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  1. No but I really want to watch the Mandalorian. Hopefully it's better than the Disney Star Wars movies (seems that way).
  2. No, both games are garbage. Go play RE7, it's actually closer to the old school formula than 5 or 6 ever was.
  3. They sell billion of those games and can't even afford high production values for their flagship franchise. Nintendo is garbo.
  4. MGS3 had amazing boss fights to go along those moments tho. I haven't played DS yet but it seems like the bosses are weaksauce. And MGSV story was so forgettable, I Dunno I'll see for myself soon enough.
  5. I swear Kojima has gotten worse at storytelling since MGS3. 3 still shits on anything else he has done after.
  6. Not bad at all. I just bought FFVIII Remastered for $20 USD. But I already have most of these4 games anyhow.
  7. Looks like garbage. And not what I expect out of Obsidian. MS ruining up another good studio? We'll see.
  8. Yakuza 0 is amazing. Better late than never I guess. TLHBO
  9. Well putting his names on everything sure helped his reputation. Kojima Productions, directed by Hideo Kojima, a Hideo Kojima game... lol not saying he doesn't deserves his popularity, but yeah.
  10. That trailer annoyed the shit out of me.