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  1. well since dyno is convinced its going to happen that confirms that its not. Lets all rejoice and celebrate the good news
  2. People are retarded, she is a voice actress who likely had 0 input on the game's story and characters.
  3. I just read that they might put her in the same prison where epstein 'committed suicide' The plan to silence her is already in motion, can you believe it.
  4. K. Ill be sure to bump this thread when every other next gen game is confirmed to be $60.
  5. No, im just thinking logically. Most increases in developmental costs will be made irrelevant by increases in technology and better workflows Why do you think games like this, made almost entirely by 1 person are able to exist? The tools, workflows, available learning materials, asset stores, etc are better now than they ever were before.
  6. Why does that game look so familiar....oh yeah thats right, its because I played it 3 years ago and have moved on to other games since then.
  7. PC gaming in a nutshell: Buying $2000 worth of equipment to play 3 year old hand me downs
  8. Nobody will follow suit once take two's experiment fails.
  9. The only PC game im playing right now is Valorant, which looks like it could run on the original xbox
  10. That list is actually pretty sad when you look at it. PC gamers are so starved for games that they have no choice but to look forward to console ports.
  11. Publishers just need an excuse to squeeze more money out of consumers. Why do you think microtransactions and DLC have become such a focus lately? Also, This game is releasing in 2 months. Why did they suddenly realize that the next gen version needs to be more expensive? Surely if they planned their development costs correctly, they'd realize they would have to sell it at a higher price much earlier? Sterling nailed it in this video
  12. Season 2 of Hanna is out on prime video. I really liked the first one despite the mixed reception, and apparently this one is a noticeable improvement (since they no longer have to adhere to the source material).