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  1. You should definitely make an effort to just finish the game at this point.
  2. You mean the one thats still going to come to PS5?
  3. Yeah you're right, MS could never justify charging $70 for their laughable lineup of games which is why they bundle everything in a ghetto service like gamepass.
  4. MS has no reason to charge $70 because they're just going to be selling recycled One X games.
  5. wut I feel like thats overly complicated given how straightforward the rest of the interactions have been so far.
  6. @Delita Are there sections where you can't proceed as a specific character unless you fulfill some kind of condition first? (very minor spoiler below)
  7. As long as Sony has actual exclusives and system sellers they have nothing to worry about.
  8. The maps in the game are huge, so not all the art assets are going to be unique. The design of the maps themselves are though.
  9. They actually managed to implement a 'drag wounded teammate to cover' mechanic. Something DICE has failed to add to BF even though its been requested for years....
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ Wow, might have to finally buy it.
  11. I’m playing in English and the voice acting is really solid overall (in case people would rather go that route).
  12. I’d actually be down for twin snakes on pc if they at least ported that one over.
  13. 13 Aegis is really damn good and interesting. This is probably the most intricate and deepest Vanillaware game from a world building and story perspective, even if it does start off being kind of confusing (because of the way it jumps between characters). But once you get a grip on the pacing it becomes incredibly engaging. Its only weakness so far is the battles, mainly the art style they use. The regular 2D art is detailed and looks great but then they switch to Geometry Wars looking visuals for the battles which is really jarring.
  14. You went back and replied to a post I made a month ago. How bitter can you be? And you're still wrong btw.
  15. The Outer Worlds ran on UE4 which is a multi use game engine that doens't excel at any particular genre (unless the devs really put the work in) and it managed to be more stable and less buggy than most Bethesda games. Bethesda on the other hand has an entire engine dedicated to JUST one type of game, and they've been building that specific type of open world RPG for almost 2 decades but each installment continues to be a technical mess. Just let that sink in. Bethesda clearly has problems in their tech department and MS' money isn't going to suddenly fix that.
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