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  1. @bhytre It's pretty solid. I'm liking it, a lot of loot, customization options/play styles, more challenging than SOTN, decent Castlevania style soundtrack. If you like GBA Castlevanias, it's worth playing. Otherwise don't bother, won't make new fans with this game. It's exactly what you expect.
  2. Bought Devil May Cry V, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and my friend bought me a copy of Mortal Kombat XI. And there's Bloodstained, Judgment and Samurai Shodown that I want for this summer. DMCV is fucking great, Dante is insane in this. I barely touched Sekiro but it seems really great, gonna finish DMC first tho. Gaming. PS4
  3. Looks fucking sexy. I hated the idea of a FF7 remake at first, and I'll probably still prefer the original afterward anyway but still. It looks pretty good.
  4. Mah nigga. OG MGS: Tactical Espionage Action PS1 masterpiece brother. I salute you.
  5. K, I'm buying it now. I almost bought Rondo of Blood/SOTN bundle on PSN (already have the superior Dracula X Chronicles on PSP lol). But fuck that. MenstrualStain: Ritual of the Week it is. It's pretty expensive for what it is tho, imo.
  6. I thought the thread title said The Outer Worlds and I'm now very disappointed. Wish we had negative rep for you, asshole.
  7. The parry action going on in Sekiro was overkill right off the bat. I was laughing my ass off fighting the general. Seems like it relies on bit too much on that. I can see where you're going with it.
  8. Lol I'm just trolling your ass. Honest first impressions, I prefered MKX so far. That's about as much as I have to say.
  9. I'm good at good fighters worth my time. I'm terrible at trash fighters like MK and Injustice. Fair enough, pal.
  10. I want to give it a shot but the graphics are pretty lame, not only technically but the art style and environment are bland as shit. I might as well wait for the next Castlevania Anniversary Collection that includes SOTN and later games in the series.
  11. Game is clunky garbage. Western trash.
  12. Mortal Kombat XI is abysmal. I feel bad for my friend who bought me a copy, I'm never playing this again fter my one month PS+ subscription runs out.
  13. I just got Sonic Mania for free with PS Plus, and I also bought Contra Anniversary Collection (I fucking love Contra III). Too many games to play already.
  14. No, I'm still with her. Blood and Truth looks cool but my brother is buying it, so I'll just borrow it from him later.
  15. Most VR games are shit. I might get Sairento VR because that's a real game. Everybody's Golf was kinda tempting too but I don't have the time for it.
  16. I wanted to buy a Switch but then I played Travis Strikes Again and decided not to.
  17. The complete series will span over 14 dual layer bluray discs and will be released across several console generations. They will even start to remaster some of the earliest episode before the whole thing is done. FF7 Remake Episode 1-2 Remastered Collection coming to PS5 in 2025 - Collector's Edition comes with a Tifa's 1:1 life scale sex doll. Pre-order now!
  18. Looks fucking great. I'd buy that.
  19. They could release 0 and Kiwami for Switch but I doubt any game running the Yakuza 6 graphics engine would fare well on that hardware.
  20. In order, for me at least: FF7 Remake Death Stranding DOOM: Eternal LoZ: Link's Awakening Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2
  21. I just saw the GOTY version for less than $20 on PSN.