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  1. lol you're right. im not sure what i was thinking. In that case im going to go with a 7.0
  2. I can't even imagine how much of a mess the krypt is in this one. In mK9 the progression was perfect, you were constantly unlocking stuff and it always felt rewarding. Then in X they turned it into a massive grind. Regardless of how much I played it felt like i was getting nowhere, it really dragged down the game for me and it seems that its even more of an unbalanced grindfest here.
  3. not surprised. their business model is one of the reasons why im skipping this game until its $20-$30.
  4. It would be too ballsy but imagine if they killed everyone and they all became white walkers. Then it would basically be all those undead versions of the characters you loved vs Cersei and the rest of the characters you absolutely hated. That would be a hell of a conflict, picking a side to root for would be a struggle.
  5. i think this has loads of potential, definitely keeping my eye on it.
  6. Thanks bro, I do proofread my stuff but sometimes things fall through the cracks check out my supraland review, that’s a game you would definitely be into.
  7. Alright don’t judge me but I created a little site (that still has a long way to go) and have been posting reviews there for the last few months. I guess I’m officially revealing it to you guys so if anyone has suggestions then definitely let me know My writing isn’t great but I’m slowly trying to improve and incorporate more of my personality into it. https://playersbastion.com/reviews/review-world-war-z/
  8. It’s an entertaining game. I wrote a review and can post it if people are interested in reading it.
  9. skipping this until its cheap. Was pretty underwhelmed with the last MK, and this one looks to go even further with the bad gimmicks and microtransactions.
  10. Anyway one thing that has been slightly underwhelming so far is the length of the episodes. I thought they were supposed to be longer as a result of there being just 6, but so far i feel like they've been no longer than the average episode from previous seasons.
  11. Im not gonna lie that scene made me feel slightly uncomfortable because she was just a little kid when the show first started
  12. I agree. At first those mechanics didn't bother me too much but as i kept playing i continued to lose more and more of my patience with how slow and repetitive the game was.
  13. I’m interested in knowing which eps end up being your favorite. There’s lots of standout moments in that show.