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  1. I actually downloaded this a couple of months ago. Was gonna watch it but never seemed to have the time. Just skipping through it, it looked alright.
  2. I dunno if the libtards are owned but this vid cracked me up. If it's already been posted please carry on.
  3. Speaking from first hand experience, since I've been to Cape Breton numerous times and have in laws there, it is a toss up as to whether that is a man or a women. Some powerful ugly people them Cape Bretoners.
  4. My pic in the photo album sucks. Since beards are in, here's a much better , more recent (last year) pic of my 45 year old sexy self.
  5. Been listening to this guy for a couple of weeks. Some of his covers are awesome. Of course he is nothing compared to BABYMETAL but seriously what could be?
  6. JonB1 laying down the truth ITT. This was painful to watch. Almost as painful as some of the arguments ITT.
  7. I always thought she was fugly from the neck up. It sure aint getting any better.
  8. Looks like a bag of dead maggots.
  9. He just bought a new car and he's still a shameless xbone shill. http://sidescrollers.net/index.php?topic=6317.0
  10. Too busy my friend. Big changes in the last 5 months. I don't really have much time any more to hang out here. ;(
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