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  1. I bought Telling Lies. It just throws you right in with no context or setup. I’m so confused right now
  2. I actually appreciate how janky and outdated it looks. Im pretty sure the developers went out of their way to make sure it plays and feels just like the original games.
  3. He was fucking awesome in quarry, what an underrated show. Upgrade was good too.
  4. The hell, this guy got Logan Marshall Green to play one of the characters.
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/telling-lies-review-false-faces/1900-6417274/ THE GOOD Well-written, nuanced, and twisting story Strong performances add a lot of depth You dictate what the story means to you Smart navigation mechanics make it easy to chase leads THE BAD Requires a lot of self-motivation Disjointed story structure means revelations are all over the place Ends abruptly and without a lot of player agency Also has a 84 on MC. I think im gonna buy this, Her Story was a neat concept.
  6. Saw Ready or Not, pretty clever and fun movie. definitely recommend it for anyone who likes horror/comedy flicks.
  7. There were some good moments, but i wasn't too impressed with S6 of The 100 overall. In fact it was probably my least favorite season of it since the first one.
  8. Looks cool, i just hope the environments are more varied then they look. Its a lot of box shaped rooms and structures judging by all the media we've seen.
  9. Basically by just crushing a bunch of fruits/vegetables
  10. its obvious they tried to strike a deal with MS and they didn't give a shit.
  11. The moment when he delivers the package and that whole menu comes up is a huge red flag for me. I feel like a lot of the gameplay is just going to consist of you going around this empty open world delivering packages. Shit's going to be pretty boring if thats the case.
  12. plowed through The Boys, it was really entertaining. The themes and tone were nothing like you'd expect from your typical superhero based property, and I really appreciated it for that.