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  1. Dont judge me but I actually thought that movie was good
  2. the segment at 0:55 is divine. Shit always got me really pumped up in the original game. edit: nvm, it doesn't sound as good here
  3. Those visuals are terrible If Borderlands and Overwatch got together and had the world's ugliest baby, it would be this. edit: the music track at 1:00 this is going to be awful
  4. Jim Sterling of all people has been gushing about it Im tempted to check it out.
  5. You guys are too desperate. That looks like a high end 3D model BEFORE it gets a lower poly pass to get turned into a game asset.
  6. Dailymail is saying that there were indeed 9 people on board, so 9 total fatalities.
  7. But what about the pilot? That would mean there would have been 6 fatalities. It doesn't add up. edit: voidler beat me to it.
  8. Damn, thats terrible. I feel like helicopter crashes are becoming more and more common, im definitely never getting in one of those things.
  9. Twinblade


    I would have passed on little gems like Ape Out, Ruiner, and Horace if not for EGS. Awesome store that blows steam away
  10. Nice. The earlier parts are universally considered to be the weakest, so if you're already liking it then thats a good sign.
  11. I just watched the 2018 belgian/french movie Kursk. Its about the Russian submarine disaster and how botched the whole rescue attempt was. Interesting part is that I came across a video of a wife of one of the sailors who died flipping out at officials from the Russian Navy. The crazy thing here is that they thought she was out of control enough that it would be a good idea to just freakin inject her with a sedative against her will and then carry her out of the room on a stretcher
  12. That would be cool, but i think konami is still making a lot of money through pachinko machines tied to these IPs so i don't see them easily giving up these licenses.
  13. Yeah the dopamine release caused by porn messes with your mind.
  14. Stadia neck and neck with Linux and AR Headsets