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  1. What's the problem with women in their thirties? You're in the same age group, 30 years old women aren't so old that they are at a point of no return and turns ugly before your very eyes. What? You want to date some young immature bitch fresh out of high school that only thinks of partying and will cheat on you as soon as she has the chance because she considers you an old fart and a sugar daddy? Grow up, idiot.
  2. Why not? It's not like Bioshock Infinite was any good.
  3. As soon as I ditch Playstation the whole brand start turning into shit.
  4. I'm not the biggest AoE fan but I remember units were relatively that big compared to buildings. Cartoony? Cuz it has more vibrant colors? Meh, game looks fine to me, like I said to, my experience with the series is very limited.
  5. Age of Empires 4 - Official Delhi Sultanate Civilization Reveal Trailer - YouTube Looks great to me.
  6. The Smackdown series was amazing but the WWE 2K franchise is pretty fucking boring, not only because WWE itself isn't as good as it was during the attitude era but making wrestling games too realistic just made the game less fun.
  7. ''Professional wrestling'' I know it's not a real sport, but it's the only thing I ever watched religiously. Oh wait, you mean games. Yeah, wrestling games too. I also liked the Hot Shot Golf series and I played some of Fight Night boxing games. Don't care much about realistic sports games in general though. I prefer arcade sport games.
  8. ''The Collection would consist of Twin Snakes''
  9. This is coming from a die hard Sheep missing out on the majority of AAA third parties. but bu we still got Shine Mycock Sensei V, Dumpster Hunter Rise 12 months exclusivity and Vapornetta 3
  10. I'm talking Capcom and Square Enix, these guys didn't even bother to release the majority of their games on PC back then. I don't expect Capcom or SE to make PC centric games or exclusives. What a dumb thing to say. Sorry to burst your bubble but PC is on the way up in third party support, not the opposite like you're trying to insinuate.
  11. Man, you're gonna have such a great time playing RE8 and FFXVI on your Switch. Oh wait. Stupid ass Sheep talking about third party games when they are missing out the most.
  12. @Goukosan Let's take a look at Capcom and SE recent outputs as a publisher... Square Enix FF7 Remake - Only on Playstation (Sony moneyhat) Trials of Mana - Day one PC Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Day one PC Marvel's Avengers - Day one PC Balan Wonderland - Day one PC Bravely Default II - Only on Switch (Nintendo moneyhat) Outriders - Day one PC Saga Frontier Remastered - Day one PC NieR Replicant - Day one PC NEO World Ends With You - Day one PC Capcom Devil May Cry 5 - Day one PC
  13. If that help you sleep better at night. I wrote my post before I saw yours, dumbo.
  14. Things changed, World was a success on PC, Capcom isn't ignoring the PC market anymore. MH Rise is the exception. All major AAA Square Enix games that wasn't moneyhatted come to PC day one now. Welcome to reality. This changes nothing about my arguments. Still grasping, still failing.
  15. @Goukosan Dont forget that PC has more Rockstar, Capcom and Square Enix games than Nintendo ever will with their weak ass hardware. No RE8, no GTA, no Red Dead, no FFXVI. Fuck off.
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