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  1. uhh you're flat out wrong. The BF1 reveal trailer is at 59 million views.
  2. i thought i was a mod but apparently i only have the ability to edit posts and nothing else.
  3. Im gonna have to call it quits after 11 hours. The more I play the game the more of a drag it becomes. The movement and combat feel good but the structure and everything surrounding it is just boring. I feel like im repeating the same few runs over and over again, they aren't varied or random enough.
  4. The fact that this is happening to big party games that are not even 4 years old is ridiculous and should be worrying a lot more people.....this is why i prefer physical copies of games.
  5. i think the switch version of captain toad is supposed to have a bunch of new content.
  6. Bloodstained will bring you back in
  7. right now yeah, but it took years before there were any reasonable tutorials. Also I was mainly referring to UE4, which is much harder to find training materials for. godot is getting a lot of attention lately as well, hearing lots of good things about it.
  8. I think Death's Gambit feels mostly fine, its mainly the ladder climbing and rolling that don't feel that responsive.
  9. it felt like a much smaller game in general. it is understandable though, im sure a big chunk of the budget went into the engine upgrades.
  10. The V has a double meaning. It also stands for victory or some other ww2 era theme.
  11. I know holyax mentioned the mugen engine which would have been the most sensible route to go with at the time. But it still seems like theres not many tutorials or resources out there to learn how to make fighting games. I have some basic knowledge of UE4 but theres practically no viable tutorials on making 2D fighting games with it. Thats one area that experienced developers and educators seem to have no interest in. It feels like 90% of the content out there teaches you how to make shooters, platformers, various top down games, but not much else.
  12. I have Shenmue 1+2, Shenmue 3, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 all pre-ordered. Feels good not be broke/ignorant/an idiot (like bhytre).
  13. this thread makes me feel kind of bad. Holy ax was relying on me but i was never able to get this game off the ground.