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  1. Shit, chances are that 5 years more life expectancy is just because we threat old farts better with more affordable plans. Who the fuck cares about that? I visited my grand mother a few times in her retirement home and it was the saddest sight I ever seen, a group of old farts who can't even walk on their own, watching TVs, not talking to anyone else while being high off their mind on medication. I refuse to ever become like that.
  2. I can manage my money on my own without the Government middling with it, thank you very much. I know most Americans can't save their money for shit but how do you think I survived this long on low wage jobs and still afford a decent lifestyle? I learned how to be modest and put money aside. With the few hundreds more I could have started my own business and make more. I'll manage on my own just fine and I don't care for your well being, you can all die for all I care. Who the fuck cares about life expectancy? Hopefully I die before I become a useless old fart and a blunder to everyone else around me, I couldn't live with that, I'd rather kill myself. Lower life expectancy could be attributed to other factors, such as shitty eating habits from Americans, death from firearms and so on. I doubt it's just health care, modern medicines are slowly killing people and making you sick. Not the other way around. I also don't see what it has to do with raising children. edit: Man, I had a bit too much to drink tonight. I'm embarrassed by some of things I've said in this thread. Don't take what I said too seriously. I'm not deleting anything though.
  3. Ramza

    Who's done LSD?

    Shrooms are truly great, I'll give you that much. It gives me an euphoric feel like no other drug, I can just sit down, watch a movie and have the time of my life because I can't believe how good I feel. Plus no real hangover other than a lost of appetite. I also can't stop laughing or grinning on shrooms. Everything becomes funny as fuck. I saw Space Odyssey 2001 for the first time on shrooms. That was a powerful trip to say the least.
  4. Playing the Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo, it's like none of the sequels to the original ever existed, I felt right at home with the controls and everything. I usually hate rehashes but this is an exception, I fucking love this. Characters seems a bit too like anime-ish archetypes but I can probably get over that. The gameplay is damn good. Definite buy.
  5. Ramza

    Who's done LSD?

    I've done it many times a long time ago. Don't really care to share my experiences on it, I don't try to glorify drug use by saying it expanded my consciousness or something.
  6. The art style in that game owns hard. Shame the VR game doesn't look so good in comparison.
  7. This is a pro tip. I used to sell tons of collector games on Ebay and I always sold at a significant lower price than the competition. I couldn't afford to re-list the same game for weeks, months to no end just to gain a few bucks more. Sometimes my auctions would go much higher than expected so it's all good.
  8. Dude, I once saw a Virtual Boy in a junk bargain bin at the mall for $20 (the box was pretty damaged though). I knew it was the deal of the century but I had no money on me, I asked my mom if she could lend me the $20 until we get back home and she threw a temper tantrum and refused. Thanks mom.
  9. Yeah because there are only two great games coming out each year. Everything else is filler trash!
  10. I didn't say there's no MH game coming to Switch guaranteed or something, I wouldn't be surprised by it at all, Japanese publishers tend to be retarded after all. I'm saying it's a bad business move and there are no official announcement for the time being, so things might go either way. Who cares about fanbase loyalty. Final Fantasy used to be a Nintendo exclusive franchise but then found immense success on Playstation, things were never quite the same after. This is SW thinking, not good business decisions making. If Switch could handle a MH game built on the assets of World, it would make sense to me to make a quick handheld cash-in game. Making a game from scratch for the handheld fanbase however seems absolutely dumb to me and a massive waste of time. MH needs to stay in the big leagues where it's more successful than it has ever been.
  11. Because raising kids in Canada is totally free of charge. Plus where do you think they get the money for family aids programs? And I'm not supposed to complain about taxations? Brilliant!
  12. It will sell a LOT LESS than World, Switch on it's own cannot match those sales. Fact no 1. MH for Switch hasn't been officially announced in any capacity, it could very well never come out. Fact no 2. I speak facts, you speak retardation.