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  1. What are their ratios based on? Sure price is king, price always matters. Case in point; the PS3 launch. However, were consumers made aware that it would not include a disc drive for their games? Not everyone wants to download a 50GB game, especially with the way ISPs are starting to do with data caps. I think Cox has me capped at 3-4TB a month before they start shitting a brick. We'll know soon enough.
  2. Is lockhart the rumored discless machine? There's no way anyone buys that. People still love having their disc based games.
  3. Are they using software emulation? Obviously they would have to be, there's no way they would pull the PS3 with the built in PS2 EE for BC again...
  4. The hard facts though are that the X will have to use the CPU/GPU for audio, while the V will have its own dedicated hardware SPU. Combined with the SSD, this is going to be an interesting gen, indeed. I'm curious as to the pricing though.
  5. many, son as we have gone over is five. Jesus, it's like I'm talking to a third worlder, or a Canadian.
  6. Not many, but more than one. If a couple is two, then a few is three and more. It's simple dude.
  7. It's not in the dictionary ho, it's how they are interpreting it. My professors back in college, used to say a few was 3-11, there are those that think a few just means 3, while some means 4, many means 5 and so on. So there you have it, I'll take my dictionary, dictionary.com and my professors interpretation of the word over some chumps taking the LSAT. YHBR. Still love you though. $199 is not a few.
  8. No that one place wasn't the dictionary. I checked dictionary.com and my dictionary at home. It doesn't say anything of the sort that powerscore.com mentioned.
  9. A few means three or more. A couple means two. You NEVER use few to refer to two. Just because your dumbass found some place that agrees with your use of it, doesn't mean it's correct.
  10. $199 would be a couple you braindead moron. and yes a FEW is generally taken as 3. Never smaller than 3 though.
  11. I’ll wait till all 3 episodes come out. Last thing I want to do is beat the game and wait a year for episode 2 and another for episode 3.
  12. You can play games and keep your beer cold at the same time, with the all new Mini-Fridge Box Series X by Microsoft.
  13. Come on brother, that would be like you calling that cube car sexy and sleek.
  14. Remi i love ya to death bro, but, you're on the losing end of this one. This thing is worse than the X VCR box One
  15. That's like a mid atx case, holy fuck that is one ugly fucking piece of shit. lol microshit.
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