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  1. theres no online? thats pretty disappointing. i enjoy the pve aspects of those games.
  2. are you gonna be playing the VR portions of AC7? If so definitely let us know how it is. I think i might cave and buy a PSVR.
  3. the glass thing is definitely disappointing. They basically just mapped a see through texture onto the doors and window frames without actually making them interact-able objects affected by the AI and bullets.
  4. I’m not even surprised at this point. So years after announcing such a massive partnership with Disney all they have to show for it is battlefront and battlefront 2? Lol....
  5. I finished a 'playthrough' of Bandersnatch. Pretty sure I got a bad ending. ill have to jump back in and make different decisions but i will admit that while the concept is cool and it does some clever stuff I found the way it jumped around confusing and hard to follow. Maybe i just need to uncover more of the story for the pieces of the puzzle to start coming together.
  6. You guys should the Giantbomb show where they play and make fun of these old school adventure games....it’s hilarious.
  7. It’s interesting how many similarities there are between it and dexter. Even the actress that plays Beck looks and sounds like a younger version of Rita. I wonder if casting her was deliberate. Edit: holy shit at the finale and how everything was wrapped up. Definitely was not expecting that.
  8. I can’t believe it used to be a lifetime show. It feels way better produced than anything you’d expect to see on that channel.
  9. Watched the first episode of You. GD wasn’t kidding, this show seems awesome
  10. Onimusha 2 is great btw. It’s very different, they tried to incorporate a lot of RPG elements with mixed results but I liked the change. The way you swapped items with other characters in the hub area could have been better explained though.
  11. Oh and yeah I completely forgot about 3’s intro. That shit was one of the best game intros for it’s time, the quality of the CGI was fucking amazing and gave FF a run for its money.
  12. 3 is definetly the best one in the series. The multiple playable characters, the pacing, the weapons, puzzles, boss fights, and even the story was intense and had lots of great moments. I really like 2 and dawn of dreams, despite the hate they seem to get. 1 is good, the problem is that the Xbox port, Genma onimusha, added a ton of good features so by default it should have been the one they decided to remaster, not warlords.
  13. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/kingdom-hearts-3-epilogue-video-will-come-in-post-/1100-6464354/ Actually a good idea that will go a long way to preventing pre-release spoilers.
  14. You're completely missing the point....what happens after the game's release isn't comparable to people spoiling the super secret ending weeks before anyone else has been able to play the game. Their logic makes perfect sense.
  15. yeah the vram requirements are unreasonable. i couldn't even max out the textures without going over...
  16. is this a joke? Witcher 3 looks significantly better from both a technical and artistic point of view. A bunch of bloom and motion blur isn't going to fool anyone.
  17. i picked up super seducer where i left off and finished it. So many of the dialogue options had me LOLing. I also started Super Seducer 2 right after. This one is equally funny, theres so many jabs against the PC/resetera community in the game, some subtle and some not. For example people complained about the 2 half naked girls sitting on the bed in the original game and how they gave off the image of being slaves/servants. So in the sequel they were replaced by these 2 buff henchman looking dudes And if you pick a wrong dialogue choice theres small skits where richard does stuff like feed them cake or file their nails I also just did a scene where hes about to seduce a girl but pulls out a contract and explains to them the terms of the sex they're about to have for consent purposes.....This game does a great job of mocking just how ridiculous things are nowadays thanks to resetera-like snowflakes.
  18. The patch comes out literally a day after the game's release