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  1. They had to cut down a $3.5 trillion bill to a meager $750 billion one. Please tell me how thats a victory for the democrats? You sure do like setting the bar low.
  2. Finished Terminal List. That was a lot of fun. Low Testosterone Snowflakes hbo
  3. Look at the disparity between the critic reviews and what the average people thinks of it. You really think this makes sense? There is clearly an agenda at work here
  4. Yeah because I don't want to be reminded of a pandemic that was shoved in my face every day for 2 years when Im trying to enjoy a non fiction show. I don't understand why that triggers you so much.
  5. Im on the 5th episode and I don't understand what all the bitching and moaning is about. Its basically a grittier Jack Ryan.
  6. Oh no! Not country music! Absolutely embarrassing what snowflakes complain about nowadays. I just finished the first episode and its pretty solid so far. Looking forward to watching the rest.
  7. Anyone watch The Terminal List on Amazon? This show has been the source of a lot of controversy lately. The critics panned it but it’s getting praised by pretty much everyone else. Apparently it’s subject matter is anti-woke which has upset a very specific group of people…
  8. Some of these are so ridiculous its hard to not be amused Companies just didn't give a fuck and its unfortunate that everyone nowadays is so easily offended
  9. The facial animations are still incredible. This scene in particular still sounds out
  10. Have you guys heard about whats happening with HBO Max? They're apparently merging the service with Discovery and cutting a lot of the scripted content they're known for in favor of stuff that would normally be on Discover and appeal to that base (like unscripted animal shows/documentaries). Really bizarre to say the least.
  11. Just amazing, you're actually trying to now blame Trump for the recession. First it was Covid, then it was Putin, and now its Trump. You liberals really have no dignity whatsoever.
  12. So if Biden is going to claim these new job numbers as a win, then you agree that he should also claim responsibility for the recession we are currently in?
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