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  1. so you think that if a character in a game you like is gay then that automatically makes it a bad game? what a frail little man you are LMFAO
  2. I only play games that don't threaten my fragile sense of masculinity
  3. i'm just saying, maybe having gay masculine characters would force developers put a little more effort into their generic cringe worthy dialogues let's get weird baby
  4. yeah let's go back to the era where all the protagonist of mainstream games were generic bald middle aged white dudes with no personality
  5. lemmings celebrating their exclusives not being on other platforms on day 1 Maybe MS strategy was to drop the bar so low its on the earth's mantle
  6. You are gonna fall in love with her and discover something about yourself in the process it will be like a disney movie you should stream the wedding for SW to be cheering you
  7. explain more LMFAO how are the two things even remotely similar
  8. our resident conservative "traditional values are threatened by feminism" LMFAO oh and I'm happy for you I hope you and her find joy together and that you both cum constantly in each others mouths
  9. You claim that there is now ownage because the studios that MS acquired had these ports planned ahead of time. But then the studios don't put out any XFlawp exclusives anyways. So then, may I be forgiven to ask...What is the point of Xflawp?
  10. LMFAO what is the point of Xflawp
  11. XFlawp truly is the worst console of all times, lemmings make me sick