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  1. The original? 2 apparently adds a lot of crucial quality of life improvements to its gameplay. I started with that one and had a damn great time.
  2. When I heard about this game I was suddenly reminded of that P5 Dynasty Warriors spin off. The hell happened to that one, it actually looked pretty cool.
  3. Its got some cool shit in it breh. They do a lot with what was clearly a small budget.
  4. The game is fine, but im pretty disappointed that they didn't even attempt make any much needed improvements to some of its systems. The camera for example is still one of the worst in this type of game, often responsible for a good amount of my deaths. Then theres the smaller quirks, like killing an enemy that drops an item but because the ragdoll fell off a platform the item went along with it. They could have made improvements to that stuff without actually messing with the DNA of the game, as it stands it plays it too safe.
  5. I mean its fairly obvious if you just use your eyes. One of the PS5's premier launch titles is on PS4 and doesn't look significantly better than that version. The other, Demon's Souls, looks great but could have been made on PS4 with some minor sacrifices.
  6. I can't believe I missed this. Everyone who thought diminishing returns weren't a reality.....you have been destroyed
  7. I think sheepkilla/gs4u, jimbo, and vgking are the only 'permed' users. Im not sure what sheepkilla did exactly, but the other 2 (especially jimbo) are never coming back.
  8. I've never had close to this much trouble in any of the Yakuza games. Even if I do end up dying a few times I can usually figure out a strategy to win on the next attempts. Here I just don't see any path to victory besides grinding to bridge the gap in levels between your characters and the bosses which feels like incredibly dated design.
  9. Yakuza 7 is really bumming me out. I just can't wrap my head around these ridiculous difficulty spikes towards the end. I was enjoying the turn based combat but if this is how they're going to balance it then i'd much rather have the traditional combat. The bosses can attack multiple times in a single turn, and can sometimes OHK characters in that single turn. And they will actually target Ichiban (the main character) with those OHK attacks, and when he dies its game over. So there are times where im almost immediately losing without even being able to put up a fight. I
  10. its baffling that they thought a glorified dungeon crawling gaas RPG was the best format for this type of game. All they had to do was make a focused Uncharted-like experience with tighter mechanics and a bunch of bombastic set pieces, and it would have been way better overall.
  11. the site will crash again and the few people able to get them will be scalpers using bots.
  12. Steam is a joke nowadays compared to EGS anyway get ghostrunner.
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8986821/Diego-Maradona-died-suffering-cardiac-arrest-according-reports.html Still so young, RIP
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