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  1. Metro is solid so far. The intro is actually really well done and they layer on A LOT when it comes to setting up characters and plot points. It feels way more fleshed out than the previous games in that regard. The shooting mechanics were never that good imo and they haven't aged well at all though. Im also skeptical of the open world stuff, but we'll see how that turns out (the beginning of the game is entirely linear).
  2. Lol these pics are supposed to be cinematic. I doubt the blacks would be that pronounced if we were in those locations in person.
  3. This isn't remotely realistic. Look how bright the light outside is, theres no way those corners would be pitch black.
  4. wow, its actually managing to exceed expectations when it comes to how bad we thought it would be
  5. I haven't kept up with recent disney movies, but the tangled world was the best one in KH3 imo. Im surprised that disney never made a sequel to that movie.
  6. Yeah that was one of the tougher ones too. At first I didn't realize you had to protect the ground units so I let a bunch of them die
  7. Wuutt. The cloud stuff is cool and it’s not even that big of a part of the game. Most missions don’t even use them.
  8. I had no idea there was a tabletop game, but I did just browse the site and I was surprised at how elaborately put together it is. It does seem likely that this is marketing for some kind of triple A property.
  9. Yeah, unless they managed to bring back members of the original team (especially Brian Mitsoda) i wouldn't have high expectations for it.
  10. Its a pretty big stretch to assume this is a new VTMB game.
  11. this game has been in development for what feels like forever and to not include a feature that is standard in every multiplayer mode nowadays is definitely inexcusable...
  12. Its overrated if ill be honest. I only play 3-4 matches a day and im already starting to get tired of it.
  13. watching Sex Education....this show is hilarious.