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  1. just got back from Halloween. It was fantastic! Some good tension and lots of fucked up moments, but it was also surprisingly funny. probably the best horror movie i've seen in a long time.
  2. i have to admit i got stuck on the puzzle with the minotaur (where you put the limbs in order) and havent played it since
  3. im guessing you somehow missed the dozens of posts filled with universal praise about the game. Just try it.
  4. Chronicles of Souls actually seems pretty cool. They should have fleshed it out a bit more (maybe with some 3D cutscenes) and just scrapped Libra altogether. The fighting definitely doesn’t feel great, and the gimmicks (like the reversal edges) are distracting and don’t work well. I don’t like how the tutorial is structured either. They just dump all these moves, counters, etc on you all at once and expect you to memorize everything. As someone who hasn’t played SC in years it feels like way too much.
  5. i played through a bit of SC6. Im not too thrilled with it so far. Its got soooooooo many different systems working in tandem, that i feel completely overwhelmed. Im sure thats great for fighting game fans but what I like about Soul Calibur is its accessibility and simplicity. Ill have to keep playing but it doesn't leave the best first impression.
  6. I think you might like it. Im not even into trading card games in general, but Gwent just clicked with me so it might with you as well if you give it a fair shot.
  7. Nope, the console versions are releasing later this year.
  8. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/thronebreaker-the-witcher-tales-review-queen-of-ca/1900-6417014/ CDPR
  9. Apostle on netflix, from the director of the Raid movies was pretty good. Some real fucked up stuff happens in it.
  10. I didn't play the original but thats the thing, because they included all the levels and reworked them it makes sense to wait for 2. Its the ultimate package for people who never tried the 2016 one.
  11. So who’s getting this on pc? Just read that it doesn’t have crossplay whichc kind of sucks.
  12. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/soulcalibur-6-review-transcending-history/1900-6417012/ Seems pretty damn good. IGN also reviewed it and gave it a 8.9. I haven’t played the last few SC games but this sounds like the perfect game to jump back into the series with.