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  1. I never said they would directly invade smaller countries. lmao Regardless, I just didn't like the thought of a combined forces led by the EU. They can barely settle on their financial and politic matters, it's like a bad soap opera at times. Military support costs money, Jehurey. I know the budget spending is for each country's army based on their GDP but any sort of involvement from the US military costs a shit load of money. The European countries are not fully committed or even combat ready for that matter and expect the US to take care of the dirty business. How is the US benefiting from this? Are you scared of what Russia would do if NATO dissolves into a EU force instead? Like it's going to change anything.
  2. @Goukosan @jehurey For once I have a non right winged video. The contribution of European countries for NATO is pretty worthless. LMAO Let them form their EU army and pull out. That doesn't mean the US won't be an ally but it needs to be handled differently.
  3. I might buy it if there's enough Grasshopper style madness. But it's seem kinda tame and formulaic (by NMH standards). Like the gameplay always seems the same.
  4. Don't quote me on that but yeah, I haven't heard anything about online play of any kind.
  5. I don't care for the open world city. They ditched in NMH2 and it was fine as is. What matters in NMH are a good story, solid combat, great cutscenes and the bosses. You don't need a hub world for that. The problem with Travis Strikes Back is that it looks really low budget. NMH1 and 2 were some of the best sounding and looking third party games on Wii. Grasshopper can do better than this.
  6. Hopefully it sells and helps fund a new NMH3. I fucking loved NMH2 on Wii, such an underrated gem. I wouldn't mind a port of the first two games in one compilation.
  7. That's exactly the problem, the patterns are made for one vs boss encounters. One player would aggro the boss and the others would strike from safety in the back, rinse and repeat. My casual friends won't be able to beat Sekiro. No RPG stats, no online coop, can't wait to hear them cry about it like the scrubs they are.
  8. Of course I will. Don't buy a PSVR just for that though, it's like 5 missions. I'd gladly hook you up with all the best PSVR exclusives. I'm not buying AC7 until the end of the month though. Expect late impressions from me.
  9. The Souls games actually has an easy mode. It's called online coop. Playing DS3 with my friends pretty much ruined the game for me. The bosses music themes didn't even have time to loop once and we had already killed it.
  10. Hey, I know you're an NPC and is used to be part of a hive mind but ghostz =/= me.
  11. Absolutely not. Xbone actually gets the triple A third party support, I wouldn't trade that for the two good Nintendo games a year. But that's the hypothetical scenario where you can only get one console. The reality is, the best you can get is to buy a PS4 as main platform and Switch as a side system, there are no place for the Xbox One in that equation. Unless you really want to play annual Forza games, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2...
  12. Well yeah, it's also a per game basis for me. I tend to play most games on normal, at least the first time through, but there's also like the Fallout games, which I play on very hard + survival difficulty setting. But easy mode? I'd only pick that if a game on normal was actually really hard, which is a rare thing nowadays. Only games I can think of are REmake and something brutal like Celeste.
  13. How can you not blast through a game on normal as a gaming veteran? Anyway, I understand why you'd do that, but I rather have a game where I can dig deeper into and play for a longer period of time than playing more games at a shallow level. You guys must really hate the Souls series. Which I personally don't even consider hard at all, just moderately challenging here and there. Which makes it more satisfying to overcome. Souls games on easy just wouldn't be the same.
  14. Despite being one of the best cow on this forum, you also manage to be come off as genuinely unbiased.
  15. Best year in gaming this gen. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Jan 18) Resident Evil 2 (Jan 25) Kingdom Hearts III (Jan 29) Metro: Exodus (Feb 15) Devil May Cry V (Mar 08) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Mar 22) Judgment (2019) DOOM: Eternal (2019) The Outer Worlds (2019) Jesus christ. And that list will only grow.
  16. It's basically what I wished the Fallout games looked like. Awesome stuff. Yep, I'm buying this.
  17. Lol you just quoted me and you're acting nonchalant about it and laugh it off. MELTDOWN CONFIRMED.
  18. People are nonchalant and laugh at my stupid attempt at ownage. MELTDOWN CONFIRMED. Everyone is alt-right, everyone is having a meltdown. Anything else?
  19. People are quoting me, thus they are having a meltdown. People don't agree with a toxic masculinity ad, thus they are having a meltdown. Anything else?
  20. Pretty much what I meant by going full retard.
  21. This thread turned to shit real fast. The two NPCs started their goingfullretard.exe programs to great effect.
  22. Homophobe confirmed. Alt-right nazi scum.
  23. Sure thing, sweetie. We're currently planning a scream at the sky protest in front of Gillete headquarters. You coming?
  24. Having to explain George Carlin brutally honest and direct humor. It's not very complicated. Yeah, I'm not doing it. Figure it out yourself, I don't quite give a shit if you get it or not. That's your problem.