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  1. Anything that will get me back in gaming will do.
  2. It's alright, came out at a time when digital indie games were still a relatively new scene. It wouldn't get that much praise today, imo.
  3. Narrative/story? FFXII Music? Close call but FFXII, Sakimoto > Uematsu. Come at me. Gameplay/pacing? FFX
  4. No one hates the show now because Danny turned out to be a mad queen, or that what they wanted to see didn't happen. It's just how it's handle, it could all have been great if it had been handled differently. The writing is simply terrible now. What used to a be a smart, methodical, slow moving show with great build-off has degenerated in a dumpster fire. At this point it's so dumb that I want them to go full retard and boy didn't they deliver with Episode 5. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And that forced fight with Euron and Jaimie. Lmfao, this is shlock, visually impressive shlock.
  5. I liked the Cleganes fight too. But that's such obvious fan service. Meh, whatever, this show is dumb as hell. lmao, might as well go all out. Next episode, Arya Stark kills Deanarys and Jon sits on the Iron Throne, or what's left of it. The end.
  6. I don't care much for her story arc, it was pretty obvious they were slowly going that route for Deanarys. I'm just happy King's Landing got wrecked.
  7. I used to, unfortunately.
  8. Sierra Madre Casino is one of my favorite moment in the game. And the big empty is cool as fuck. Also all the DLCs ties in with another story plot.
  9. Weakest excuse I've ever heard. The change in writing quality is fucking obvious and it has nothing to do with fans expectations. In fact the whole thing feels like fan service now, what an idiotic thing to say.
  10. It's not so much the budget but the terrible writing that serve a dumbed down plot that has big epic spectacles at the forefront.
  11. Lol putting the blame on fans for expecting more than thoughtless garbage and fan service out of Game of Thrones. Hell, the last two season before that one was also falling downhill, I barely had any expectations for season 8 and it managed to suck harder than I could have ever imagined. Not even a satisfying conclusion of the Night King and the army of wights which had been build up for 7 seasons straight. Logic has been thrown out of the window for the sake of serving the terrible plot. It's getting to the point where it's worse than the Star Wars prequel trilogy. I hate everything about it and I used to watch GoT episodes multiple times, now it can barely hold my attention. I just want to get it over with. Everyone who once loved the show and hates it now for whatever reason is more than justified. Complete 180 on everything that made it great in the first place.