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  1. The average consumer just isn't going to spend over $500 on a VR headset in this economy, especially when there aren't any standout games for it yet.
  2. https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/live-live-remake-headed-to-playstation-and-pc-next-month-demo-available-today tshbo
  3. Im not sure these recent changes will be good but I need to see how they work and how it affects my current twitter feed.
  4. You always find a way to deflect the blame or ignore anything damaging or harmful that trans people might be responsible for. Imagine if republicans set up their own 'Republican day of Vengeance', you would be the first in line to criticize it. Everybody can see through your woke and hypocritical agenda by now, there's no point in trying to play dumb.
  5. I like how remy has the nerve to call us pieces of shit yet he supports scumbags like this who are now making light of a school shooting to push their violent agenda.
  6. Just saw this sizeable thread on gaf with people complaining about the unreasonable vram requirements many PC games have had recently. PC gaming has really become such an afterthought. You could spend thousands on PC components nowadays and still end up getting shafted (2) What is happening with Vram requirements in 2023? | NeoGAF
  7. Look for 93% dark meat turkey instead. The extra calories are negligible but the difference in taste is quite noticeable. oh and lol at taco mix just use the individual seasonings and combine them yourself.
  8. I still think it was pretty solid game but yeah the 2nd half is very much inferior to the first. Despite going full sci fi the areas you visit just aren't as fleshed out or interesting, and the story gets too ridiculous for its own good.
  9. Ground Turkey is too dry so its tricky to prepare. I had to add some water and oat flour to thicken it up a bit and give it a better consistency.
  10. Speaking of Steam, can someone please explain to me why the fuck they schedule their maintenance for 7pm EST on a Tuesday? I've been trying to log back in for 20 minutes now.
  11. I actually just made tacos with ground turkey and a little bit of cheddar cheese for the first time. They actually came out pretty good. I can't remember the last time I had a burito.
  12. Bro are you high? That was literally the point I was making
  13. I watched the video. While the fusing and building aspect is interesting, it doesn’t really come off as something that feels like it belongs in a Zelda game. Some of these features are just completely bizarre, like being able to phase through ceilings and cave rock to get to the top of those places. I just get the feeling that they’re focusing on trying to innovate with these new features but not addressing the problems with the first game.
  14. Yeah just like the TLOU port that just released and is apparently a train wreck? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1888930/The_Last_of_Us_Part_I/ only 40% positive reviews so far. These underwhelming ports are becoming more and more prevalent yet somehow you keep acting like PC is some elite platform.
  15. Then thats a dumb way to do a gameplay reveal. surely they can show some more interesting content….
  16. I skimmed through the vid and nothing about it impressed me. Show me some quality puzzle filled dungeons and maybe that’ll change my mind.
  17. I just can't get excited for another one of these. Ragnarok really wore out its welcome for me.
  18. I just started it. Only on the 2nd ep but the mystery its setting up is interesting. The dialogue is also surprisingly fun and snappy for a show of this type.
  19. Trans shooter? Going to be interesting to see how quickly MSM drops this story.
  20. Just finished it after 15 hours with a B rank Great game, i'd say for the average person it'll at least be as good as RE2 remake or better. For me personally I would just barely give the edge to RE2, mainly because its bigger focus on horror and puzzles was more my thing. The game will definitely surprise with some of the additions and changes, so im interested in seeing how more people react to that stuff. I will say I do wish they had done more to flesh out the characters and story. Maybe Im just spoiled by Sony's first party games, but it just seems odd
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