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  1. So Spanish Flu is okay but calling a virus that originated in China the Chinese Virus is racist? Sorry GD you’re on the wrong side of this one.
  2. Just as I said in my post you would magically find some hidden meaning that wasn’t there. Legit question Jerry, are you on the spectrum? It would explain your dumbass replies and finding of shit that isn’t there.
  3. Wait what racist remarks? Are you saying calling it the Chinese Virus is racist?
  4. You fucking moron point out where I said that Omar said overall. Don’t worry fuck stick I’ll wait this should be good.
  5. Biden isn't going to make it to inauguration if he's elected.
  6. Democrats are impressed with how Trump is handling this too, including known Trump hater Ilhan Omar. She came out the other day and said Trump was doing outstanding. You have your haters everywhere, some people will say he's done a bang up job, others will say he's an idiot and hasn't done enough. Then there's Jerry... dude is going to find hidden meaning in this post too, I'm sure. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ilhan-omar-praises-trumps-incredible-response-to-coronavirus-pandemic/ar-BB11oy7x
  7. No Jerry, you can't do shit about this, pointing it out does nothing. Millions of others have pointed it out and where has it gotten us? No where. I swear jerry, I think you have mental issues. You really need to stop assuming that my posts contain some hidden meaning.
  8. What are their ratios based on? Sure price is king, price always matters. Case in point; the PS3 launch. However, were consumers made aware that it would not include a disc drive for their games? Not everyone wants to download a 50GB game, especially with the way ISPs are starting to do with data caps. I think Cox has me capped at 3-4TB a month before they start shitting a brick. We'll know soon enough.
  9. I find everything funny, Jerry. I don't find it admirable. There's not a fucking thing you or I can do except for sit back and watch this shit show unfold. So why not laugh at everything? No one is peddling shit Jerry, you're looking for hidden meanings that just aren't there.
  10. Is lockhart the rumored discless machine? There's no way anyone buys that. People still love having their disc based games.
  11. Are they using software emulation? Obviously they would have to be, there's no way they would pull the PS3 with the built in PS2 EE for BC again...
  12. Come on man, calling it the deep state department? That shit is trolling on the master level.
  13. Once again Jerry, not every post has a hidden meaning.