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  1. I just got back from They Shall Not Grow Old. Direction and content wise its pretty standard fare as far as documentaries are concerned. Its all purely based on the experience of the soldiers as well, it doesn't delve into how the war started or the politics side of things. That said the restored footage was amazing. There were definitely some parts where some of the colors looked a bit unconvincing, but as a whole it was extremely impressive. I saw it in 3D (only type of showing in my area) but i think it added to the experience. The closeups of the soldiers in particular were actually kind of eerie with how realistic the coloring looked.
  2. This teases a lot of new characters and environments they haven't shown before. Game is going to be epic
  3. same here, i had some real nostalgia moments when playing the games im curious to hear your opinion on them after so many years.
  4. The GranBlue game does look really good. I feel like scripted events involving destruction have always been the weakpoint of japanese games that try to pull that off, but it looks sharp here.
  5. My bad, but it looks like quote chains retain the content of the original post even if it gets deleted so the picture was still visible.
  6. I deleted all the posts with those pictures. I know you run the forum cooke, but randomly posting that stuff shouldn't be acceptable even for you. If you disagree then you can remove my abilty to delete posts.
  7. i just finished it, it was insane. They also somehow continue to top themselves when it comes to how dark they can make the subject matter.
  8. I finished The Messenger. It was a really clever, elaborately designed little game. I wasn't a huge fan of how it changed things up later on, but i eventually got used to it. The level design is really good, and it has its fair share of challenging moments.
  9. I can't believe the game is finally releasing next month. It feels like its been in development forever.
  10. You guys don't understand, Travis Strikes Again exists to see if theres enough interest in the series for a NMH3. Unfortunately its looking bad enough that it will probably flop resulting in a NMH3 never actually being greenlit and put into production.
  11. finally catching up on The 100. A few episodes into s5 and its been terrific so far.
  12. FFXV's combat isn't bad, it just needs some more variety to its moves and mechanics. The Xenoblade series is just terrible. Awful MMO quality combat. The massive hitboxes and detached feeling it gives you is just lame, you spam the hotkeys and watch the clunky animations and transitions play out, just like the average MMO.