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  1. Its got a very positive rating on steam right now. It seems that they are slowly improving it, though the story mode apparently still lacks a lot of content. Once they improve that ill definitely give it a try. I didn't realize until DQ Builders 2 and Spiritfarer that im actually into these campaign focused building/survival games.
  2. If they cut this to focus on games that would be one thing, but they're also canning Japan studio which makes me think thats not their biggest focus either right now. Im really not as excited about PS5's future as I was about PS3 and 4.
  3. Bloodborne I get, but literally nothing in either trailer made me think of Fire Emblem
  4. Looks like a standard turn based game. Fire Emblem didn't invent this genre you know lol
  5. you must be confused because I haven't watched a second of that show lol
  6. Where did you get Fire Emblem from? Theres no gameplay in that trailer.
  7. lol dude they aren’t going to just stealth release a pc version of FF7. If it does come to pc it’s going to be a while
  8. I heard the denuvo drm is causing the crashing/loading issues But make sure you keep 2 copies of the same save file, just to be on the safe side. I got a crash while loading a save which could cause it to become corrupted.
  9. Wondering if they’ve improved the game, especially when it comes to the amount of content available.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9315015/Biden-cancels-Dr-Seuss-leaves-mention-childrens-favorite-Read-America-day.html You have got to be kidding me Man it must suck to be a kid growing up during this generation.
  11. CoD is trash. Battlefield is going to once again make it an irrelevant franchise later this year.
  12. This is the only game I considered subscribing for but its fucking retarded how its only up for a limited time.
  13. It sticks out more than anything in mine. My cousin came over when I got it, took one look and immediately said 'holy shit that thing is huge'
  14. I was baiting with this thread (though it was a good speech) but Trump being dead set on running again is bad news for the GOP. He would easily beat any republicans who ran against him including Nikki Haley and Candance Owens, but he simply doesn't have enough support in the general population to be able to beat Sleepy Joe again. Unless Biden really fucks up during the next 4 years (and tbh hes already started shitting on the country) the democrats would win again.
  15. Btw I have to say even though the game re-uses a lot of stuff from P5, the original stuff like the dungeon music is pretty awesome
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