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  1. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/disaster-report-4-summer-memories I know nobody really cared for this game but i like the concept and was hoping it would be decent.
  2. Twinblade


    I lost my virginity years ago. Get with the times
  3. and i thought i couldn't get even more excited for this
  4. Twinblade


    Welcome back yall. SW is back in business
  5. over Already....I guess gears tactics and the hello games game looks good but nothing else caught my interest.
  6. ‘We wanted to deliver more immersive environments’ *shows Minecraft footage*
  7. Also it’s kind of bizarre seeing these Microsoft execs streaming from their man caves at home
  8. It’s live btw. They’re showing grounded and it looks kind of meh
  9. I’ve already said my part numerous times before and am tired of getting dragged into Endless arguments with you cucks. And of course your shitty liberal source would use the term rejected to try and twist what was actually said. The UK likely already has access to the experimental drugs that were being trialed over here so I’m not surprised they aren’t in need of help despite trump’s offer.
  10. I've mentioned it a lot before but the sequence where you work to assassinate you know who, or the whole train heist were some of the highlights. That game has so many entertaining 'one-offs' that they never really tried to do before and still haven't really done since then tbh.
  11. I think FF8 has the most entertaining story. shame about the combat.
  12. word im actually looking forward to being surprised by all the story changes they supposedly made.
  13. Grounded Gears Tactics Sea of Thieves This lineup.....lol. Hopefully there will be some surprises or new announcements.