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  1. oh well I guess I will have to play another one of the 10 AAAE switch exclusives that are in my backlog
  2. the boyfriend writes the script, which is pretty noticable given how nerd-culture specific some of the jokes are
  3. I mean, there are fascists that still exist today And fascists are pretty awful people Fuck yeah let's make fun of them
  4. Do you have a problem with gay people?
  5. If I'm feeling you correctly you are trying to make a point that people who claim non binary are rejecting biological notions (like the fact that men grow facial hair). Now I can't speak for non binary people because I am not one, but I imagine that they consider things beyond their gender goes beyond just facial hair.
  6. false equivalence, at far as I know there is only one side that actively denies climates change
  7. TIL that people in this forum are having some trouble differentiating sexual orientation and gender expression. What constitutes the traits of masculinity and femininity very much changes depending on your culture and your time period. Like culturally we attribute certain characteristics beyond just having a dick between our legs. And those characteristics are much more subjective than we think. Being a male in japan in 2019 is associated with different characteristics than being a male from the matriarchal Masaai tribe in the XIX century. Feeling outside of certain gender norm expectations (like wanting to be non-binary) does not make you necessarily mean you crave dick. Happy to chat more about it if anyone wants to learn more
  8. list the 10 that aren't on switch
  9. so you named 10 games but some are on switch, therefore less than 10 are on switch "i said 10 are not>" derpq
  10. a bunch of those are on Switch day one
  11. Ok I will bite. Name them
  12. so you think that if a character in a game you like is gay then that automatically makes it a bad game? what a frail little man you are LMFAO