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  1. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/12/cohen-sentenced-to-3-years-in-prison-1060060 Bank and tax fraud cupcake, look it up. Has absolutely nothing to do with paying off a stripped and porn star. Oh my https://www.heritage.org/crime-and-justice/commentary/trumps-ex-lawyer-didnt-violate-campaign-finance-laws-and-neither-did Jerruh, stop pretending to be smart cupcake.
  2. You're going to love it when I get sent back overseas to make my money? Yea, me too. Take the L cupcake.
  3. I work fool. I told your dumbass before, I do have a life.
  4. Ninja please, I've been buttraping you in the politics thread for two years.
  5. Actually cupcake Mueller found people that had done bad shit YEARS before Trump ever thought of running for president. Trump will be reelected, and now that Mueller is no longer on his shoulder democrats are going to get hit with a shitstorm.
  6. This dude talking about raping people... You been getting raped by me for the past two years buddy.
  7. Where is the option for none of them?
  8. Former FEC commissioner said that there was no fraud. Get owned more.
  9. And where did that get you Jerruh?
  10. Ahh I love being right. go kill yourselves leftist.
  11. thanks for playing Jerruh. Don't ever fucking doubt me again, son. I called this shit TWO YEARS AGO.
  12. Looks like Mueller doesn't have shit. I said this two fucking years ago, that he didn't have shit, yet none of you would listen to me. So now we have both the Senate and Congress saying no collusion and now Mueller's report is about to come out, also saying no collusion. It's time to stop grasping and give up the idea that Trump is going to jail or that he will be impeached and removed.
  13. He didn't commit campaign finance fraud, he committed tax fraud. Try to keep up. Yes, I know this was a late reply, some of us have lives.
  14. Dude Cohen named him. Not Mueller. Cohen has an axe to grind that's all this is.