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  1. I just got it [ damn I'm late haha ] anyone else here have it and wanna exchange friend codes so I can visit another town? XD AIM - HoodiexD
  2. Lol, WD is needed if you're a good fox. When did I say anything about wavedashing, and no its really not. Wavedashing is the most misconstrued aspect of SSBM. You can be equally good without it, exception being the floaters. whoops, I read waveshining as wavedashing haha. and yeah, wavedashing isn't all that needed but in general the shine is still extremely helpful when fighting characters that don't get knocked onto the ground after being shined, and aside from that its a easy kill when off the stage haha. my bad =]
  3. I don't look forward to this haha,
  4. why would you sell your wii
  5. Does anyone plan on getting it next Monday on the VC? I probably will, since my N64 controllers suck lol.
  6. I bought it, I've never played it before and so far its pretty awesome :wonder:
  7. I've only passed Xtreme missions 1 and 2. I got stuck on the 3rd and haven't tried it for some time now lol...Just figure out what causes the vitals to drop and take care of that first. on X-1 the vital dropping is caused by the blood clots, quickly drain those and stitch'em up. after wards, you just gotta work fast with removing the guilt and closing stuff up.