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  1. The whole point of this thread went right over your head. All im saying is that the time and resources that school districts are dedicating to try and incorporate CRT into their curriculums (which has no benefit to anyone) could be better spent educating students on crime and its consequences. If you had bothered watching even snippets of the documentaries, you'd see that many of those perps were arrested while underage and then charged as adults in violent crimes including murder. Many had no idea what they were getting themselves into but now you see their remorse as they spend the rest of t
  2. Cowboy Bebop.....is actually not bad? Might help that I haven't seen the anime in years so my memory of it is hazy, but Im halfway through and dig most of what i've seen. The tone seems off at times and im not sure the casting choices are that accurate but the production values are fantastic and the action scenes are pretty fun.
  3. Ratchet and Returnal for the entire year is pretty pathetic
  4. Watched the final season of Hanna on amazon. It definitely lacked focus and was the weakest of the 3, doesn't help that they crammed everything into just 6 episodes. It was still a decent ending for the series, and I didn't expect them to be able to match the quality of the first season anyway. It was great and honestly one of the best things i've seen in amazon's show catalog.
  5. damn, I might have to get it. the roguelike aspect was just really unappealing to me when it came out.
  6. I thought Demon's Souls had really good lighting effects and atmosphere for its time, but the problem is that since then they've been using the same engine with relatively minor improvements for each of their games.
  7. Watched Hellbound, it was pretty good. Story seems kind of cheesy at first but the way they develop it is pretty clever, and it covers some interesting ground in regards to religion. Dark as fuck too, shit honestly made me feel depressed at times
  8. Interesting how Florida now has the lowest daily case rate in the country, despite also having the least amount of restrictions
  9. There are no alt right posts on this forum. There is just common sense which is in short supply in liberal brains right now.
  10. Never ended up finishing it but I recommend checking it out. It’s one of the better Souls-like games.
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/11/24/halo-infinite-might-be-throwing-the-worst-live-event-ive-ever-seen/?sh=60c3f42b6175 This is legitimately the worst progression system i've ever seen. The battle pass by itself was bad enough but the way they're setting up the live events is just appalling. I think about jumping back into the game all the time but reading stuff like this quickly makes me lose that motivation. This makes Battlefront 2's loot boxes look appealing.
  12. Just finished Sherlock Holmes Chapter One after 25 hours. Its a pretty meaty game and I did most of the side missions I encountered. Some of them are very elaborate and cleverly designed. The game overall was very solid and feels like a refinement on the ideas presented in The Sinking City, the studio's previous game (which I enjoyed but was pretty flawed). The investigation mechanics here are deeper though and the way they make you feel like a real detective at times is great. There are actually many cases where you're presented with multiple suspects of the crime being investigat
  13. I think the lack of marketing was the bigger issue. There are plenty of EGS exclusive games that do well, but I don't think TWEWY is a series that would have resonated much with the average PC gamer.
  14. BFV still looks great, but most of this video is comparing it with the remade 1942 assets, which aren't exactly pushing any boundaries. When it comes to the base game the 128 players, significantly larger maps, and weather events like the tornado make it far more impressive. The one downside is that the maps are definitely a bit sparse, and not as detailed as they could have been. That was a necessary sacrifice for the increased scale im guessing. Once they finally drop last gen consoles and go 100% in on current gen, I think we'll see some more impressive stuff though.
  15. What are you implying? The OP right from the start mentioned QAnon so it was a pretty obvious where this was going to go.
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