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  1. Angelfish

    Road rage

    White van men over here are particularly aggressive during the Morning rush hour period.
  2. Spider-Man Far from Home was pretty enjoyable. I dug Mysterio as a villain. Preacher finale was OK-ish IMO.
  3. ^ Focuses on the EU referendum and the build up to it. ^ Focuses on everything else like austerity, same sex marriage and the Scottish independence referendum.
  4. Agreed. The Lib Dems are a very real threat to Labour at the moment (and to a lesser extent the Conservatives with Conservative sitting MP's in Remain constituencies). I think Labour know that regardless of what position they take, they will be losing votes either way. Always at the back of their minds are the 5 million voters who voted for Corbyn in 2017 that voted for Brexit that are almost certainly located outside of London and metropolitan University 'Oxbridge' areas. If Labour's official policy is to come out for Remain when all is said and done (which is possible given where the Labour party membership is), the narrative in the tabloids will almost certainly be that Labour are continuing to abandon their traditional white, working class base.