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  1. I don't like the art style and graphics so I didn't pay much attention to it.
  2. I do understand that welfare keeps the trash away from living in the streets. Which is why I don't want it to go away, but it could be made stricter. Unemployment benefits are extremely restrictive for the tax payers while welfare is super easy to get for the guy with no clear disability preventing him from working. How does that make sense? It also create a generation of lazy slobs who wonder what's the point of working minimal wage when he can get almost as much plus added benefit for simply asking for his welfare.
  3. Learn to fucking read. Free healthcare a la Canadian style is not required in a functional system. You don't have it and here you are. I was talking about the new laws that restrict people from getting unemployment assurance in my province. If I lose my job they won't give me unemployment right away unless I proven I've send my curriculum to a X number of place since I work in a field with more than enough job, they will force me to take a class on how to make a curriculum and some other and they will make me wait at least 5-6 weeks before my first pay check after I went through all the aforementioned proccess. It's that bad. They are also trying to cut unemployment benefits to seasonal worker, which I was in the past by the way. And apparently they have billion in reserve and yet they are still trying to cut it off from the workers, it's something we collectively pay for through extremely high 'impot'. It's no wonder unemployment is at an all time low, they've made that service so inept you might as well go work at your closest McDonalds than wait for months. Yet the lazy slob who has no reason at all not to go to work is going to get his welfare with ease without having to go through a bunch of hoops to waste your time. It's fucking dumb. And learn to read, idiot.
  4. You shouldn't give moderation duty based on factions you fucking idiot.
  5. Are you retarded? I do profit from a safe city protected by cops, firemen who stops fire from spreading out and functional roads and transportation system. This has to be a joke. Those are an absolute required necessities for a functional society and no one is arguing against those. Lifetime welfare for anyone, restrictive rules for unemployment insurances and free health care are not necessities. There's a world of difference. Not to mention I never said that I wanted these social services to go away, I was trying to explain to you that it isn't a perfect utopia and we are burdened by over taxation and the services have serious issues, especially the overcrowded, under staffed hospitals. You are a dumb idiot, stop wasting my time with childish, meaningless rhetorics. Wow, and you were the guy who said I should pay attention to politics? How about you stop using drugs and save the few remaining working brain cells you still have before it's too late.
  6. Oh sure, the XB1 first party being absolute shit sure didn't help. No one is going ''oh man, I need a One X to get the most out of Sea of Thieves and State of Decay''
  7. The Pro doesn't have an exclusive games either and it's doing just fine. These mid gen refresh are meant as an option. The problem is MS were banking way too hard on something that was never going to change Xbox's place in the industry. That should have been obvious watching the Pro not overselling the base model.
  8. Dino and Jonb seriously thought that the X would change things. As if the average consumer gives a shit about graphics... If that was the case the Switch wouldn't be number 1 and the PS4 Pro model would have totally cannibalized the base model sales but it's not the case at all, quite the opposite. The PS2 wouldn't have destroyed the competition and the Wii would have never been a super hot trendy phenomenon when it came out. It's like those Lemmings started gaming yesterday. but bu native 4K! Yeah, that will really reel them in!
  9. Trump keeping the Chinese in check and threatening trade wars with other countries. He's using American global economy influence to it's highest degree.
  10. What are you even talking about? Did I ever say I don't want polices, ambulances, roads and firemen services??? LOL? What does it even has to do with anything of what I was talking about. The privatization of a few sectors doesn't mean that I don't want REQUIRED services for a functional society. It's an insanely stupid argument, not having free health care doesn't stop all those services from existing in the US and other countries. And not profiting from the services that I pay for others through high tax rates on low/middle class workers is a legitimate issue. Not that I want welfare or free health care to be abolished mind you but it certainly could be managed better. Especially when you consider all the other sectors that aren't private in Quebec such as the lottery, liquor stores, casinos, electricity provider. You'd think tax rates and prices on basic commodities wouldn't be so fucking high. My provincial Government in particular is totally inefficient with the use of the state wealth that goes through those sectors.