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  1. Only dickless faggots watches animation movies.
  2. Yeah man, hermits are buying PS5s in droves to get those one year+ timed exclusives and then buying them again on PC after a year. Makes total sense. That second sentence make no sense. The third sentence make even less sense. Lay off the crack pipe.
  3. Depends on what you got in prior months.
  4. Those four are good. The rest is filler trash.
  5. If that happens, they will get lowered sales than forecasted and they will back down like MS did. I can't see that happening, I mean MS already had a platform and it failed. Sony would need to do invest heavily and they won't. PC market is just an easy cash cow for them.
  6. Did I say within a year? Lol, no. The only ones who are going to double dips are the PS5 owners who might want to play the better version later on. Lol, self-owned. No, you're just retarded.
  7. You get everything under one open platform, so yeah, it's better. It's why you bought a Chinese knock off Steam deck in the first place. The last remaining real exclusives out there are Nintendo first party games. Lol 12 months timed exclusive first party. Embarrassing, indeed.
  8. More like Sony is conditioning cows into believing they still make Playstation exclusives. At least for 12 months, after that it's fair play.
  9. The point is that Sony most important games are NOT staying exclusive to Playstation. Bragging about buying a consoles for timed ex-clusives is retarded. Cows are the new Lemtards.
  10. Oh, shut up, the one year wait minimum is news. Sony being more committed to PC is news. Shut up and go cry in a corner with your baby handheld.
  11. There's TLOU and Horizon multiplayer games coming. I assume shit like those are going to be day one. Freaking out over having to wait about one year for games that would normally never come to PC in the first place. Fucking pathetic, a true manchild. Even when I owned Playstation console I would rarely buy Sony first party on day one. Oh my, what a tragedy. Skyrim looks considerably better and is a far better game than the newly released game that you're playing right now, Trails from Zero. Which is basically a PS1 JRPG with graphics similar to 1998 Grandia. I'm not su
  12. No, I haven't. having to wait a year minimum for a better version almost guaranteed to come after 12 months wait Rofl, they're more committed towards PC than ever and all their online games are day to day with PC but okay, nothing has changed.
  13. Only virgins like Twinblade or people who play 3-4 games per year like you and Jerry is freaking out over having to wait a year minimum for a better version and not having to settle for a pos console we don't want just for a few games. Lmao you guys are pathetic and idiotic. We're supposed to feel bad that we're getting the majority competitors 'exclusive' games under one platform. How does that work exactly? We went from waiting for 4 years for PS4 games to almost guaranteed to come after 12 months wait and day to day releases for multiplayer games in an extremely sh
  14. Yeah, there's no way I'm gonna crave more of the same so soon. What about this one though? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1668540/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_into_Reverie/ I'm at least partially knowledgeable about the story and characters from Zero. Graphically it looks way cooler. Man, this series is a bit ridiculous. lol
  15. AI making art creeps me the fuck out to be honest.
  16. @Twinblade I just now realized that Trails from Zero has a sequel coming out next year. By the looks of it, it also has a lot of the same assets. I was already getting Yakuza vibes from this, in the sense that it's extremely self-indulgent, has typical Japanese written dialogues that are needlessly long for no reason. The difference being that Yakuza is far more captivating and doesn't look like a PS1 game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1668520/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_to_Azure/ I can already tell I won't keep up with this series. I will try to get
  17. I hope the 40 years old virgin thing you have going on is just an internet act, for your sake. Have a great gen guessing which games will stay exclusive.
  18. You are legit embarrassing. I've got to prove not ALL Sony games are timed exclusives. It's misleading disinformation!!!
  19. Somehow that stop Sony timed exclusives from existing. Fascinating. Imagine justifying buying a console and praying that a handful of games, may or may not stay exclusive.
  20. When your main argument against Sony exclusives games coming to PC is a projection of Sony increasing their PC support.
  21. He's proven beyond any doubt that Sony games are coming to PC. I can say that much in his defense, to be fair.
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