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  1. Have you actually given Houston a proper chance or is it possible that that's just you being judgemental? I've actually heard nothing but good things about Houston except for the heat. Also LMFAO at someone having a relationship being so outside of the realm of possibility for JonB that it cannot enter his brain
  2. considering all the awesome exclusives that the switch has you would have to be a non-gamer to skip owning one
  3. LOL I come back to this undying site just to see if anything good came out of E3 and to get a good hearty laugh at you clowns and what do I find? Jerry and Jon doing basically the same tired routine they've been doing for years. You could literally take their exchange above and put it in a thread from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, etc. It's literally the same old shit. You guys are like an old bickering couple where you can tell they despise each other but that they've grown so accostumed to their routine that they wouldn't really know what to do without one another. "no but i owned you and you look foolish" "nah in reality you are the fool and i owned you" STFU in reality you both owned the fuck out of all the rest of us for making us suffer through this shit all these years
  4. lol they have a pretty packed schedule of upcoming games, sure not all of them are like a Zelda-level banger but still
  5. BOTW but with actual dungeons and a dark story
  6. wow the sequel to the best game of all time no biggie TLHBFR TCHBFR
  7. banger after banger
  8. very subtle much simbolism :barf:
  9. FFXII is a complex tale of political intrigue and the nuanced search for peace among warring factions, along with strategic real-time combat in an open world map FFX has you join a bunch of weeaboos to stop the evil magical force from destryong the earth, while following linear corridors with random encounters and brain-dead turn-based combat Make your choice
  10. Mario + Rabbids does not have any right to be as good as it actually is Its a challenging SRPG where the difficulty ramps up quickly and there is enough depth in the customization where you are constantly trying to make sick combos Even more surprising is that it is actually funny
  11. Thats not a meme thats whats called a joke for seniors that my aunt mass forwards