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  1. never had an iphone break on me unless i shattered the screen Home and power buttons on mine have gone. No idea why.
  2. They are good when something goes wrong, it's just fucking annoying to have 2 iPhones break in less than a year. They replaced both without question as it's under warranty which is great, but I'm going to get Apple care for next year as I don't want to run the risk.
  3. Kevin Spacey does...the show it self yeah, probably not.
  4. Next gen graphics need to be seen to be really appreciated. We're getting to the point where giving the full impression of the details in next generation graphics through compressed, streamable video is just not possible.
  5. PS3 version of V is better than IV's, and both versions are the same in V.
  6. So...who is the girl you know in real life that looks like her?
  7. Well whatever you say bro but the fire vigor fully upgraded does the most dmg in the game - and fully upgraded water can pull huge backs right to your face the aoe dmg will one shot the pull I use the fire vigor which is fully upgraded. I see absolutely no reason to waste my time with the water vigor. It's great against Handymen.
  8. So yeah...4 hours in, and this is just incredible. Stunning.
  9. It's a stretch calling this a new console. It's a somewhat old PC with a console name badge at this point. Also thanks for forcing devs to code for multiple CPU cores and DX11, you've played right into our hands.
  10. Fuck that, shit looked boring as hell to play. It looked nice, but seriously fuck Killzone. If that's it's big exclusive over the Durango then yeah, I might just wait and see what Durango has to offer.
  11. 2 SKUs, one for $400, one for $500. I'm almost willing to bet we'll see a subsidised SKU for around $350 and a 2 year contract to Sony's online services.
  12. Yeah...all next gen games are going to be developed for what will literally become low end PC's in a couple of years time and it's the hermits who are in trouble.
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