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  1. WTF...this is a full 4 points below the average and should only be reserved for completely broken games https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/the-sinking-city-review-shallow-waters/1900-6417180/ IGN's review is way more reasonable. Unpolished and janky (as expected from a frogware game) but still has a lot of redeeming qualities https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/06/25/the-sinking-city-review
  2. I preordered the $75 special edition
  3. Im a couple of hours into Judgment. Its very much still a Yakuza game. And I know the comparisons have existed for a while now, but I think this one is actually closer to Shenmue than any of the others. There's a good amount of detective work in the form of examining parts of the environment for clues or gathering info by questioning witnesses and other bystanders that could be involved in the case you're working.
  4. its not at all explained or mentioned but theres this glowing jellyfish in the underground cave area who's shard will let you explore the underwater areas and continue to make progress.
  5. Apparently the game is filled with performance issues on the switch. So much for that being the superior version lmao
  6. Yeah, sounds like you got the first ending which I wouldn’t even call an ending as there’s still so much of the game left after that part that is essential.
  7. when you do the math its only 20% off. Thats still not much of a deal lol.
  8. Have you been following the Zero Escape director's new game? Comes out next month. While its a day 1 purchase for me im not sure how i feel about the tone in comparison, just seems maybe a bit too out there
  9. fan translation as in something you can patch into the game yourself? if its just an online translation you have to follow side by side with the game then im not going to bother.
  10. Man, i returned to the game after a few months and I can't help but feel disappointed again -The combined arms co op mode seems cool on paper but its just dead. I started a round on medium by myself and couldn't kill more than a few enemies because they're bullet sponges. 2 headshots from a bolt action rifle in a row to one and this one guy barely flinched. They still can't program good AI so their workaround is to just make every enemy soak up a ton of damage. -They added that stupid BFC currency. Its not offensive or anything but it feels like a desperate attempt for them to milk a cow thats already all dried up. -The new mercury map is a real bummer. It looks so damn pretty, but the design is just boring. Theres a bay that extends out into the ocean, a island right in the center, and a whole town off into the distance but all 5 flags were just plopped down in a tiny plot of land along the coastline. Theres so much potential here but their focus on close quarters infantry battles really ruins a lot of their map ideas.
  11. It carries the zelda property and is endorsed by Nintendo, thats all that matters. Are you now going to argue that the shitty CDI zelda games aren't real zelda games since they were 2D side scrollers that didn't follow the traditional formula.
  12. I can’t believe sheep are arguing that this isn’t a Zelda game. Of course it’s a Zelda game, it just happens to be a series spin off.
  13. I skimmed through that article she posted, it just seemed like a dumb joke that i don't think was meant to be taken super seriously or anything.
  14. I finished AC Odyssey after sinking 50 hours into it. i did A LOT of side stuff especially during the middle of the game, but i tapered off as I got closer to the end because i just wanted to finish it. Theres a lot of interesting stuff that I missed, but i did feel like i got my fill of the gameplay spoilers below, but i would be interested to know about the payoff for the:
  15. Lol, i was thinking of taking a mini vacation to Seattle during PAX west this year, but everything i've seen of the place lately makes me want to reconsider.
  16. Not in a good way unfortunately, Without spoiling anything it uses a type of design that i dislike. And my playtime is just over 15 hours, so the game does have quite a bit of content. edit: beat the boss right after posting this, but im not sure what i did differently this time
  17. Man the final boss in the game is ridiculous.
  18. People always say this but i have no problem with snipers, in fact they are still the class that i get killed by the least amount of times. The scope glint reveals them right away, and there are so many ways to counter them. As long as you keep moving (which is what you should be doing in this type of game) they are rarely much of a threat. Some of the maps are really bad though. The snow mountain one in particular is one of the worst ones in BF history. My favorites overall are definitely Arras, Hamada, and panzerstorm (but i am disappointed that they changed this one to make it more friendly for infantry). I haven't played the game in a while, but i would like to try the new Greece map. Visually it looks like a really cool change of pace.
  19. I still remember all the NEO hype. I made that my largest investment and it turned out to be the biggest flop in the market.
  20. I think its a good game. Its not among my favorites in the series, but after a disappointing launch they're going in the right direction with the free maps
  21. Bitch was my endorsement not good enough for you
  22. Loking forward to this. I really liked the first season of this show.
  23. Lmao, some real good editing in there.
  24. Im 9 hours in at 60% map completion. Its a great game, feels like classic Castlevania but with more progression mechanics and RPG elements. I'd said its a must play for anyone who liked any of IGA's previous games.