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  1. It absolutely was brought up but nobody gave a shit. Nobody gave a shit until orange man was unbanned and now you can see the left starting to pick up on this, funny they never had a problem with it until Musk bought the platform, fucking disgusting but what can you expect from people who support and endorse grooming. Now its all coming out how little the execs there gave a fuck about it. I don't know why you're assuming I give 2 fucks about Twitter or Musk. This thread was Apple vs Twitter in which case Nu-Twitter >>> Apple every time. Nu-twitter is just a mem
  2. They charge £200 for 8GB Ram. You're a tool though so nobody expects you to see how far Tim Cook has his hand up your ass.
  3. Twitter literally did fuck all about child abuse :| you deserve a bullet in the head if you think Elon acting like a child or unbanning controversial figures is worse than that. Apple is scum and a lapdog for the CCP. Iphone isn't a one track device like a games console, this is a general purpose computer the fact that you can only install apps from the app store is fucking retarded imagine if you could only use the MS store on windowsm Kiddy ass My First Smartphone® Fisher Price shit. There are some things Apple does that make even Microsoft look good and pro-consumer in compariso
  4. No they're not, Apple is fucking scum look at their entire track record in China. I bet you didn't have a problem with Twitter this time last year. When they host child abuse that's ok but the moment they unban orange man it needs to be taken down.
  5. This just highlights how much Apple sucks.
  6. This company is one of the richest and most powerful and far reaching in the history of the planet. It's net worth is $2 trillion dollars. Yet they go into these discussions painting themselces as the small guy an underdog, a victim in the face of Sony's monopoly. I would personally tear out the spines of everyone from Phil Spencer and above in the MS chain of command if given the chance.
  7. We should start rounding up Microsoft employees....in Minecraft. This company needs to be taken down once and for all...in Minecraft.
  8. Are they actually acting like having a shitty little map pack 30 days early is on the same level as having the entire fucoing game exclusive? They're such slimy little bitches. Reading everything abiut this activision case we can see the old Microsoft is still there, no matter how much their fanboys insist they have changed. Imagine fanboying for a slimy piece of shit company like this. Imagine wanting them to own everything. Lemmings deserve to have their head bricked in, fucking retards.
  9. Bingo thats exactly what MS will do. Then the subscription will be raised to $20 per month or beyond, dont like it? Then dont pay...and lose access to everything. The rumour is the ftc are going to make moves against this. I dont know what happened to America, 20 years ago they were pretty aggressive with this kind of thing but these days they let anything happen and the only resistance comes from Europe.
  10. Also worth noting the last Perfect Dark game was 17 years ago, the last worthwhile Fable game (even if it was a half assed flop) was 14 years ago and Forza was rehashed almost every single year for 17 years. These franchises are the bottom of the barrel.
  11. I'm not sure what's worse, when Microsoft dhows nothing at all or when Microsoft shows mediocre trash and Lemmings pretend they're all AAA quality.
  12. This years World Cup should probably go in the politics section. It's just old white men going to foreign countries and telling brown people how to live. Seems like racist colonialism to me.
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