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  1. Meh, who cares. I had forgotten the game even existed.
  2. Somehow that means Tucker is responsible for a mass shooting he did not entice in any way. Great logic.
  3. Not true at all. I never said that or anything remotely close to that, must be your skewed interpretation of reality or you desperately need to use hyperbole since you have no actual arguments.
  4. Still a stuck up, unfunny bitch. That's what happens when you are bitter from the GF ramming your ass with a strap-on for too long. Does she ever give you a reach around? I've always brought my points with long well articulated explanations. If I post some shit 2 mins video laughing it might not be all that serious business. Wow, christ, you guys are actually desperate to win arguments on a political subforum on SW with about 6 active posters total. This is very telling on your inferior intellect and pathetic real life personas. I literally feel embarrass wasting my ti
  5. Says the biggest cuck of them all. I'd defend anyone who is being accused of something wrongly. Substatic is desperate to claim republicans are responsible for the act of fringe lunatics. Fuck him.
  6. Wow, what a shit show. They did the same with the PS mini console. Tekken 3 was unplayable. How fucking dumb are they?
  7. Obviously he doesn't want to be directly linked to a mass shooting. He did nothing wrong you know, saying that democrats are bringing immigrants to increase their voting base is hardly a conspiracy in of itself, he is not responsible for the act of a mentally ill person and there are no direct link. From your own article: The version of the "great replacement theory" on Carlson’s show has not been as extreme as the more vile and violent forms that exist on fringe forums like 4chan. The Fox News host has repeatedly denounced violence, and there has been no sign the Buffa
  8. I posted a video and one smiley. This is what you call a debate with an elaborate goalpost? You're dumber than I though. I mean I did expect Remy to not find anything funny and being a stuck up bitch as usual but you don't have do to that either. I never said Fox News was perfect, I don't agree or like everyone over there like some little sheep or something. This video is hilarious though, Mitch being attacked in a woke book kid and AOC praised. If you don't find that funny, I don't know what to tell you.
  9. Relax, I thought it was funny and stupid all the same. You need to get that dildo out your ass. That piece of news was lazy as fuck and I never meant to post it as something serious to talk about here. lol
  10. I mean the resources are supposed to be scarce with limited inventory and such. Not so much the gameplay, reminds me more of RE Village... but in a good way. haha
  11. @Twinblade Since you love old school horror games. Looks a bit janky but could be fun. It would make an awesome VR game.
  12. Yeah but at the same time those three games probably cost MS less than a remake of KOTOR. Phil has no fucking taste, I won't argue, he clearly go with a quantity over quality approach, which doesn't work for a first party, never did. GamePass probably push them to release even more content too, at a faster rate, it's a recipe for disaster for half finished trash games. But still, my point is I don't think the KOTOR remake is gonna be a hit. I need to see some gameplay first you know because it can't be that old D&D combat system from the original, this shit won't sell with toda
  13. @Mr. Impossible You gonna love this. I laughed out loud. I never liked her too so... here you go. Is this what narcissism is?
  14. I would have too. A remake not made by Bioware of an old ass Star Wars game that plays like absolute shit by today's standards is not promising at all. So far we had the announcement and a CGI trailer. I have zero faith in this personally and I used to love the original. We'll see in due time but I don't think it's coming out anytime soon. But then again, when you know the whole story it kinda lose it's appeal quite fast. I haven't felt like playing the game once in the past two decades and I play old classic RPGs all the time.
  15. As opposed to getting your news and political opinions from CNN, the Washington post and the view.
  16. You know you sound like Matt Walsh or Ben Shapiro when they say the left is death cult for ''killing babies''. Please stop. No one forced people to not get the vaccine and is directly responsible for their death. There has been more death from Covid under Biden than Trump, are you going to blame the democrats too? Lol, like I've said before, when you start pointing finger at a specific group for a highly contagious disease that spread worldwide like wildfire then you've the lost the plot, man.
  17. Kamala is even worse. She talks like she's speaking to a class of 5 years old.
  18. That's quite different from what I got from you earlier, I thought you were saying the board was somehow already active. I'm just trying to clear that up to be on the same page. You know, maybe you're right.
  19. The more I think about your statement the less it makes sense. You're saying the board was fully functional and working two months before it was announced to even be a thing to the American public, or it is simply that a similar operation was already been conducted by home security but under a different name? Because that changes everything. Ah nevermind, you mean the upcoming plan was already set in motion two months prior. Right?
  20. I love how he reveal that Xbox management is only concerned with profits and not improving the quality of the games. I mean, I already knew that but it's nice to get insider confirmation.
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