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  1. The Witcher has already been renewed for a 2nd season. All signs continue to point to this show owning https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/13/netflixs-the-witcher-gets-season-2-order
  2. I know Days Gone was a big seller but its kind of crazy to see that it topped the charts in Japan as well
  3. I got bored of the pokemon gameplay loop ages ago, but props to those who are still into it.
  4. Ill quote myself from the other thread I had a better time with BFV War in the Pacific.
  5. This is literally the first time i've heard of this game lol.
  6. Yeah, i can't see this having much appeal to the average gamer. Anyone hasn't been living under a rock has already played most of those games. Even if you happen to be interested in a (timed) exclusive like Gylt then you still have to buy the game AND pay the $10 for a subscription to play it. Its just not a good deal for anyone but the most casual of gamers (and even a lot of those people have played the biggest games by now).
  7. the ziplines are cool af btw. I helped link together 4 in a row with my biggest contribution being a path that goes right over a BT area and as a result it can be skipped altogether
  8. You know what sucks about those moments, i think they're only triggered when you take a specific path to the objective. There have been a couple of times where i complete a order at a new station and receive the notification that a new track was unlocked but I never actually heard it on my run.
  9. How you guys doing state wise? here’s where I’m currently at 184 Porter Grade 37.3k likes 27 hours playtime
  10. that gylt game actually looks good, ill play it once it comes to other platforms.
  11. It actually looks like a fun kids movie.
  12. Even with the tank controls i think in some ways the Onimusha remaster holds up better than DMC. But at the same time there haven't been recent games in that series that have modernized and refined the mechanics (unlike with DMC).
  13. I finished Ruiner @Ramza i definitely recommend it if you're looking for a mindless top down shooter with some cool mechanics. Its short too, only about 5 hours long if you make a beeline through the story (there are some basic side missions you can try to complete that probably add another hour or 2). edit: The soundtrack is also pretty cool, lots of mellow tracks that really fit the cyberpunk theme