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  1. Save 20% on Riviera: The Promised Land on Steam (steampowered.com) One of my favorite handheld RPGs. Def worth trying.
  2. Biden is a lost cause and needs to be replaced if the democrats want any hope of winning this year.
  3. Nobody wants to Die is going to be one of this year's sleeper hits. This game has such an awesome look and atmosphere. Plus its a legitimately interesting detective game that almost reminds me of a futuristic LA Noire with its noir vibe
  4. Still in the intro but DAMMMN this game is impressive as fuck visually. Hard to believe they basically dropped this game out of the blue with almost no marketing or anything. It reminds me of that UE tech demo from back in the idea but actually in real time.
  5. It’s out right now. Only $25 but It’s only a handful of hours long apparently.
  6. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/flintlock-the-siege-of-dawn-review-gunpowder-and-deicide/1900-6418250/ Seems alright. Definitely a good fit for GP.
  7. i grabbed it but i have no intention of even trying it.
  8. Played a bit of the intro. Game is solid so far, but I was hoping they would do a bit more work to the port. Animated cutscenes and all the 2D text/artwork are noticeably pixelated and low res. Music quality is also untouched from the psp version. The 3d gameplay graphics look pretty sharp though so that’s good. Trophy support is also a nice addition.
  9. 79 at MC so far. Pretty good reviews Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess - Metacritic
  10. This still looks kind of sick. And it releases in just 2 days, could be a sleeper hit.
  11. good god JD Vance being VP is just insane to me. its only going to get worse from here.
  12. On a positive note, earlier this year I thought Creatine wasn't for me because I was suddenly getting moments of lightheadedness around the time I started taking it. It looks like that was either from allergies or as a result of starting to diet more and my body not being used to that. I started it up again (a 2.5g dose) and after a month I feel fine. Probably going to up it to 5g soon and see how my body responds to that.
  13. Yeah it ultimately comes down to genetics and what your body type is. Tyler Path has been training for 10 years but despite being super fit and relatively strong he's small and practically a feather at 135lbs. As far as goals are concerned his physique is more realistic and something I think with a lot of hard work I could potentially come close to.
  14. @-GD-Xthought you'd be interested in knowing that I got my estrogen levels tested and its within a normal range. I guess shitty genetics is just to blame for most of my problems
  15. I thought this game was over but England tying was a surprise. Things just got way more interesting.
  16. i thought i'd be more surprised, but the republican party is crazy divided right now. Those who love trump really love him, those who hate him really hate him.
  17. I just looked that up and it looks awesome. Gonna try the demo thats available.
  18. They're saying the shooter was a 20 year old from pennsylvania
  19. What I will say about Another Crab's Treasure is that it does start to outstay its welcome. I think im at the very end but I feel the game should have ended several hours before.
  20. Apparently Biden said this a few days ago "We’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye." Talk about poor timing
  21. There's footage of what looks like a body on a roof of a building, so people are speculating that some dude tried to snipe him from that position. But other people who were close were saying that the shots sounded like small caliber fire from something like a .22 or handgun.
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