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  1. Yeah, but Trine 4's visuals are one of its best aspects so im not sure how the switch version holds up in that regard.
  2. Yeah, but the season 2 trailer leaked earlier today so they're probably close to restoring all of the services
  3. Yooka Laylee is damn good...between that and Trine 4 its a great time to be a fan of 2D platformers/sidescrollers.
  4. It actually looks much worse than Witcher 2 which was a last gen game.
  5. Its a blurry mess, but Witcher 3 should be experienced by as many people as possible so if this gets the sheep to play it then so be it.
  6. Crazy events like this are one of the things keeping this game so popular. Basically removing the entire world and ability to play anything is such a ballsy move, but all it does is generate more hype and makes people more interested in jumping back in when everything goes live again.
  7. Yeah, it looks really sharp. I’m looking forward to playing this game.
  8. Twinblade


    Any hint of an opinion on the costume not being racist/blackface immediately results in a ban....silly place.
  9. Twinblade

    Who saw Joker?

    I just saw it. Im still trying to process the entire movie, but i really enjoyed. The realistic depiction of Joker and his descent into madness was handled exceptionally well. Definitely one of the best 'superhero' themed movies i've seen.
  10. now that i think about it i won't even be able to install this on my current 240 gig ssd
  11. I bought it and played the first few levels. game is pretty good, gameplay wise it almost feels like Donkey Kong Country in some ways. The metroidvania elements in the overworld are also a neat touch.