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  1. i dunno, I found the remakes to be a lot more enjoyable and nowhere near as frustrating. Outside of that bridge level (fuck it to hell) the difficulty felt more reasonable.
  2. Comes out November 16th. The combat seems so silly and unnecessary but everything else looks pretty good.
  3. Theres a new V/H/S movie coming out and it looks nuts
  4. I found crash 4 pretty underwhelming. The difficultly is simply completely excessive (especially in those last levels) that it really ruined the fun factor for me.
  5. Dude probably snapped and pushed her off a cliff somewhere.
  6. Impressive numbers. Hopefully they can invest more on the technical side of things with the next installment. The game looks good but the stiff character animations (especially lip syncing) in the cutscenes feel like they belong in the PS2/Xbox era. I almost want to switch to the Japanese VA just to see if the dialogue lines up better with the lips.
  7. Reviewers are such pansies nowadays. I guess some sites panned the game because they were offended by how it depicts sexual assault. Here’s a excerpt from Polygon Regarding its most sensitive subject matter — the depiction of sexual harassment — Lost Judgment fumbles and oftentimes spectacularly fails. One specific instance effectively undermines survivors of sexual harassment speaking out against abuse, all for the sake of a twist. Additionally, while Lost Judgment doesn’t hide the fact that extremely serious topics will be discussed, and serve as integral plot points, players may no
  8. So many illegal immigrants given sanctuary make it hard to tell which population statistics can be taken seriously. All I know is that I hear nothing but complaints from people who live in cali, especially in the major cities. The GB guys for example were always complaining about power outages, the smoke smell from nearby fires, water shortages, having to dodge needles and shady homeless people when walking down the street. But of course they continue to vote for liberal politicians who are content with not making any changes. I also know a game developer over there who should have a
  9. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-5/lost-judgment GS and IGN flopped it (7.0) but it’s doing better than the first game at most other sites
  10. There is nothing dishonest about it, theres a reason people are moving out of the state in record numbers.
  11. Looks like its because of a issue with the PS5 version You cows have some explaining to do
  12. They probably need more time to polish it so they don't have another BF4 situation, where the game releases across 2 gens but doesn't work properly on any system for several weeks.
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