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  1. They're pissed about an old jrpg skipping xflop while cheering for microsoft to buy up the industry and make the biggest games exclusive. These commie fucks should be lined up and shot in Minecraft.
  2. I like how you're so salty that you're now trying to steer this into an attack on me to try and obfuscate the fact that you got double raped.
  3. No shit, the title literally says it isn't out until April 27th you dumb fuck By that time you'll be on your 5th playthrough of It Takes Two Trying to make the most of it in case its removed crom the service.
  4. And yet you're getting salty about it It scored better than most of the filler you play on Gamepass, and most xflop exclusives over the past decade
  5. That salt Switch lost an exclusive and Xflop is Xcluded yet again, so Ghostz is taking it in both holes this time
  6. Sounds likw the perfect thing for fhe lemtard audience. Ms stopped focusing on games long ago.
  7. "I dont play games a year post release" "I dont want to replay games" "Currently replaying a game from 2 years ago"
  8. https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-game-pass-increases-game-sales-and-playtime-says-microsoft
  9. Of course you don't, because you play 6.0 filler from Gametrash. Its the same way I wouldn'r rewatch any of the C-D tier trash that netflix pads out its movie catalogue woth.
  10. Because I can choose what to fo with it. I can go back and play it at a later date if I choose, without worrying it has been removed from a service, or needing to renew a paid subscription just to play it. I guess on good systems it makes sense since they have quality games you would want to go back and replay whereas on xbox you have forgettable filler you'll never touch again, or yearly forza rehashes which might as well be GAAS.
  11. Why would you want to own anything? Just rent everything like the serf that you are.
  12. GhostzHBR! His monthly rental fees just went up.
  13. The last Xbox AAA exclusive was released closer to both RE4 and San Andreas than today
  14. Microsoft always treats its consumers lile $2 hookers and these morons keep eating it up I remember when lemmings went a round about way of finally acknowledging xbox was in a drought, because they claimed microsoft was holding back all games for XOX. Then it launched with nothing and xbox as a whole felt like it was on life support the rest of the gen. $500 for base xbox because they were forced to buy kinect, then ms ditched kinect entirely and asked lemmings for another $500 for XOX, then they gave it nothing and pulled the plug entirely on it within 3 years And th
  15. They discovered more bugs in the xbox version? This is not a good day for Ghostz Imagine being the kind of sucker who buys Xbox. Series S is in the same league as the PS4 Pro despite being a "next-gen" console, and the suckers who bought Xbox one X don't even get the game at all because M$ abandoned it even though it could clearly run the game.
  16. The originals remastered in widescreen HD sounds tempting Lets see how it turns out. On the Game gear games I didnt even know the 1st game was released on Game Gear, I used to play it on the master system all the time. I dont know why they insist on using the Game gear versions though just look at this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oYHv6doMKg Its so zoomed in you're missing half the screen.
  17. Well I'm off to go play some videogames lemmings. You do remember ehat those are dont you? I know its been so long since you had them. I just want you to know if I was made President I for sure would have all your kind send to camps. I hate you all that much. Seriously. I ain't joking
  18. 1 post between march 22 and march 23 barely counts. I get your autistic but and need to focus on the small details however.
  19. You stopped posting when the games ran dry on xbox And by "games ran dry" I meant "the annual Forza rehash was delayed this year" Because everyone knows xbox hasn't had fuck all else in 10 years.
  20. Fucking lemmings are so pathetic Ghostz is stuck in fakeboy mode but hes still better than the other 2 who literally go into hiding for months until they get some ammo to use. JonB was quick to come back when he thought he had RE4 in the bag and then he turned dick and ran again when that didnt work out. Deeno has been on a year long hiatus until now because of the cma news. Actual pathetic people with small dick energy
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