is fine, and theres probably some decent games like Fire Emblem. But shit like Pokemon, Link Awakening (played that one too, terrible) and Luigi Mansion are just forgettable Nintendo overated garbage. I dont give a shit. Im struggling to come up with a list, every time I end up deleting it and trying to forget the system exist.
  9. I already have. Look, Im too up to date with gaming, I dont have a backlog or anything like that. Ive already played everything. Except for the Switch but it barely has any games I want, its an overated pos.
  10. My to purchase list hasnt looked this pathetic and sad in quite some time. Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon (TBA 2020) Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (TBA 2020) Guilty Gear: Strive (TBA 2021) Sony has TLOU2 and Tsushima for this summer but Im going to skip both. TLOU2 is just a beefed up version of the first game, which is fine but Im not the biggest fan of the first game so whatever. And Ghost is a super generic open world game we've seen too many times this gen. And Im still skeptical about Cyberpunk 2077, I love Witcher 3 and CD Projekt is great and all but I think they are in over their head with Cyberpunk and could potentially flop really hard. They also havent shown any gameplay in a long ass time, I still need some convincing, I cant blindly trust them to deliver. Switch has Deadly Premonition 2 coming up this summer, but its a timed exclusive, so Ill probably wait for that to come to PS4. And the two games that could sell me on a Switch, Shin Megami Tensei V and No More Heroes 3 are still MIA, with no gameplay footage or anything to go by. Hopefully PS5 has great games early on unlike the PS4 mediocre and limited launch titles. Am I missing something or am I just being too negative?