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  1. Tried System Shock remake, got stuck on the first door with the password... uninstalled. I got ADHD right now.
  2. It blows my mind that a third party site offers better deal for STEAM games. I'm interested in this new indie titles: 8-bits Adventure 2 10% off directly on STEAM 25% off on GMG
  3. I seriously need to start buying some of my steam games on there. Thanks for reminded me, just made an account.
  4. They got RE Village, GT7, REmake 4. If they can get more big name flatscreen games to have VR modes it'll be fine. Sony no doubt has plenty of games in production right now through first and second party like Firewall Zero Hour 2. I expect to see a Astro Bot 2 before long. Of course it's never going to be as great of a support as the PS5 itself but they done a good job with the PSVR1 and I expect similar level of support.
  5. 5 years old should not be exposed to indecent men doing sexualized thing on stage just because they wear a wig and a dress. Beauty pageants existing does not justify this. Women who should have been champions getting beaten in their respective sports by a men who has advantages over them is harmful. Telling morbidly obese people they are healthy when in reality they are slowly dying of their extreme condition is harmful. Telling lies to young teenagers that taking hormone blockers at a young age is completely safe and reversible is harmful.
  6. I remember that you could get a wife. Not sure about children though. But like everything, it had no substance. I remember farting in my wife's face for laugh. Yeah... It did have quite a bit of charm, especially the music which was awesome. Molyneux did more harm than good by overhyping it, many people who didn't care about the hype sees the game as a great Xbox classic... I don't, I feel more like a victim of a fraud, even if I did have some fun with the game but it was no where near what Peter had promised. Fuck that guy.
  7. And how easy it was. A blind person could beat that game with ease.
  8. I bought in the hype of the first game. Expecting trees to grow during my adventure and shit. Peter Molyneux is an expert fraud.
  9. Not sure how is that relevant but let me say this: most people know what to expect out of Spiderman 2. Meanwhile, we have a new Fable game being handled by a different studio who never worked on anything but racing games before. I wonder which game is worthy of blind faith in it and which one isn't. Lmao.
  10. I would buy it with a brand new PS5 with RE Village and Gran Turismo 7 on Feb 22 if I wasn't broke. The rest of the line-up isn't very interesting to me right now. I guess there's the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood spiritual successor that could be fun. Didn't look all that great the last time I saw the game though. The rest are all games I could be playing right now on Metaquest/PC. Also I think Horizon is gonna flop hard. Still, I might be stupid for doing so but I intend to buy any niche physical PSVR2 game. Even if I don't have the headset.
  11. This one looks worse to me than everything else so far. Or maybe I just really hate Paul redesign that much.
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