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  1. Ever played Romancing SaGa? It's quite similar. I only played it on SNES but it was a very quirky JRPG. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Was kind of breath of fresh air for the time, I guess.
  2. No shit. 500$ on top of an already expensive PS5 is asking a lot. These idiots thought they could move 2 million units at launch. Delusions of grandeur.
  3. No surprises here. LIVE A LIVE remake coming to PS5, PS4, and PC on April 27 - Gematsu I might still buy the Switch version and keep it sealed. Gonna play this on Steam tho.
  4. Resident Evil 5 Remake. We've reached rock bottom.
  5. Yeah, I think I played one of the PS2 Atelier game... Ryza might as well be considered my first experience with the series. Post some impressions if you end up playing it.
  6. I'll take higher profit margin (lower losses) with lower revenue than high revenue and otherwise. Musk believe he can run a more neutral public square. Nothing wrong with that intent from where I stand. I personally don't care but it's fun to see the Twitter files add to the arsenal of the GOP. Lmao.
  7. Not sure why @Mr. Impossible you're acting like Twitter was doing great before Musk. Regardless of it's value now, the company was posting significant yearly losses before Musk took over. The perceived value of a company isn't everything. All I see is a company that wasn't being profitable before that is now being downsized to reduce losses. Which is about the only sensible thing to do with Twitter in it's bloated and unprofitable form.
  8. This looks like absolute trash. That aliasing and those 2014 WiiU textures are an eye sore. You can build a bunch of stupid traversal vehicle like some boring survival/crafting game on PC or something. Looks like Ghostz was right for once, there's no way I'm playing this piece of shit.
  9. No one cared the last few times so I said fuck it.
  10. And I haven't played it but I would try Kirby and The Forgotten Land for a local coop Switch game. It looks pretty good.
  11. Me and my chef once played that game one night while drinking and we aced it. I kinda liked the game on WiiU but that was back in 2014. The cat costume was super gay but the simultaneous multiplayer is decent old school fun, the kind you don't get much on Playstation. Or even within the Mario franchise for that matter. NSMBU is super generic 2D Mario. Fun if that's what you want though.
  12. *Plays for 15 minutes then goes back to arguing with Jerry for 234 consecutive posts about the length of his penis*
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