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  1. Second Impact OST is more under appreciated, less well known. GG XX OST is classic almost. Maybe the newer GG game.
  2. That game was amazing. Loved it back on PS2, other Katamari games never quite recapture the magic of playing the original for the first time.
  3. Probably the greatest 16bits songs on a technical level. Almost sounds like a damn orchestra.
  4. Jazzy/Eurodance/90s influence/hip-hop tones The whole soundtrack is underrated.
  5. Never seen it. Detroit would make a decent sci-fi film on androids/AI becoming sentient, nothing too original but it tackles the subject well, imo. But most importantly it makes for a cool movie game. Only other movie game on that level I can think of is Until Dawn, (another excellent PS4 exclusive, TLHBR)
  6. It shits on Heavy Rain really hard. The voice actors, scenes, dialogues are infinitely better. The plot is better with more complex choices. The choice dialogues trees is brilliant and add to the replay value. The gameplay in general is less dumb and annoying. It's basically a good Heavy Rain.
  7. GoW = GOTG Detroit = Best David Cage game ever Wipeout = One of the best game on PSVR, patch is free. SOTC = One of the best remaster effort ever. Masterpiece game. The year isn't even over yet. Astro Bot next month. Maybe SpideyPants someday too. SONY
  8. Shadow of the Colossus God of War Detroit: Become Human Wipeout VR patch Third parties exclusives SONY
  9. Detroit has some of these filler moment only at the beginning during characters introduction scenes. The events escalate quickly, don't worry you only wash the dishes once. It's a great game.
  10. Sheep May Cry but but Bayonetta 3!!!1 Monster Hunter Switch!!1 Bandai Namco exclusives!!1
  11. I mostly play SP stuff. Multiplayer competitive gaming is for homos and my friends sucks at everything.
  12. Fuck off, lmao, you buy the worst pile of shit, C-rate Japanese games and indie games for more than $30. but bu only 5000 print!!!1