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  1. Don't mention it out loud. :o What?!
  2. They were fighting a global AI network, they needed to put on a convincing show and fool the Patriots into allowing Snake to put the virus into GW. Plus its in Ocelot's character to manipulate people, he also did it to show dominance over Snake. That's why they fought at the end. Snake could've acted the role, and it would've left less things up to chance having him in on it. And Ocelot could've still had his mano a mano duel with Snake afterwards simply by forcing him into it like anyone can. The plot's silly.
  3. Why didn't Ocelot just tell Solid Snake what he was up to from the get go?
  4. Framerate problems don't bother me (screen tearing is the one that drives me crazy), and repeating levels doesn't bother me either because I just look at the game like it can be played through with different characters. I think the graphics are amazing so it really comes down to whether the combat holds up. Is there a fair amount of variety to it? That's my only concern aside from the camera being zoomed in so close that it's looks like it's often hard to see what's coming at you before it's right on top of you.
  5. Does anyone love this game? Or do people just think it's just decent and that's mainly because of the visuals? http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=64684&affID=77777&sourceID=FKSJxY2VJAk-1I.tQdplHgKfA9cI2HZCYA
  6. Add me people! Saucer : Code - 4038-5723-3611 Nick - SAUCY
  7. I'm in. Saucer :ben:/SIZE] Code - 4038-5723-3611 Nick - SAUCY
  8. The one where you have to knock down the giant icicle onto the treasure chest? I got all the way to the end before I needed to use a hint to figure out how to get the frog down from the stump. Once they told me I was like, "I didn't know you could do that," and I didn't feel stupid for using the hint.
  9. Blue Dragon 2 was announced at TGS. And Mistwalker announced a new one with a weird title that I can't remember.
  10. A complete waste of time and resources? Yes. Did I order one anyway? Of course. If you bought Phantom Hourglass, and you register it at Ninty's website, you can get a free Zelda stylus. http://www.nintendo.com/hourglass/index.jsp
  11. Check the "Completed Items" prices and see how much it's going for on average. That's what you should always do.
  12. Played it for five minutes and deleted the demo.
  13. I was hoping Capcom would stop doing this (making a new Mega Man series and then rehashing the first game in the series over and over). All the biometals basically have the same powers as before and the boss powers are pretty useless. This lad does a good job of previewing the game: _Ju-Kli1VRQ