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  1. Ahh that makes sense. I fought and lost to her once and i thought you couldn't knock her out of summoning the illusions. I used up a bunch of spin seeds for nothing.
  2. I've exhausted most of the branching paths in Sekiro and am at the point where i've got mostly boss battles left in each one and im just going back and forth getting my ass handed to me by all of them
  3. The hell, she didn't go through her illusion phase in your game.
  4. I get hit most when dodging the thrusts, i think my timing is just bad. Also theres a pretty cool environment branching off from Ashina Castle....its a nice change of pace visually.
  5. I have so much trouble reading their attacks, especially their wide swings. They're always in cramped environments too, so I run out of space a lot of time when dodging. Maybe something will click for me eventually but so far the majority of my deaths have been attributed to them. the enemy i was referring to was
  6. Let me know if you have any tips for the enemies that use spears cause they're the worst. Seriously, whether it be mini bosses or regular ones they just wipe the floor with me every single damn time The game is tough overall but i would be making way more progress if not for them. Every other enemy type and boss has been manageable so far (outside of one particular enemy that i won't mention for spoiler reasons). You're right about the lack of stats and how that changes the gameplay. In the rest of the souls-like games with enough grinding you can sort of brute force your way through even the hardest encounters. But in Sekiro most of your progression is through the skills and gadgets. While you gain more options for combat as you get deeper into the game they won't help you win the tougher fights if you don't know what you're doing.
  7. annualized RE games....thats not a good thing.
  8. Sekiro is cool, the mobility options like the grappling hook and wall jump mechanic make it pretty fun to just move around and explore the levels (and they also contribute to the stealth aspect as you can flank and ambush enemies). Its kind of barebones when it comes to RPG elements though.
  9. Talk about trying too hard. That could literally be an image from any development studio out there.
  10. You guys are overreacting. Its not possible to make a game of this scale in a modern, recognizable setting without having political themes of some kind. And the gender pronouns are such a minor addition they're not even worth getting upset about.
  12. it is and its coming out in just 1 year too. they must have secretly been working on it for a while now. Im so excited, but i have so many questions. I don't even know what studio this is edit: its being made by the Blacklight Retribution developer I don't see how they can possibly pull off this type of game....this definitely deflated a lot of my enthusiasm for it.
  13. Hearing that rush wasn't great kept me from reinstalling it but i have to at least try their spin on BR.
  14. "Firestorm is shaping up to my favorite Battle Royale experience" - IGN editor Good to know Criterion hasn't lost their touch even when tackling other genres
  15. I finished Love, Death & Robots. There were a lot of eps that felt like glorified ads or college student art projects, but my favorites were: Sonnie's Edge - I really liked the vibe and atmosphere. Some nice gory twists too. The Witness - By far the most striking when it came to visuals. Everything about the way it looked was awesome. Suits - Probably the only 'cartoony' one I really liked. Fun action and it actually had a good number of likable characters. Beyond The Aquila Rift - Fucked up but really well directed and executed. My favorite of the bunch. Felt like a top tier Black Mirror episode. Shape Shifters - Nothing too crazy but i liked the setting and story. Helping Hand - Very clever and intense despite its short length. Lucky 13 - Probably the most entertaining set pieces/action of the CGI bunch. I was also impressed by how many recognizable actors were in it.
  16. 'Neither comes close to 60FPS' good thing we have the PC version then
  17. Maybe leaning a bit too much into the anime/supernatural spectrum but im still really looking forward to this. Any Uchikoshi game is an automatic day 1 purchase for me.
  18. Its inconsistent, but some of the eps in Love, Death & Robots are really good.
  19. Yeah, that was before the reveal. Im eating those words now. Everything i've seen and heard has left me super impressed.
  20. You guys are clearly underestimating Google. Even if Sony, MS, and Nintendo all joined forces to create their own streaming service they would still lack the amount of money and resources Google has at their disposal for this type of project. If anyone could pull this off, its them.
  21. just started preloading the game on steam....that seems really tiny.
  22. The tech is super impressive, i think this has a lot of potential.