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  1. Im playing it on PC but I keep thinking about how great it would look and play on the deck. Probably one of the better games for it.
  2. If its just a remaster that didn't even get a significant graphical upgrade then thats a big fail.
  3. I have good memory or I would have had to look up a guide after that ending
  4. Damn, that looks impressive. A lot more visual detail than in the first game.
  5. Like I've been saying for a while now.....Switch has this year locked down
  6. @-GD-Xthats technically the 2nd ending you can get. There's a funny reference to the first game
  7. Yeah, I think that's the first ending most people are going to end up getting. Im deep into the other path atm, and I think I already have the 'info' that you would need in order to trigger the other branch at the very beginning of the game. But Im going to see this one to the end before I do that.
  8. what the hell I didn't realize Nintendo's quality control was that bad. I guess im lucky because I only had to send mine in once.
  9. You should definitely send the joycons to Nintendo for repair. I was having a rough time with mine until I got them fixed.
  10. The shaders and FX work, especially during the Somniums definitely seem more advanced.
  11. Got the first ending after around 9-10 hours. Very abrupt but thats to be expected. I think i have an idea of how the different paths are diverging and its pretty neat what they're doing storytelling wise.
  12. I have no life so I spend almost every weekend just playing games Im 8 hours in.
  13. They added some interesting mechanics to the Somniums and investigations in general.
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