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  1. Colon Cancer apparently. One of the worst you can get, my uncle died of it and he also felt fine but he experienced blood in his stools and by the time he got it checked out it was too late. I’m guessing a similar thing happened with Kirstie.
  2. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/crisis-core-final-fantasy-7-reunion-review-conflict-resolved/1900-6418009/
  3. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/need-for-speed-unbound-review-comic-book-racing/1900-6418010/ I guess making your own games again is hard after being a support studio for Battlefield + Battlefront for over half a decade
  4. True, i've never encountered someone with this facial hair IRL. If I did I don't think i'd be able to take them seriously.
  5. This is a 7 year old last gen game. 60FPS with ray tracing should have been the standard mode. CDPR could have and should have done better.
  6. Shit, so thats where the term neck beard comes from. I never knew
  7. I remember thinking it looked interesting. I might check it out. btw, did you watch S4 of Killing Eve? I completely forgot about it. I did hear some negative things, apparently its not a good end to the series. I just finished Line of Duty which also has a lame ending, so I'd rather not watch back to back shows that end in a bad way.
  8. Releasing this right after Callisto Protocol came out and flopped is no coincidence
  9. Yeah, I know they plan on keeping the turn based combat for the main series games but I hope they tweak it a bit to make it more fast paced and engaging.
  10. Nah he’s speculating. There is a trial out right now that I think is accessible for all gamepass subscribers, though.
  11. Its cool until you realize most of the side content in that area is boring and not worth doing.
  12. Keighley said the show would be much shorter this year which is a good thing. Probably 2 hours long instead of 3.
  13. Yeah if I just turn down this setting, and that setting, and this other setting, oh and lets not forget about that other setting. Before I know it ill be playing the Series S version with the visuals ill be getting Even post patch I bet the game is better on PS5 than it would be on my PC.
  14. Remember when you claimed I’d be able to run this at 4K/60FPS on my 3070Ti?
  15. ^ Dead Space is linear but you can backtrack to different areas and there are a lot of interconnected rooms with multiple hallways leading in/out of them. So Callisto Protocol is more limited than that?
  16. I was looking at the player choice voting rounds they're doing and Sonic is in the lead
  17. yeah just the fact that it’s a live, in person show is pretty exciting.
  18. Making this thread early. Hopefully we can get a decent sized group of people here tuning in.
  19. Starting Ferreira was a mistake. The dude did nothing. Reyna and/or Aaronson should have been in from the start. Just having more players on the field with experience playing european soccer could have made a difference.
  20. The U.S honestly played pretty good overall. In fact this World Cup probably had the best performances I’ve seen from them in any international competition. They just couldn’t finish the few good chances they had.
  21. Welp, the u.s was back in it but that 3rd Dutch goal just ended the match.
  22. Holy shit, apparently government officials reached out to Twitter and made them suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. What a gross violation of our first amendment rights. And somehow the Biden administration continues to think that the right is the greatest threat to our democracy. The left should be ashamed of themselves.
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