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  1. Are you a Jer the same mother fucker? You're both suffering from some type of mental illness, where you try and flip words to suit your argument. That shit doesn't work on me, bud.
  2. Jer has mental issues, he makes shit up in his head, twists it around to fit his fucked up narrative and then throws it back at you, like you said exactly what his schitzo brain made up.
  3. I'm not making jokes about health care, I genuinely believe you need it. Especially to fix whatever the fuck is wrong with your brain.
  4. You have the reading comprehension of a gnat. No where did I ever once say Ukraine was part of NATO. I answered your question (If NATO is so useless why is Russia so afraid of the possibility of Ukraine joining a so called useless organization? ). Tell me gouk, what does it feel like to have an absolute zero IQ? I don't think I've ever meant anyone as retarded as you and that shit is saying a lot considering you have dumb(Jer) and dumber(Remi) in here competing with you for dumbest mother fucker on systemwars. Jer has an excuse, that mother fucker has mental issues. What's your excuse?
  5. There are specialist that deal in mental disorders Jer, you need to go see one. If you need money, I'm sure your liberal state will pay for it.
  6. Point that one out you stupid fuck, no where did I ever say Ukraine was part of NATO and yes, NATO is fucking useless.
  7. You truly are an idiot. Yes, they have had countries that BORDER them, with Ukraine though, Russia would be completely circled, they would have no means of escape. As Putin once said, "America is at our doorstep with missiles (we are), How would America feel if missiles were deployed at Canada's and Mexico's borders?". I can tell you we about had a fucking heart attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when nukes were 90 miles off of the US Coast. Here https://news.sky.com/story/why-is-russia-worried-about-nato-and-what-does-it-have-to-do-with-ukraine-12526809 see if your little brai
  8. You 100% have a mental disorder. I'm not sure which one you have yet, but, you definitely have something going on in that brain of yours. How cute. You actually think we would have pulled out of NATO, No matter how useless they are, it would have never happened. But, they fell right into the Art of the Deal that Trump speaks of in his book. Before he came along NATO countries were paying 0.5-1% of their GDP, while the US was paying its 2%. Trump forced them to stand by their agreements all on a threat. Sorry you don't know how the real world works sunshine. Maybe you should try l
  9. Surface is awesome.. why can't the rest of the company be awesome?
  10. Has to do with the thread my dude. Just admit you're on the wrong side of this. Don't pull a Jerry. That dude doesn't have the ability to admit he's wrong.
  11. Sit your stupid ass down. clown. https://news.yahoo.com/investigations-turn-up-the-heat-on-hunter-biden-181446449.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  12. Um, yeah have you fucking paid attention? How would you like 40 countries all up on your border? 40 countries that are combined forces that despise you?
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