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  1. They're pissed about an old jrpg skipping xflop while cheering for microsoft to buy up the industry and make the biggest games exclusive. These commie fucks should be lined up and shot in Minecraft.
  2. I like how you're so salty that you're now trying to steer this into an attack on me to try and obfuscate the fact that you got double raped.
  3. No shit, the title literally says it isn't out until April 27th you dumb fuck By that time you'll be on your 5th playthrough of It Takes Two Trying to make the most of it in case its removed crom the service.
  4. And yet you're getting salty about it It scored better than most of the filler you play on Gamepass, and most xflop exclusives over the past decade
  5. That salt Switch lost an exclusive and Xflop is Xcluded yet again, so Ghostz is taking it in both holes this time
  6. Sounds likw the perfect thing for fhe lemtard audience. Ms stopped focusing on games long ago.
  7. "I dont play games a year post release" "I dont want to replay games" "Currently replaying a game from 2 years ago"
  8. https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-game-pass-increases-game-sales-and-playtime-says-microsoft
  9. Of course you don't, because you play 6.0 filler from Gametrash. Its the same way I wouldn'r rewatch any of the C-D tier trash that netflix pads out its movie catalogue woth.
  10. Because I can choose what to fo with it. I can go back and play it at a later date if I choose, without worrying it has been removed from a service, or needing to renew a paid subscription just to play it. I guess on good systems it makes sense since they have quality games you would want to go back and replay whereas on xbox you have forgettable filler you'll never touch again, or yearly forza rehashes which might as well be GAAS.
  11. Why would you want to own anything? Just rent everything like the serf that you are.
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