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  1. Playing games directly from the Oculus Quest 2. It's like playing some 2006 PSP games in VR. haha Sniper Elite VR is fun. The aiming/reloading mechanics works well but it's really ugly, it's practically undistinguishable from it's PC counterpart. It looks like some old Medal of Honor game running on PS2. Demeo is an awesome tabletop RPG and it actually looks nice on Oculus. I wished it was higher res but the game visual style translate itself well with the weaker hard. It's actually pretty awesome as a portable handheld VR game. Perfect game for the Oculus, im
  2. Bought an Oculus Quest 2 to use with my PC, I am officially back in VR gaming. No more unreliable PS moves controllers, no cameras or blurry as fuck IQ. The Oculus is really an impressive piece of tech, you can use it pretty much anywhere as long as you define your play area and the tracking is pretty much always spot on. Also, the camera on the headset is a life saver, as soon as you step out of your play area you get to see back reality (in black and white), it pretty much prevent hitting up objects or whatever. Definitely the easiest headset to use, great design and the cont
  3. Well, the PC version was guaranteed to flop as a EGS exclusive. I don't even understand why anyone would do something like that. Oh yeah, let's just take this money and release our game exclusively on a platform with %2 the active userbase of STEAM. I'm sure whatever little money Epic gave to us will be enough to mitigate the potential loss in sales...
  4. In a few years it won't be an issue for high end PCs. Welcome back, by the way.
  5. For me it is. I kept myself in the dark as much as I could, didn't watch anything from the recent beta test either. Based on the main theme the OST sound pretty badass too Twinblade HBFR
  6. @Twinblade What happens when the Liberals run a state with full power and influence.
  7. This is gonna run fine on my PC at 1080p. That art style is sublime.
  8. I haven't watched anything from this game since it's first trailer and now I'm like:
  9. As far as I'm concerned, I made plenty of good arguments in this thread. Which is why you're actually taking your time on a Saturday to write all this, explain yourself in details and your point of view. Don't insult my integrity or intelligence, nor yours. A racist private business owner is a sad thing but that's not the system oppressing you. Racism and prejudices will always exist and you don't fix that by looting stores in protests and setting cars and private properties of random people on fire. I can sympathize with you on your experience. Look, I'm Canadian and from
  10. Wow, I really love the personnel accusations here and shutting me out of the conversation because I'm a straight white male. I'm not the one shutting down people here, you are. I asked for civilized debates, which anyone can do regardless of color in your democratic country protected by the first amendment. Yeah I want everything to stay the same and oppress the minorities because I'm so privileged. Despite being a poor ass student at the age of 36, living in a small apartment with nothing of value to my name. Both you and Goukosan probably have it 10 times better tha
  11. Debating about issues in a civilized manner and looting/burning private properties of innocent people are not the same thing at all. And you can't deny that the progressive left has an unhealthy obsession with gender, sex, sexual orientation and race identities. It's literally the opposite of judging people by the content of their character. I really think they are doing more damage than good, furthering the divisions and hatred, even if they have good intentions deep down. It's not the way to do it.
  12. That would be amazing in VR.
  13. Codename X and X studio next project. Please be excited.
  14. No shit. I'm asking to see what those domestic terrorism incidents were. You can say there was 90 incidents in one year but if you can only demonstrate one or two, then it's hard to take seriously into account. Seems to me like someone wants to drive a right wing extremists narrative. I could just as easily point out to the left wing extremists incidents statistics and be like, there you go, that's the proof. Proof of what exactly? Other than extreme political views can lead to violence? Yeah, no shit. I never said that, I'm asking what the incidents were. A black community chur
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