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  1. This is the future lemmings want Where your gaming library is held ransom behind a monthly payment. Don't like the prices changes? Ok you're free to leave, but you walk away with nothing. Greedy corporations love schmuks like this.
  2. The business model the industry has used for decades is problematic right around the time the maker of your favourite console started a subscription service, funny how that works. As Jerry pointed out there are worse business models for the gamer of which you conveniently seem to ignore. This is just repackaged "always online". You only get to play what games Microsoft dictates as they move games into and out of the service. If you want to play a game at any point it begins with an immediate payment to Microsoft corp. If you're a casual player who only dips into games o
  3. So Activision went looking for a buyer, but nobody other than MS wanted them? And Activision wanted anyone other than MS to buy them? This is like when a 4/10 woman is being pursued by the balding, obese Star Trek nerd, and she's trying to flirt with all the chads but none of them want her so out of fear of being alone she relents and hooks up with the loser that stinks of body odour
  4. Microsoft failed for 20 years to make a compelling or interesting product, and despite lemmings hypung up new studios and new games nothing of worth has materialized. The only way Microsoft can compete is to spend close to $100 billion dollars buying out other publishers. It goes to show Microsoft as a company knows nothing about videogames, doesnt understand games, can not see nor grow talent, all they can do to stay afloat is buy things that are already a success. Why on Earth anyone would want this company dominating the games market...why you'd have to be a complete
  5. What like one guy as far as im aware? Theres a difference between a single pedo and a shady chairty that always seems to be connected to organizations that as a whole commit abuse on an industrial scale. Lets not forget about Gates connections to Epstein. Once again you're retarded. Like fuck you lemmings are dumb.
  6. What kind of dick tuckery is this? Rent-a-retard got killed ITT
  7. Funny how gaming moving to nothing more than a subscription service became a good thing right around......ooh right around the time Microsoft put all their eggs in the subscription basket. I'm sure that's just a coincidence. They did the same with online gaming. Thats all Microsoft has ever pioneered in the industry, we've gone from full games to a subscription to play, a premium to play online, and plenty of Microtransactions along the way. Microsoft couldnt give a shit about making a quality product they just want to milk you for everything you're worth.
  8. So what are you saying? That whoever has the most money gets to buy everything else and own the world? I don't even know why I bother with you lemshits you clearly don't have the intelligence to comprehend any of this. Carry on thinking you're elite because your eletronic devices made by children in a Chinese sweatshop have a specific logo on them.
  9. The problem there is Sony didn't play dirty, at least not compared to Microsoft standards. Microsoft just had a shitty uninteresting product and couldn't compete. There was always the chance to provide competition. This is just Microsoft throwing around money they cheated from decades of abusing their Windows monopoly and gaming will eventually just be Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc with shitty streaming services.
  10. Most normal people see trillion dollar megacorps buying up everything and consolodating an industry under a few big players as a bad thing. And then there's Vini
  11. FTC wont do shit they played softball with Microsoft on Windows. We could go into connections between child abuse and organizations the Gates foundation funds too but that's a whole other story.
  12. @jehurey This post by someone who pays a subscription fee to play Madden demos
  13. It's interesting how long lost posters like Tranik and shittyboy came back the moment they heard this news despite not posting here for years. Like somewhere IRL tjey heard this news and thought "I must post on systemwars and own the cows!" Actual no lifers
  14. Lemmings would rather see gaming die and become gatekeeped by a monthly payment to Microsoft Corp than have any other console outsell Xbox. Let that sink in.
  15. The fact that this concept goes over your head shows how dumb you actually are. There's really no hope for humanity is there.
  16. Of course you would You live to serve these fuckers. You have stockholm syndrome.
  17. If someone was poor I would never judge them for that, sometimes life hands you a shitty hand. However when you're struggling financially because you let billionaires fuck you in the ass without lube and you cheer and beg for more then it's your own fault and you are deserving of ridicule.
  18. 'Mmm take away my choice harder Mr trillion dollar corporation with a history of anti-consumer behaviour Your plastic box is my favourite" That's actually what you sound like. Do you have stock in Microsoft? No? Then you're a tool shilling for one of the most anti-consumer corporations on the planet
  19. Ghostz has to be the biggest retard on the entire site. With his unquestionable love for Microsoft and Apple he absolutely loves trillion dollar megacorps that treat him like shit and abuse him anyway tjey can. This fucker rents everything he owns too. Guy is broke as shit but still happily gives every cent he has to people with far more money than he can ever imagine and gives zero fucks about treating him wjth any sort of dignity. He's the perfect tool.
  20. The penny drops Companies like Microsoft don't become wealthy by being generous. If you want to know what Microsoft would look like in a dominant position lool at their history. Hint: It's never good for tbe consumer
  21. Imagine being the kind of retard that cheers for this. You're over the moon because a trillion dollar megacorp used its ill-gotten monopoly money to buy out other companies and you're hope isnt that they give you new games, its that you hope they will take away games from other systems "just because". You WILL buy their hardware/subscriptions whether you like it or not. This is what people warned about when Microsoft entered the industry. 20 years they couldnt compete, they couldnt make a console or games worth a damn so they resort to plan B and run to Daddy so he can buy them out
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