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  1. PS2 had some cool experimental games that made you excited to see what other prominent developers could do with the system. Even if they weren't amazing they sold you on what was possible with the new hardware and tech, and made you look forward to to its future games. I look at Series S and X and I feel nothing but apathy. Its going to be the most 'boring' console launch yet.
  2. Launching a new console without any exclusives that make use of the better tech is just insane. What kind of impressions can anyone even give when it comes to the multiplat games? 'So yeah it looks like this NPC's nose is slightly shinier on Series X' zzzz....This is going to be the least exciting or impactful console launch in history.
  3. Its probably just going to be 4K/Ray tracing requirements. Hardly anything crazy.
  4. I couldn't even finish PSO2's tutorial before I called it quits. I hated everything about its gameplay and structure.
  5. I don't think its entirely justified. Game engines and development workflows in general have evolved enough that overall budgets shouldn't be changing much especially when you take the relatively small leap in visuals into consideration (diminishing returns are a reality).
  6. Part of me is glad the system requirements are so low cause at this rate I won't have a new video card by the time it comes out. Ill have to miss out on the ray tracing features but I doubt they'll make a huge difference overall.
  7. As long as you're not a snowflake whos easily offended by everything, this thread has been fine so far.
  8. I like em all but I have a soft spot for Asians...especially Filipinas
  9. Almost all of the games topping sales charts nowadays are M rated (outside of sports/nintendo games). I doubt it would have much of an impact on sales overall. And I feel like SE has been trying to head this direction for a bit now. FFXV was marketed at the start as a darker & grittier FF (though the final product didn't really go far enough) and FF7:R had its share of surprisingly violent moments.
  10. eh, im pretty sure most people who buy FF games nowadays have been fans of the series long enough to be 17 or older.
  11. Outside of the medieval setting this is legit the most interesting news I’ve seen about the game. I wonder what kind of darker themes the story will have.
  12. Anyone watch Enola Holmes yet? edit: I watched it. It was ok, but it’s really a movie about feminism and woman’s empowerment more than an actual mystery story. Felt like it was trying too hard to get those themes across.
  13. Ya'll need to play Judgment. It was in my top 5 games of last year.
  14. it seemed stupid. Apparently you get attacked by these practically invisible enemies that can only be defeated by just pointing your flash light in their direction. Thats apparently the bulk of the 'combat'.
  15. It came out in January in Japan. Now that the series is more popular in the west they need to line up the releases better, there’s no reason the western release should be a year later.
  16. On the phone with amazon right now making sure you never receive that copy of 13 Sentinels. I won't just let you get away with this betrayal GD
  17. You should definitely make an effort to just finish the game at this point.
  18. You mean the one thats still going to come to PS5?
  19. Yeah you're right, MS could never justify charging $70 for their laughable lineup of games which is why they bundle everything in a ghetto service like gamepass.
  20. MS has no reason to charge $70 because they're just going to be selling recycled One X games.
  21. wut I feel like thats overly complicated given how straightforward the rest of the interactions have been so far.
  22. @Delita Are there sections where you can't proceed as a specific character unless you fulfill some kind of condition first? (very minor spoiler below)
  23. As long as Sony has actual exclusives and system sellers they have nothing to worry about.
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