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  1. Lol I spent so much time on this damn forum, its been like 10 years
  2. lol self loathing bisexual and gay people are the worst. I have a lot of close friends that are gay and bisexual, theres a HUGE amount of discrimination that happens within the gay world. Its kind of crazy.
  3. There is no all-in-one that comes close to imacs.
  4. No way. Bb10 prevent the android malware lol. Plus it's faster Sent from my Z30 using Tapatalk And thanks, the nova launcher is much better! Sent from my Z30 using Tapatalk its the same as on any computer. Don't be a fucking idiot and sideload shady crap on your phone and you odn't have to worry about malware. You're talking out of your ass per usual
  5. well considering thats probably all of the people who have wiiu's thats probably pretty good
  6. I didn't attribute this negative act of one person to an entire group you idiot 'SMFH. Fucking faggots now cheating the system. Death to them all' god you're fucking stupid
  7. 'So I just seen' I will never understand why grown ass people say this.' Its 'saw'.
  8. twinblade is like my grandma trying to use a computer after she had a stroke. Its not that fucking hard.
  9. I think the G2 is supposed to get kit kat in q4 of this year. 4.4 has 'immersive mode' that allows an apps to go fullscreen and hide the status bar and the soft keys
  10. the nostalgia i feel watching this is kinda crazy. Me and my sister beat that game about 100 times together.
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