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  1. That should turn out well. Like their last attempt at Jap exclusives did this gen, namely Scalebound and Phantom Dust. No exclusive weeb Jap games permitted for the Xtrash.
  2. The first game was a masterpiece. But somehow the framerates is even worse now. Ill wait for a port, thanks.
  3. I had no issues with motion sickness but I rarely does with anything anyway. Controls takes some time getting used to, I had to play standing up for the best experience too. Presentation was solid and I love anything flight game in VR, its right down my alley. Have you played Walking Dead Saints and Sinners? Straight up one of the best VR game.
  4. Just played the Iron Man VR demo and it was actually pretty cool to my own surprise. Ill probably buy this after I finish Walking Dead.
  5. Most of us are jaded as fuck to be honest. We got older too. Who gives a shit.
  6. Meh. I beat the first game but didnt care much for it afterward.
  7. I hardly remember, Id say 15-20 hours, but I do always spend a lot of time with minigames and side content, so thats probably more like 12 hours. lol
  8. Started playing Judgment again. Maybe Ill beat it this time. @Twinblade
  9. A tomahawk steak is the best I ever ate. I cant even imagine if its Wagyu.
  10. Ramza

    PS5 Vs XSX

    With what exactly? MS financed multiplats and a Halo game available day one on PC? but bu 12.4 teraflops! Yeah because graphics always win the masses, as proven by the Xbox One X. It aint got nothing going for it. MS needs to completely rework their first party or its over, plain and simple. Sony already has a massive exclusive line-up announced for PS5, Horizon 2, Demons Souls remake, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet, Spiderman, etc. And its all coming first year launch window, Xbox is going to get massacred.
  11. Im not a fan of Naughty Dogs games but surely theres worse, far worse. Ill take it over Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Gears 5 and Bleeding Edge, thanks.
  12. Ramza

    PS5 Vs XSX

    roflmao, not a chance, ugly PC brick with no games, no exclusives, shitty unsinpired first party trash, carries the unappealing stigma that the Xbone had, shitty marketing. Only way Microsoft might stand a chance is if PS5 is so sold out and hard to find than Xbox could potentially compete but once launch supply constraints are done for Sony it will never catch up again. Its the destiny for the Xtrash and its legacy, its over.
  13. I was playing Yakuza 6 and I got pretty addicted to the PuyoPuyo arcade machine, so I bought PuyoPuyo Tetris. This shit is pretty addictive. I was never a big fan of puzzle games before but I learned to appreciate those with time, Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Puzzle Fighter (Capcom) are my favorites.
  14. ''Xbox One - Xbox Series X'' Also playable on Xbox One X. This isnt going to be confusing at all for the average clueless consumer. This is going to be a WiiU situation.
  15. It will be a great game to play still, campaign looks promising. I dont care if its not the best looking sim racer, its still the only one I enjoy playing. Forza in my experience was boring af.
  16. Youd think they would forcefully make Capcom not create a version of an already multiplat game even if Capcom wanted to and deemed it commercially viable? lol Sony doesnt have that much sway with third party extraordinaire like Capcom who makes softwares for just about every piece of hardware under the sun. Or they wouldnt want to get on their bad side, its just not ethical. Especially for a non exclusive, if it was a PS5 exclusive and it wasnt a RE game then you might had a point. But in this case? No way.
  17. Ninja Theory Are you excited for Hellblade 2??? Xbox Series X most anticipated exclusive multiplat.
  18. I used to loved that game so much, the first trilogy is really good as a while. But its really old now, I wish they would make a new one with a more stylized presentation and higher production values. Something similar to AI The Somnium Files but nicer.
  19. lmao, Lemmings probably said at some point that MS will buy Team Ninja anyway.
  20. Damn, I forgot Insomniac, I cant even keep up with this shit.