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  1. Bought some new PS4 games. Death Stranding Control DOOM Collection (had no interest in this but when I saw it also included DOOM 2016, I changed my mind) Shadow of the Colossus (sold it during my non gaming break, bought it back for cheap) Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot for PSVR (lol, mostly for collecting purpose, I try to own as many physical PSVR games as I can).
  2. I forgot that game even existed. Havent played it but what a flop that was.
  3. I liked the story, sure, but whatever. Combat was bad.
  4. Ramza


    Not confirmed officially no, not on day one either way. Xflop lmao. Yakuza are all old. Yakuza Like a Dragon is not even announced yet for Xflawp. Truly a terrible console for second rate gamers.
  5. Ramza


    Lmao, none of the games listed by BC are announced for Xflop. And thats all coming Q1, Q2.
  6. Its now a turn based battle system with buttons prompt. At least its different. Kinda tired of the series at this point, I didnt even finish Judgment, the combat was lame. Yakuza was always an action RPG in disguise anyway, Im just hoping the RPG elements are good.
  7. I`ll update this thread as they come along the year. So far, imho:
  8. Yeah, true. Havent played the game since 2015 and probably never will again. I still really like that gameplay though regardless, and the art direction was neat too.