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  1. Watch out, SE is firing from all cylinders right now.
  2. wtf is a pixel remaster? I'm down for a good version of FF4, 5 and 6 though, the ones on PC right now are garbage.
  3. Another fgt game with a CGI trailer. This is a waste of my time.
  4. Outer Worlds 2 with a CGI trailer... MS hasn't learned a thing.
  5. Only game that I want so far is Eiyuden Chronicle and they just announced a 2023 release date... Ouch. This is the worst gaming show ever.
  6. The grappling hook is awesome. Not sure how I feel about this much air combat going on at once mixed with weather condition and tornados.
  7. MS truly believed they could compete with Sony by offering a console that has no games. Series X is going down in history as the worst first year of any console ever at this rate.
  8. Lol no way, maybe I remember wrong but Xbone at least had Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, D4 early on. Say what you want about the games but it's way better than getting absolutely nothing and they were actually exclusive, well most of them anyway.
  9. Good thing they beta tested this game for months before releasing it... Oh wait.
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