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  1. I don't normally chime in but I have to say it's obvious lemij is grasping at straws here. Xflop sucks so bad, its completely failed to live up to expectations and now one of the few things it could try to flaunt is being taken away from it too.
  2. One console gets 4k, the other gets ray tracing, neither seem to run smoothly in those modes. So optimally you'd likely play both at 1080P/60. Either way not a good look for xflop since lemshits told us it would pound the PS5 into submission. Everything so far has ranged from inferior to roughly on par.
  3. You're done with consoles because xbox fucking sucks and microshit dropped the ball if xflop was a success you'd be slobbering all over it. On a side note, dud rising 3
  4. lol at the excuse "we're a little bit behind". In the words of Reggie "not my problem It doesn't matter what their excuse is or what their promises are, fact is lemshits are the ones suffering with poor quality multiplats right now and since they have no exclusives it's not a good look. Granted anyone dumb enough to buy an xflop deserves it but still... It also doesn't bode well for xbox long term. Lemmings would have had you believe the power gap between xbox and ps5 was so large it would be able to brute force the best version of games and yet not only does it NOT ha
  5. Oblivion has its issues but it always held my attention longer than skyrim.
  6. they just need to throw in the towel and stop making new consoles. Just declare xbox dead already and take your shitty gamepass to other systems or better yet leaving gaming altogether.
  7. Xbox is a worthless pile of shit and you know it.
  8. PC has allowed better performance and higher resolutions over time for years now
  9. When jehurey and lemij end up in the same thread together...
  10. Yeah because when a new console comes out I don't think of playing a shiny new game built from the ground up for it, I think of going back to a 4 year old game to see how the dynamic resolution holds up You're playing them because xbox has nothing else. If you weren't playing these you wouldn't be playing your xbox.
  11. Like when you first learned where the clitoris is. Meaningless in your predicament, but once you know.....you know
  12. You keep avoiding the point. Question: Are you going back to games released many years ago because you have nothing better to play on your new xbox? yes or no
  13. These people expect truth Remember, the xbox guys assured us that no way would games on PS4 look better than they did on xbox one. They swore down that was the truth....then ran away when both consoles launched and they had suckered enough people into buying the flop. lemshits will eat up anything
  14. "I have thousands of games, I have dozens of consoles, I have VR, two PC's etc. My time is spread thin for gaming on a single platform, I come, I go, I play this, I don't play that and so on and so forth. " In other words "it doesn't matter if xbox has no games as I have other platforms to entertain me during the next 7 year drought". Which just proves xbox is not a viable system and it is not a platform for gamers. I'd say it was in the Nintendo position where its only good for the odd exclusive every year or so......but xbox doesn thave good exclusives hell it doesn't have exclu
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