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  1. What case can they present? Every campaign in the world tries to influence voters.
  2. Nope, I love making your dumb ass look stupid (not hard). But it's getting sad now.
  3. Lotta good those fake polls did. Bu bu bu Hillary was projected to win 93%.
  4. We already knew he was going to jail. The shit you posted was a non story. Sorry buddy but thems the breaks.
  5. You don't deny it thus you're an idiot. Do you see how backwards your logic is?
  6. Nope just showing you how much of a non story this is. Bu bu bu he showed them readily available polling data that Joe scmuckatelli from down the street could look up. Come back when there is a story here.
  7. Did you really just ask a liberal why they're so stupid?
  8. You mean polling data that was available publicly? Yea, such a bad thing manafort did, he gave away polling data any tard in the net could find.
  9. Nigga you wouldn't know what whataboutism was if it dick smacked you in the face.
  10. How is this any different than what his leftist ass thinks? He assumes anyone that is Republican or conservative voted for Trump.