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  1. Copshop was awesome One of the best movies i've seen this year.
  2. Nope, for some reason democrats and their followers are immune to prosecution for anything.
  3. GS review https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/the-dark-pictures-anthology-house-of-ashes-review-the-descent/1900-6417766/ This stood out to me more than anything else 'The Middle East is rarely used as a video game setting outside of your typical jingoistic military shooter ... some of the game's topics--including critiques of the war in Iraq--justify its setting' For fucks sake....can we please keep this type of political bullshit out of games?
  4. They're bringing back Saints Row after 8 years but doing nothing new or meaningful with it, what's even the point? This looks like it could have been an expansion for the last game in the series.
  5. Ray Tracing would have no real impact on the visuals. There are practically no reflective surfaces in the game.
  6. Or maybe he was attacked by a gator, managed to escape but was wounded to the point where he killed himself because he knew there was no chance he would survive the wounds.
  7. hmm I don't know about that. The guy seems like a huge narcissist, and not the type who would willingly off himself.
  8. So apparently the remains were just skull and bones....and some items of his were found right next to it. Theres no way it can be him though, I doubt his body would turn skeletal in such a short period of time.
  9. So yeah, they made a bunch of improvements/additions since the beta. Especially in terms of UI, HUD, pre and post round cutscenes, etc They also revealed the last 5 specialists. Im not really a fan of some of these abilities, the Korean girl's wall hack in particular just seems straight up broken
  10. https://www.ign.com/articles/the-dark-pictures-anthology-house-of-ashes-review Sounds pretty good
  11. Bumping this thread, because they just found human remains in the Florida reserve and it looks like it might be him https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10112585/FBI-police-articles-belonging-Brian-Laundrie-25-000-acre-nature-reserve.html
  12. I just finished it. It was good, but I definitely had issues with Nicholas' segments. It tried to incorporate too many gameplay styles and had a pretty annoying amount of jump scares. It felt like streamer bait, designed to make people flinch and jump as much as possible just to generate interest from the steam horror game crowd, but at the expense of actual tension and atmosphere. The Adam sections were much more entertaining though. Lots of exploration, cool puzzles, and like you said Adam and Emma were very compelling and I felt far more motivated in seeing their story through t
  13. https://venturebeat.com/2021/10/20/next-gen-cyberpunk-2077-and-witcher-3-release-now-set-for-2022/ You can't make this up. They delayed the next gen console version of Cyberpunk to 2022, so they could finish the Witcher 3 update but now thats been delayed too
  14. Yes, they're fantastic. 2 of the best stories this gen. Lots of funny and interesting optional content as well.
  15. I watched the first 2 episodes of Chucky. Its such a dumb guilty pleasure but I dig it
  16. Yeah its a great game. The only thing that kind of bummed me out was how toned down some of the violence was compared to the original. Im hoping the next parts are a bit darker and more in line with the original in that regard.
  17. The chapter I just did was very cool. So far the Modern day segments are quite a bit more enjoyable than the ones set in the past.
  18. Nah, they have a very successful and talented team over in Sweden building the most technically impressive and ambitious MP shooter franchise out there.
  19. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-co-creator-joins-ea-to-start-new-studio-working-on-first-person-games/1100-6497202/ Damn, EA is going all out with their FPS hires. They've got a bunch of big names from CoD and now they're grabbing up Halo folks. They're really trying to take the genre over.
  20. @kaz I was in the mood for a horror game so I bought The Beast Inside. Its interesting so far, but they really do like to pile on the jump scares huh
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