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  1. A Skyrim mod remade as a standalone game, apparently its really good. Anyone here have any experience with the original?
  2. So yeah its really sharp on the switch including in handheld mode. Haven't noticed any jaggies on the models or anything.
  3. I got both these and TWEWY in which is apparently 50 hours long Its gonna take me close to 2 months to finish all 3.
  4. Damn thats a lot of fuckin time honestly Still very excited, about to start playing it now
  5. I bought it and played 2 matches. I died like 30 times and got maybe 3 or 4 kills game is hardcore and much harder than verdun.
  6. Yeah that dungeon was such a slog to get through. I almost wasn't sure I wanted to keep playing it at that point either. Its such a shame because most of the other dungeons were pretty well paced.
  7. @kaz Any interest in Hell Let Loose? It leaves early access tomorrow, and people have a lot of good things to say about it. It basically seems to be a higher budget version of Verdun but set in WW2. Supports 100 player matches and has vehicles
  8. Nope. Most PS5 games really aren’t that large, CoD is the outlier because their optimization blows.
  9. I kinda want to check out Tannenberg now but apparently the player base is tiny and i don't want to just play against bots. Maybe they'll put it up for free on EGS as well.
  10. Switch = definitive version because its the only one getting a hard copy
  11. well if the journalists like it then that makes it more likely that us fans will like it as well.
  12. Most if not all of the Flight Simulator games were developed by studios not owned by MS. It’s probably not a big enough franchise to warrant purchasing and maintaining a studio if I were to guess.
  13. On a side note NEO is also 85 on MC. Great time to be a weaboo
  14. Getting both NEO TWEWY and this tomorrow , but starting this first. Its been too long since I got my Ace Attorney fix
  15. https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/the-great-ace-attorney-chronicles 85 average so far
  16. or it can be like Battlefield where you just drop dead when out of bounds for too long
  17. I’m not saying Tom Brady has specifically kneeled before, but he’s clearly part of the group of attention whores doing their best to infuse their political views into their respective sport. People turn to sports for FUN, and to distract themselves from all the bullshit in the world. The last thing they want is out of touch millionaires lecturing them on politics. And football, the biggest sport in the country is plummeting in popularity for that same reason in case you haven’t noticed. The super bowl numbers this year were laughable.
  18. yeah. BTW not really related but I have to say the Series X controller is very good. The clickiness of the dpad feels great and its also more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time (probably due to the bumpy grips).
  19. Yeah the limited sprint worked in BF2. Apparently BF2042 is going to have a 'tactical sprint' feature which means that you'll be able to sprint extra quickly for a short period of time, so that should be interesting.
  20. I was definitely able to get a few kills with the revolver from across the map maybe they were just lucky shots. BF is a different game though. A stamina bar wouldn't really work that well because theres a lot of distance between control points so constantly having to stop to save stamina would have a negative effect on the pacing.
  21. My 2nd match was all human players and needless to say I got my ass handed to me Getting hit anywhere in the torso (even with a pistol) is an automatic kill so its tough to get through no man's land given how fragile you are.
  22. Just finished it. Solid 8/10 game. Story actually gets pretty damn dark and morbid by the end even with the light hearted style and charm.
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