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  1. I always spend money. I think im just bad at building armies. I usually play Undead... any ideas what a balanced army to aim for would be? basically i try to have about equal as much of ghouls, the ranged bug thingies and gargolites. Then a few necromancers and those heavy undead melee units (the zombie looking ones).
  2. I kinda suck at Wc3 :/ I get owned most of the time when i play 1v1 vs computer on easy. I haven't played many RTS games before. Creeping isn't a problem; my hero is always at least 1 level above the opponents and i also expand without a problem. The problem is when im engaging in combat. Either i manage to kill the enemy hero, but his remaining army kills mine, or i just get flat out owned.
  3. Are the servers densely populated?
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    No, absolutely not. The CD key is bound to the physical CD's.
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    uhm, in which way?
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    Anyone else interested in this game? The release date is 22nd January in Europe, whilst still unannounced for US. Basically it's a "hardcore" PVP sandbox MMO, a lot like Ultima Online, with a bit more FPS/skill based combat. Full looting is in, so PVP is pretty much granted to be filled with adrenaline And there's no bullshit instances. Also, there are no levels or classes; you can buy skills and train them by using them. A fresh new character is supposedly going to have a fair chance vs an old one. BS-qlpX6j-4
  7. Uhmmm, you just need quest gear for Naxx. Heroics are probably easier.
  8. Welfare gear should look like garbage.
  9. Hmm, that's odd. I've had my chars gear restored several times; just had to ticket a GM about it.
  10. So what did you do after you got scammed? Nothing?
  11. Im just speaking theoretically But if someone is careless enough to buy a wow account without the necessary security measures, they might just deserve it.
  12. Sure you can, but questing would probably be a lot faster.
  13. It's called scamming. Not sure if there's anything legal that can be done, but most people can get their money back. Not to mention most people buying accounts immediately transfer to a new account. I know what it's called But yeah, afaik you cant just withdraw a bank to bank transfer. Hence it sounds like the perfect crime to me.
  14. What would happen if someone sold an account (the buyer perhaps could pay through bank account), and then the account is retrieved a few days later by the seller? Could the seller face criminal charges?