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  1. So "now" that he has been briefed. What do you think he should do a commander in chief?
  2. so now that the white house has indeed confirmed it will you stop derailing the thread and start giving us your hot take on the matter?
  3. Right. Why would the white house lie about Trump not knowing? Also. We know from Pompeo's letters that high level advisers were in the know of this shit. Therefore, if Trump didn't know he looks incompetent and weak. If Trump knew and still lobbied for Putin to get into the G8, well, then he is a outright treasonous. Pick your poison
  4. Are you saying that the bounty didn't happen or that it's a lie that Trump was briefed?
  5. If the intel is fabricated they wouldn't complain about leaks, they would just cry out fake news. Also if the intel was fabricated, the Senate republicans wouldn't have come out of the intel briefing claiming it was true.
  6. From the press conference held today. Also, as part of the NYT investigation, here are receipts from Russia to the Taliban that match the story. And a letter by Pompeo to the Taliban on Feb 29th.
  7. Dude do you know how many muslims there are in the world? Do you know how many branches of Islam there are? Do you think that they all share the same theology? I can assure you that in 2020 there are liberal city-dwelling Muslims that pray to god that are more progressive than evangelical Christians
  8. The right wing apparatus in the US is really remarkable in its achievements. Even though they live in an hyper-capitalistic, business-driven society, where poor people get constantly fucked over, they have somehow leveraged cultural wars to pretend that they are a persecuted minority.
  9. All religions are based on outdated social norms. But the major religions are so big that they contain multiple theologies inside of them. There are liberal catholics, liberal muslims and liberal buddhists just as there are conservative catholics, conservative muslims, and conservatie buddhists. Yes, the liberal muslims have to discard part of the Qu'ran but so do christians with the bible.
  10. Post a link. Is the military saying that there was no bounty or are they saying that Trump didn't know about it? Because yesterday the CIA said that they wouldn't tolerate leaks. Implying that the information was indeed leaked.