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  1. I'll admit I missing quite a piece of their history to put things into perspective from that point of view. I'll check it out.
  2. Hilarious. This MEME will go down in history for sure.
  3. I'm not glorifying anyone. I'm stating a well known fact, and I was speaking in the context that comparing today Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany makes very little sense. I don't care if you trash the Soviet Union for the cold war or communism though but you were missing the point. Oh and check this out.
  4. Played it day one on PS4. Denied. Terrible game. Will never play again (neither will any of you). You frauds.
  5. The story was much better and actually complete. Not to mention just in term of content alone. The best moment of the fucking game hasn't even happened in the Remake. No Golden Saucer. No epic adventure across a huge map with other settlements. Red wasn't even playable. The atma weapons. The military parade. The airships. The backstory revelations. A FF game without any airships. The battle system and customization were awesome. It was an extremely addictive turn based RPG (master race genre). Now you got a mediocre action game with awful cringe dialogue
  6. You're still picking commands from a menu in the Remake. FF7R idiots. But bu I like to nut to Tifa. Fucking weeb fags.
  7. A good studio could pull off at least the first disc in term of content... Midgar in the remake is just pathetic, it's small corridors connected with loading times where Cloud cramps around some small wall cracks. It's pathetic in a world where most western studios pull off AAA open world with ease. The graphics looks nice but that's it.
  8. Nah, you're just ignorant. Let me educate you, fool. Everyone knows Stalin and Hitler was allied before Hitler invaded Russia, his biggest mistake. You're not being very smart though for pointing that out. Here's a couple of facts: Russia had more war casualties than any other countries in world war 2 against Nazi Germany and the same can be said from the other side. The eastern front was far more brutal than Normandy beeches, Italy, Greece and anything that happening in France from the combined UK, American and Canadian forces in actions. Not even clos
  9. What did you just say? Are you fucking with me, man? I'm not sure I get that part, say it again.
  10. No rebuttal. FF7R is a pretty mediocre action game with embarrassingly bad new story additions. It's also an even worse RPG than it is a mediocre action game. It's also the tutorial area of what is normally a 80 hours RPG experience. Here it's just 50 hours bloated Midgar, slow, boring and mundane side activites and minigames and pretty fucking average all around. I still enjoyed some of the original story moments when they were done right but I couldn't wrap my head at how bad the ending was. They smoked some crack there. Completely lost the plot there. Hahahaha. Ha, you people h
  11. Can't wait for the gay Gackt clones story intrusions. People who don't realize the original FF7 story was perfect as it is already are ignorant. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Up the presentation? Sure but that's it, don't change a thing and most especially don't add anything. And everything that came after it with FF7 in the title has been a complete embarrassment. Advent Children? Retarded movie. Dirge of Cerberus? Anyone remember that? Rofl. Crisis Core? Probably the worst story additions to the lore. Also FFXVI is looking stupid. I hate it.
  12. You say it's propaganda, then reinforce your point by showing Russian military vehicle? Not sure I understand, you're pointing out a false flag operation or that Ukraine intentionally show civil areas to get to Russian hidden forces? Also the other invasion forces you talked about the other day apparently attacked Russian residential areas as well. More than once too. So yeah. I don't like the idea of portraying Russia as being anything like Nazi Germany and the second world war. If you can't see that's stupid then that's your problem. You probably think the US won W
  13. I watched about 100 of hours of footage from this war. I always wanted to be a soldier before, I dreamed of being a career soldier in high position. My heroes are all war generals of the past. But now, I don't. Ukraine is about the last place where I'd want to be on this planet right now. The west likes to downplay Russian military actions but man, it's insane how tough the fighting is. The problem is I'm not sure the people that remains in Ukraine and it's brave soldiers will have the moral to keep going forever like this. The amount of weapons used is just appalling
  14. I don't understand how I can't be neutral and acknowledge the fact that Russia invaded and acted first. I told you already, my loyalty only belongs to my home country of Quebec. Do we have a geo political agenda in this? Not even a little. There's no 'what about Ukraine?' coming from me. I'm not trying to divert attention of anything that Russian has done. Did I ever deny any atrocities coming from their side? Am I trying to pass a false narrative? No. Ukraine bombed residential areas intentionally. Time for you to deal with it. That's what war is, atrocities will come
  15. When Ukraine was taken over by the Nazis, they were seen as liberators so there was no major animosity of Ukrainians towards Nazi Germany. Ukrainians celebrated their arrival. It's also worth nothing war has changed. Nazis didn't have devastating long range air to surface missiles like we see today. Goering came in, saw the native population, decided they were inferior stocks with no place in Nazi Germany and told them that would work them to death in factories and in the fields for the Fuhrer. That's exactly what they did. Ukrainians were nothing but slave laborers. If
  16. Jesus. You got brain inflammation or something.
  17. I've been laughing at that Gollum game since the day it was announced. It always looked like trash. I mean, you have to be retarded to want to make a game about side character/redeemed villain like Gollum to begin with anyway. Let me get this straight, I assume it take place between Bilbo and the LOTR. So, basically that was when Gollum was looking for the Shire so he could kill Bilbo Baggins and get back his precious ring... Main character materials for sure.
  18. That's normal, that's the sulfites. Red wine is so overrated.
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