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  1. The faction that downplayed and damage controlled the RROD talking about temps in a console
  2. I think each waggle-con has its own connection, so it’s 4 players with 2 waggle sticks per player.
  3. “We’ll get it eventually guys 😥 see? We’re not owned!” Plan D gaming. “We’ll get it eventually….one day”.
  4. Why do Lemmings always decide to double down on their stupidity? Really this has to be the most retarded faction.
  5. Why do you need a gaming headset for an Xbox? It’s not like you have any games to play.
  6. I shit you not I couldn't even sell my xbox 360 towards the end of that gen :D stores stopped taking the non-slim 360s because they had so many broken ones. I guess people were buying them and returning them with the RROD whilst under store warranty.
  7. Well imagine that, Dynaflop was wrong “It’s going to be another RROD” - lemshits love their FUD
  8. Yeah looking back on it now… Zelda sucked that gen (tp & ss were boring as fuck) Mario was mediocre (I don’t see the appeal in the Galaxy games) Arguably the worst Smash Bros game Mario Kart….well it was was ok from what I remember and better than Double Dash but it wasn’t top tier like MK8 was. Then you have Metroid and some niche games. A lot of shit on Wii I ended up buying just for the sake of owning shit.
  9. It’s hard to judge some consoles as they sat inbetween gens. For example I know that Dreamcast was technically meant to be part of PS2/gc/xbox but the thing was dead before that gen was even in swing. Sega Saturn I forgot about. I’d put that just behind N64 but above PS1 and yes even the Dreamcast. Saturn had a lot of solid exclusives. Emulation is a bitch too so I’ve still got mine. Wii would either be just ahead of or just behind the 360. In terms of games I’d say 360 is ahead but the RROD really leaves a sour taste in my mouth and it sucked what little fun there was
  10. Lmao this fake ass sheep smdh Welcome to the Cow faction Goukosan
  11. You remember what people posted in the “what are you playing thread”, and I’ve seen you argue with a number of people and you always get personal, especially Jerry. You remember his living situation, his car, his family, pretty much all details about his personal life, That was your original grievance about quad damage right? That remembering things = saving to HDD. You always get personal with people and bring up things about their personal lives they posted ling ago.
  12. Shit I completely forget that the Wii existed :D Now I gotta fit it in somewhere.
  13. Awww baby Deeno 🥺 did I hurt your fee fees? If it makes you feel any better I actually made this because I was more curious who would dare to put xflop at the top. You feel I have been too harsh on xbox? Tell me where. It seems to be widely accepted that xbox one was junk and easily one of the most irrelevant consoles ever released so I’m assuming your beef is with the placing of OG or 360?
  14. The hermit faction is seriously getting out of hand. Half of the people with those colours are the biggest lemmings I've ever seen I get that there's no rule about being honest when you pick a faction but I really think the hermit list needs a culling.
  15. Lets see what everyones got 1) PS4 2) Switch 3) Xbox One 1) PS3 2) Wii U 3) X360 1) PS2 2) Gamecube 3) Xbox 1) N64 2) Dreamcast 3) PS1
  16. Are you not into Russian hardbass?
  17. Is JonB really going to talk about others saving posts to their HDD? seriously, JonB? He must have the entire forum archived at this point.
  18. This sad Hagrid looking MF :D imagine being so desperate for attention that you just tweet out “A GAME IS GETTING DELAYED GUYS….BUT I AINT SAYING WHICH LOLOLOL”
  19. That’s because I’m a Hermit and not a Cow dumbo :D JonnyBDumb LOL! Imagine being worth a trillion dollars and having some eurojank truck sim outscore most of your best exclusives microsoft has the most inept employees
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