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  1. RE8 tries to juggle too many themes and concepts at the same time I feel. I hope 9 does go back to the simplicity of 7 when it comes to the concept and storytelling, but continues to add more depth and complexity to the gameplay systems.
  2. Ahh I thought you would have liked the last environment more. The encounters with the new enemy type there were pretty intense.
  3. I can't believe this is the same company that made Vampyr. Boy how much they've fallen.
  4. One gripe I have with the game is that the RE4 similarities just put into perspective how ahead of its time that game was. More weapons, more upgrades, more enemy types, more depth to the combat (being able to stun enemies and then melee them afterwards was bad ass and added a dynamic element to the combat). 16 years later and capcom has yet to nail that formula again even when they try to mimic it.
  5. They're retarded. Theres been no real gaming news lately so now would be the perfect time to drop a trailer and get everyone talking about it until the full reveal at E3.
  6. great job dice. Tease people in April for a reveal that won't happen until June. 'Soon' my ass
  7. About to jump back in with New Game+ on hard. Actually pretty eager to replay it, so the game definitely left a very good impression on me despite my issues with it.
  8. I want to see more of BF6, Lost Judgment, and Tales but I’m not sure what else to expect.
  9. Except it’s already longer than it should be https://www.ign.com/articles/opinion-returnal-isnt-too-hard-its-just-too-long
  10. Finished The Innocent. That was pretty dope! Best foreign crime drama i've seen since Giri/Haji
  11. I might get these. Im not normally a fan of pure visual novels but this seems to have some more interactive elements than the average one.
  12. Thats probably my least favorite part, but it picks up again afterwards.
  13. Just finished it. Took me 10 hours and thats having taken my time as much as possible (I I only missed one of the treasures, and 1 fish) so It is a bit on the shorter side. Also, the amount of different studios and production companies in the credits is kind of crazy. Its surprising that the game came together as well as it did given just how much content from art, to animation, to programming was outsourced. Anyway some quick thoughts on the story
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