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  1. Meghan Markle news: Duchess of Sussex's poetry mocked as TV host cannot stop laughing | Royal | News | Express.co.uk Prince Harry dubbed 'Prince irritating' following backlash after preaching at event | Royal | News | Express.co.uk Australian TV media seems to be a lot more critical of the Sussex's than the UK media and significantly more critical than American TV media (overall).
  2. Piers Morgan reacts to Meghan Markle's new book 'The Bench' | Daily Mail Online
  3. I could be wrong but it definitely feels like the Oscars don't really give a look in to the majority of the highest grossing films of the year so it doesn't surprise me that it isn't expanding its viewership. With some exceptions, I'm not even sure if Costume dramas (which I guess are the stereotype of what cleans up at the Oscars) generally speaking are considered mainstream these days or have ever been really. The Sound of Metal sounds appealing to me. I have tinnitus in my right ear so I'd probably find something to like with it.
  4. I saw Mortal Kombat and thought it was OK although I'm not too familiar with the franchise. Sub-Zero, Kano and Scorpion were the highlights. I agree with Chris Stuckmann that the fight scenes lacked impact apart from the fatalities. A bit more blood leading to the fatalities would've added a bit more weight to the action scenes IMO. I saw the film Identity for the first time yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting. Its been a while since I've seen a film where the setting (grungy Motel) and weather (rain) contribute so much to a film. It reminded me of Road to Perditio
  5. Dermarollers are supposed to be good for your hair. Coconut oil has a unique molecule structure that penetrates the hair and strengthens it from within apparently unlike most other oils that just sit on the exterior of your hair. Doing the Dermaroller treatment and then doing a Coconut oil hair mask is probably worth a try. I doubt it has any major side effects.
  6. I saw this too and really enjoyed it. They honestly couldn't have picked a least broad shouldered-looking actor for an action film like this but I liked this change from the usual stereotypical jacked up looking action film actors. The final fight scene in the film was pretty cool too.
  7. Smackdown 2: Know Your Role was a lot of fun in multiplayer. It helped having a decent wrestling roster from top to bottom back then too. I hear Here Comes the Pain is the best Smackdown game although I've never tried it.
  8. It doesn't sound like Meghan is going. Probably for the best (Media circus and whatnot).
  9. Its awkward either way IMO. Their presence could overshadow the funeral itself with the Media coverage and whatnot.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/08/police-called-to-harry-and-meghan-california-home-nine-times Not sure if this is just coincidence. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it probably isn't the privacy they were looking for.
  11. Yeah. The fallout from the interview is quite significant so I'm not sure if the upsides to the interview outweigh the downsides. One of the snippets I've seen of the interview has Meghan pretty much saying she feels like she had nothing to lose by doing the interview (I'm paraphrasing but its along those lines). I don't know if that's true judging by the fallout with the benefit of hindsight. I hope they have no intention of returning to the UK because I can't imagine them receiving the red carpet treatment at the moment. It would be unfortunate if Meghan isn't 'the one' for Harry as if
  12. Yeah. I think The Devil's Rejects might be the best of the bunch actually. I really liked the bad guy in it. If he wasn't so convincing as a bad guy, the Rejects would've probably come across as antagonists.
  13. 3 from Hell is pretty enjoyable in that 70's grindhouse backwoods-kind of way. The Firefly Trilogy is a pretty underrated trilogy IMO.
  14. I've not heard much talk about this on the forum (no one cares? ) so curious to see what people think. Harry and Meghan's popularity has fallen quite dramatically if the polls are to be trusted particularly among older people over here (UK) although I understand the American media (generally speaking) are pretty supportive of Harry and Meghan's situation. Fox News aren't however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdbwPsyoTgY&ab_channel=FoxNews Piers is doing the rounds at the moment doing various interviews slamming Meghan in particular but also Harry: h
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