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  1. I vote for GD and Gouk. GD cause he's gay and Gouk cause he's a lem slayer...oh and the incumbent always has a right to campaign for reelection.
  2. Bitter alt right supporter? Mother fucker I voted for Rand. which is why I truly don't give a shit what happnuts with Trump. Not that anything will happen other than him getting reelected because you liberals are fucking nuts. Do you really think all of these protests are doing anything except pissing people off?
  3. No she wouldn't have won your prorated system either. 3000+ counties to 487 counties she would have still been smoked.
  4. If you guys had truly wanted to win then you would have stood up to the DNC and demanded that they not run Hillary and instead run Bernie who rightfully deserved the nod. Your modified system would be a complete failure. Not only would Republican states not agree to it but Democrat states wouldn't either. So "your" modified system is nothing more than a pipe dream. Also "your" modified solution has been thought of before, so again pipedream.
  5. No I won't. I didn't want it changed when Bill Clinton was elected, didn't want it changed when W was elected, didn't want it changed when O was elected. It's because I know how our republic works.
  6. Come off that dude, you wouldn't be up here bitching and moaning about how unfair the EC is if Hillary had won. That is 100% fact, you know it, I know it and all the righties up her know it. When it works in your favor you throw it by the wayside, however, when it doesn't you bitch and moan and bitch and moan ad nauseam. The EC is the way it is because as I stated, 242 years ago (I want to go ahead and throw that out there) the founding fathers put together a system that was favorable to all. What you need to do is stop bitching, start going door to door and getting support together for 2020. Else once again, Trump will be in office, and we will still be here listening to the left bitch and moan and scream that the EC is still so unfair. For the time being, I suggest you stop stressing yourself out over this shit. It could be a whole lot worse.
  7. It's not land, these are actual counties with actual people living there. How are you this dense that you don't get that? Let's use your argument against you there are 58 counties in California, Hillary took all 55 EC votes that Cali had but now it doesn't count because those counties are just land. My statistic is meant to show you that the EC is the most fair and balanced way of doing things. If not rural states like the Midwest would get no say so and Cali and NY would elect all presidents hence forth. I'm almost certain you're trolling but God help you if you aren't.
  8. I answered everything you posted. Fuck are you talking about Jerry? We aren't talking about land, this shit is verifiable. Trump won 3000+ counties, Hillary won 487+ most of which came from new York and Cali It's this simple no matter how much you cry, no matter how much you bitch, the republic is not going to do away with the EC. It just isn't.
  9. Who says that the odd part of the 200 odd years ago was meant to be 14? Stop adding arbitrary numbers as you see fit. That 200 odd years ago could have been 243 years ago. Which would have been the time of founding fathers. It wouldn't matter if we did it your way, Trump still won 3000+ counties, to Hillary's 487+. The majority of which came from California and New York. The EC was and is the only fair system there is. Hillary still won all 55 of CA's EC delegates and all 31 of New Yorks's. Anyone that watched Trump's map movement, could see he was going for the EC the whole time, while Hillary went for popular and assuming she had the rust belt locked up. No matter how you try to swing it, the EC is by far the fairest system of them all. If Democrats want to stand a chance of winning in 2020 they better focus all of their efforts on the rust belt and leave states that they know they have on lock alone. That and run a better candidate, because face it Hillary was shit.
  10. This is the problem with liberals the whole 3 million more votes shit. Pop vote doesn't mean a fucking thing. The founding fathers all knew that populous states could end up selecting the president with a popular vote system. Which is why Virginia elected the first 5 presidents. At the time it was the biggest state. They knew two hundred odd years ago that the electoral college system was the way to go. If we didn't have it, New York and Cali would elect every president from here until the end of time.
  11. Holy fuck did I slide into another dimension? Bodycunt is anti lem now?
  12. I'm going to be honest. I don't give two fucks about this political nonsense. But, I really need to ask, how the fuck do you still believe polls after the shitshow that was 2016? Seriously?
  13. You stupid fuck, that is exactly what the fuck it means. If the EC had never been created Virginia would have chosen the first 12 to 15 presidents. Damn Jerry use that little libretard peabrain of yours. They sat down, looked at Virginia and said, NOPE one state doesn't need to have that ability. As I called you in the politics thread and will call you again, you're a mother fucking mental midget compared to me, kid, you may want to run off to your safe space now.