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  1. Turns out I was right about the pandering to nostalgia bit, they even made the character models look like they come from the OG Xbox
  2. "hey remember when our game wasn't SHIT? we are REMAKING that feeling for you. TRUST us!!!"
  3. Literally pandering to nostalgia to try to get some enthusiasm going and revive this zombified franchise LMFAO
  4. One of the best WRPGs I've ever played. I replayed the opening island section a couple of times and holy fuck at the level of control and possibilities you get. There is so many nook and crannies that lead to some really interesting side-quests. You can break out of the prison in so many different and creative ways. If you wanted to use a combination of stealth and teleportation to rummage through the main fort and then exit through the front door you could, and the game was open to that possibility! The combat is tactical and hard as shit. Super rewarding when you manage to turn t
  5. SMT4:A gameplay was sublime and I never finished Nocturne on PS2. Super excited about both of these
  6. I agree. It was a well made movie with a paper thin plot and very clumsy themes. For the people who love it, take out the magnificent performance, would you still think that the script is anything that special? Oh but its so much to say about mental health and social inequality or something. LMFAO no it doesn't. It just uses those themes as window dressing to tell a worst version of Taxi Driver. I must say that there is one scene which I loved when the dwarf dude can't get out of Arthur's house.
  7. oh well I guess I will have to play another one of the 10 AAAE switch exclusives that are in my backlog
  8. the boyfriend writes the script, which is pretty noticable given how nerd-culture specific some of the jokes are
  9. I mean, there are fascists that still exist today And fascists are pretty awful people Fuck yeah let's make fun of them
  10. Do you have a problem with gay people?
  11. If I'm feeling you correctly you are trying to make a point that people who claim non binary are rejecting biological notions (like the fact that men grow facial hair). Now I can't speak for non binary people because I am not one, but I imagine that they consider things beyond their gender goes beyond just facial hair.
  12. false equivalence, at far as I know there is only one side that actively denies climates change
  13. TIL that people in this forum are having some trouble differentiating sexual orientation and gender expression. What constitutes the traits of masculinity and femininity very much changes depending on your culture and your time period. Like culturally we attribute certain characteristics beyond just having a dick between our legs. And those characteristics are much more subjective than we think. Being a male in japan in 2019 is associated with different characteristics than being a male from the matriarchal Masaai tribe in the XIX century. Feeling outside of certain gen
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