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  1. Why hire him when you can hire someone without it. Cuz it's Costco, they'll hire anybody, even the rejects of humanity. http://money.msn.com/now/post.aspx?post=b57fe2ae-7607-4dd2-9a22-f2718ffbb9d9 Good try though
  2. You could all eat an infinite number of them because you end up shitting them out faster than you can eat them at a certain point
  3. Post your dick Lmao some bitch changed my avatar?
  4. I love how the fact that the dude posted it to Neogaf is supposed to be some indication that it's from a legitimate source
  5. he's three weeks old and suffers from Progeria
  6. Dude did you even post at a forum for that long? You may have signed up in 04 but you were virtually nothing and I'm fairly certain didn't post at all until '12.
  7. Yeah I mean Matthew McConaughey did nothing after Dazed and Confused.