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  1. FF7R is overrated garbo. lmao You're talking to a old school hardcore Squaresoft fan (circa SNES-PS1) here. Fuck the homo remake and the terrible changes to the writing and addition to the story, the slow ass pacing and mediocre combat. Hey guys it's FF7 again except you don't even leave Midgard, you know the tutorial area of the original???? 🤦‍♂️ Shit was also unfinished, you couldn't even control Red XIII. P5R, sure whatever, but it's not a new game. I always played the original release for more than a 100 hours. I'm good, thanks.
  2. Ill watch this later. Anyway Cyberpunk bashing is tired, I even said the game would flop pre release for months, everyone laughed at me. The Witcher 3 good reputation and the promise of a GTA like experience with insane production values made the game way too hyped and anticipated as the next thing. CDP are kinda victims of their own success here, plus they obviously rushed the game to the market. Bad combination. Ive been playing their games since the first Witcher and always knew they had their limitations... but they make good RPGs still. I will play Cyberpunk too,
  3. PS4 had to have at least one interesting exclusive this year... Ghost of Ubishit(open world) and the pretentious The Last Lesbians 2.
  4. Is this game coming to Switch? Best played on PC and with VR.
  5. You missed out some solid games. Blood Money, Hitman (2017) and Hitman 2 (2019) were great.
  6. Ill play it one day. Ive played every Vanillaware game to date. (except their very first game, Princess something) I always dig the art style and music, so even if the game falls short in gameplay, I don't mind.
  7. Lol Yakuza 6 was an anomaly. Probably sold well because it was riding off the success of the early current gen entries, Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1. It was actually one of the worst entry in the franchise this gen so whatever. If your theory was correct Judgment the only entry in the series still exclusive to Playstation would have been a success, it wasn't as far as I know, No doubt the franchise is doing better ever since it's multiplatform, vs selling exclusively on Playstation, get real. I remember when Yakuza 5 got a stealth release on PS3 and it
  8. Cool, I was waiting for it to get on sale on steam. Though I'd still rather play it on steam.
  9. List those games. Guaranteed it's %80 just old indie ports and multiplats. Nintendo support last year was pathetic. Paper Mario, 3D Mario ports compilation and Hyrule Warriors 2?
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