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  1. Vindman himself has come out and said that he never suspected Trump of any QPQ, so sit the fuck down.
  2. Do you understand what guesswork is? It's a guess, nothing more. Jesus, you're dumb as fuck.
  3. I have neither presumed or assumed, Trump's position on anything. 6 or 8 people that HAVE NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE JERRY. They have nothing but conjecture and their own opinions. Jerry are you really this fucking stupid, do you know how top secret and above top secret work? Negative, Trump was referring to only the portion that involved the supposed QPQ. Once again, you're a dumb fuck, the only person that could possibly have that stuff transferred would be the POTUS which isn't going to happen, especially IF it contains information about missile battery and such. I am beginning to wonder if you can actually comprehend any of this shit.
  4. You can play games and keep your beer cold at the same time, with the all new Mini-Fridge Box Series X by Microsoft.
  5. Sublyminal


    Technically Trump hasn't been impeached until Pelosi sends the articles to the senate. Ooopsy, Trump's name is still impeachment free.
  6. I refuse to presume, because I don't have all of the information, who do I look like to you, Sondland?
  7. Sublyminal


    No Cohen went down for tax fraud Michael Flynn went down for lying to the FBI and from what I am seeing he may be exonerated.
  8. Sublyminal


    Those aren't right wing talking points you fucking moron. Those are talking points, period. How have you made it this far in life Jerry, being the dumb shit that you are?
  9. TRUMP HAS SAID that he released the transcript of the phone call and that everything he released had to do about the non-QPQ. I presume they can, again, I don't work in the white house nor am I privy to that info, Now as I mentioned in the previous thread, I'll be up here tomorrow to continue raping you.
  10. Sublyminal


    I already gave you my response on the economy, idiot. Why would I repeat the same exact shit that I already typed. I know your posts Jer, you continue this cyclical shit, hoping that someone doesn't call you on it, but, you fail every single time. I act like a right wing? The fuck does that even mean? I don't hate libs, I just hate your ideology. Some of you are good, others lost their shit to TDS years ago. I'm not looking to fool anyone, I am a registered Indy and with that Jer, I have had enough of your stupidity, it's 1am and I am going to join my wife in bed. I'll be on here tomorrow to destroy your asshole some more though. and to pre-emp you, no I'm not running away, I'm trying to go get some ass from my wife. Raping you has given me a raging hard-on.
  11. Can you not read? Trump released what the whistleblower said was the QPQ. THIS WAS the FULL CONVERSATION involving that supposed incident. His aides don't take notes, idiot. People like Vindman take notes, his aides aren't allowed in the room when these calls are taking place. Do you know how classified information works? If that call talked about missile defense security for Ukraine and the positions of the shields, that would be classified above top secret, which is why it went to the coded server. Again, I am using conjecture because I don't have any idea what else they could have spoken about, and due to the nature of the call, Vindman and others who were on the call cannot release that information because leaking Above top secret information gets you 20, or worse.
  12. Sublyminal


    My voter registration says IND on it. Independents pay attention to everything kiddo, we don't cover our eyes and pretend that Trump did something wrong when he didn't. I'm seriously laughing at this, but, your stupidity is really beating me down. Hard to argue with stupid people.
  13. Again, I cannot presume to tell you what Trump was talking about or why he put the call on the classified server. Do I look like NatSec to you? The version that his aides released is the part about the supposed QPQ, the other 18 minutes? Who the hell knows what they were talking about. Vindman obviously didn't feel anything nefarious was going on, so yea, how do you expect me to answer the other 18 minutes part?
  14. Sublyminal


    I'm actually laughing my ass off right now. This is bringing me great joy, pushing your shit in and you replying with your typical Jerrygraphs.
  15. Sublyminal


    I believe what the FED says and they say that the economy is fine. Sorry Jer, that's all there is to it. Bitch, I have been saying for the last three years that I'm an independent. Look back at my posts dumbass.