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  1. Didn't think Sims was that popular, the other games aren't too surprising. Casuals and kids eat them up.
  2. Started watching The Staircase (the show, not the documentary series)
  3. I need to see more and of it and also hear impressions from players when it releases. Its supposedly made by 2 people but somehow has 15-30 hours of gameplay, which is a pretty big red flag for me.
  4. hmm it has some potential but looks more like a generic action shooter than a old school horror game if ill be honest.
  5. The work together segment is legit amazing it comes off as satire until you realize its actually real.
  6. The only games Xbox has this year are multiplats, most of which will be best on PS5
  7. Are you kidding me? It goes against the exact narrative that the left has been pushing. Here’s an actual quote from Biden And today, in state after state, Republican state legislatures are engaged in an unprecedented effort to suppress the sacred right to vote and subvert the American bedrock of free and fair elections. How can there be voter suppression when MORE people than ever before are able vote? from an interview today ‘They also detailed an interaction with a Black voter at one polling location who expressed surprise over how easy it was to cast
  8. Musk jokes around with all kinds of people on Twitter, I don’t see how this is indicative of anything.
  9. https://sos.ga.gov/news/georgia-election-law-results-record-early-voting-turnout How is this happening? Voter turnout is up across the board including for minorities, despite the democrats trying to convince us that we’re heading back to the Jim Crow era because of Georgia’s new ‘voter suppression’ law. More deceit and lies from the democrat party. But somehow this is the party of kindness, and not of division & hate….
  10. yeah they’ve done a lot of good work on it apparently and it’s still very popular, which explains why they can experiment with other games like The Last Campfire. I would definitely like to see an expanded sequel to it eventually, with more puzzles, more areas, etc.
  11. He just called the recent gas price hikes an 'incredible transition' The guy says or does something meme worthy on a daily basis. I guess thats the one good thing you can say about his presidency, its been fairly entertaining even if not for the right reasons.
  12. I decided to give Observer System Redux a try. This game's aesthetic and vibe is just plain awesome. Its like a playable Blade Runner movie.
  13. hard to believe it came from the studio that made the flop that was No Man's Sky
  14. Biden wearing a mask when he gets off the plane and then removing it the moment he starts talking to people right in front of him was actually the best part of that.
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