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  1. Having a Switch as your main platform. He'd be the perfect console to have for my non gaming ass though.
  2. Without games? Lol, I don't have time for anything. Speaking of time, I'm gonna be late for work.
  3. I feel good about high profile Japanese games selling so well, especially since they can't count on my support anymore. KHIII - Second highest selling game of the year? RE2 - 4m DMCV - 2m Sekiro - 4m ww?
  4. That doesn't mean much. I just hope they don't tone down sexuality because that was a big part of the universe.
  5. So I quit gaming and then they announce a VTMB sequel out of the blue 15 years later?
  6. I'll play one game at some point, I was thinking DMCV, but then said fuck it, same thing with Sekiro.
  7. It's for every games, chump. You always been a terrible judge of character.
  8. Jon always had terrible insight in games. What an idiot. Dude is all surprised a Miyazaki Souls like games is well liked by critics. After 5 times from 2009 with DeSo, DS1, Bloodborne, DSIII... The results are in, Sekiro is a great game. Never saw that coming!!!1
  9. I only play da popular games. Shinji Mikami? Suda 51? Capcom 5? Never heard of it.
  10. Playing games through streaming is just awful. I remember renting Dead Rising 2 on PSNow and the input delay was unbearable, a good 2 seconds delay, combined with the already bad framerates of the PS3 version, it was just awful. Looks like I stopped gaming at the best of time if that's the future.
  11. That looks promising. HLD had a great art style but pixel art diminished it's effect. Glad to see they're going with 3D graphics.
  12. Wonderful 101/Bayonetta 2 >>> CancelBound. Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros U >>>> Sunset Overdrive, Sea of Thieves, Crackhead 3.
  13. Go to a pub/bar, clubs are for the kiddies.
  14. Video games > movies as an art form. Period. Now go watch Captain Marvel and stuff your fat ass with popcorn.
  15. Movies are such garbage nowadays that video games have actually became a more respectable and prestigious medium.
  16. Yeah. I started dating this woman who likes going out a lot, I quickly realized I can only find time to game when I'm single (it was the same thing with my ex). I have no idea how people with kids does it. Plus I have a lot of projects underway, bout time I started kicking my ass. I need a new career prospect, going back to school, getting back into shape, and I want to travel and see the world a bit more. I'm probably never playing a game again. What a colossal waste of time.
  17. I'll enjoy not playing it.