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  1. "the cure will cause more deaths than the disease". That is literally the only smart sentence he said in his entire presidency. It is a logically correct sentence. If the cure will cause more deaths than the disease, you don't do the cure. You can argue if the sentence is factual,(aka the cure isn't worse than the disease) that's what the argument should be. However, if the cure causes more harm than the disease, its stupid to take the cure.
  2. "Like Bill Gates said, an economy can recover, you can an economy back, but you can't get lives back." Its strange for someone as smart as Bill Gates to say something so stupid. A bad economy also means dead people. It means countless suicides, overdoses, deaths do to other illnesses, and mass starvation in the third world countries. I don't know why he said that, he knows better. The truth is, the world has only known the type of economy we currently have for less than a century. Poverty and starvation are the norm, not success. It is no coincidence that life expectancy has increased with the economy. If we let the economy completely tank (and I mean in a way worse than the great depression), it means far more people die than the 1-3% (Or even lower considering all the unreported cases of people who have minor symptoms) that will die from the virus itself. And Bill Gates, you can't get those lives back either, and there's a lot more of them. In the classic trolley problem, I'm the type of person who would pull the lever to kill 1 person, to save the other 5. I realize most people aren't that person, but it needs to be done.
  3. What is the end game for our Corona Virus response? A vaccine being mass produced will take 12-18 months. Are we supposed to shelter in place for 12-18 months and watch society and the economy completely crumble? Because if we stop sheltering in place in a couple of months, I assume a handful of people will infect everyone again, and we have to start all over. At some point, we have to go back to work. And if we have to go back to work anyways, which means everyone will get the virus eventually anyways, what's the point of sheltering in place and purposely destroying the economy to try to stop something that's unavoidable? I've yet to see a good answer to this other than "continue sheltering in place." However, doing that for 12-18 months will destroy society, and probably lead to more deaths than the virus itself. Over the past 200 years, life expectancy has doubled due to industrialization, advances in healthcare, the economy, and society. If we hunker down for over a year as society rots, that's whats at risk.
  4. How does 9/11 define anything? Didn't change society in any meaningful way. It lead to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, but only a small percentage of society actually served there. Other than that, life continued on, people kept buying cell phones, masturbating to internet porn, watching the Kardashians ( Or I guess it would have been Paris Hilton back then), and buying DVDs of the Mummy returns from a used DVD store, or later on browsed by hundreds of movies on streaming services not finding anything to watch. Life would have been pretty much the same with or without 9/11. Hell, Bush even recommended we beat the terrorists by shopping.
  5. Reality is too hard for some people I guess https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-calls-coronavirus-democrats-new-hoax-n1145721 " “This is their new hoax,” Trump continued, adding that attacking the White House’s response to the coronavirus had become the Democratic Party’s “single talking point.” "
  6. Trump called the corona virus a "Democratic Party hoax," tried to defund CDC, put a creationist in charge of handling the response, and a majority of Americans approve of his response. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/20/poll-majority-of-americans-now-approve-of-trumps-coronavirus-management-138570 I don't know what this man can do to get America to finally turn on him. Doing nothing to stop a pandemic isn't enough. What is? The majority of Americans are just fucking stupid! This fucker's winning reelection, isn't he?
  7. Our half assed measures aren't working. It brings about the worst of both measures. Its not stopping the virus, and the world economy is tanking which will lead to massive unemployment, suicides, other health problems and everything else. And it does it all without really stopping coronavirus so its a lose lose. There's really only 2 options. 1. Do complete authoritarianism, Do what China did, bring in the army to rough up people demand people stay inside for a month stop all human contact, shoot people who disobey. Sure this is fascism, but it will stop the problem and then society can return to normal afterwards. 2. Return society to normal, accept 1 to 2 percent will die as we build an immunity, hope the economy rebounds and this virus doesn't destroy society. Anyone who tells you we can do something in the middle of those two choices is lying. In the middle brings about the worst of both worlds. But I'm guessing society will continue down that road, and that's exactly what we will have, tons of deaths from the virus, and a global depression, which means tons of deaths and misery also.
  8. What a stupid fucking thing to say. Doom II holds up as one of the best single player FPS campaigns of all time. It has the best shotgun of all time, fantastic levels, fantastic enemies, music, great art design. I'd much rather play it than whatever the fuck the annual Battlefield or Call of Duty rehashes are.
  9. PeterPopoff


    What's wrong with being trans? Women with penises are the best of both worlds.
  10. I thought this was gonna be a topic about Ubisoft, and no, they are not the shit. They are shit.
  11. Its not a win, because the military Industrial complex as a whole is a failure. The USA spends more on military than the next 10 countries combined. http://www.crfb.org/blogs/us-spends-more-its-military-next-10-countries-combined That's money that could be spent on healthcare, welfare, etc. So because one Iranian General being assassinated didn't start WW3 doesn't mean the operation is a success, because it doesn't happen cheaply. Its very expensive to be the world police, and there absolutely were casualties. The casualties are the people who died from the hundreds of billions we spend on unneccesary military policing, that could have been spent on saving people's lives in hospitals instead.
  12. PeterPopoff


    It depends on what you mean by socialism. If socialism is all out government control of means of production like Soviet Union, its a failure. However, if socialism is the Nordic Model (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, etc a Capitalist private structure but very strong social net such as government funded healthcare, education, and job protections) then it is the most successful economic model mankind has ever devised. In my opinion, the well being of a country's people is the only measure that matters for economics. And by that regard, those countries always rank the highest. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/worlds-happiest-countries-united-nations-2019/index.html However, conservatives currently enjoy a double standard on the word "socialism" and that bullshit has gotta stop. First they will claim that Nordic Model countries are actually capitalist, not socialism. Then I reply back "Great, lets implement their supposedly "capitalist" policies like government funded healthcare and education." Then the conservative will say "THOSE POLICIES ARE SOCIALIST YOU DIRTY COMMIE!" This bullshit has gotta stop. Conservatives can no longer claim the failures of socialism under communism, while denying its successes in the Nordic Model. They can't have it both ways. The truth is pure capitalism fails (slavery, 14 hour work days, child labor, company stores) and pure communism fails (mass starvation, ultimate government power that usually leads to genocide). However, USA is closer to capitalism than the Nordic Model countries. Regardless of what the bullshit right wing talking point is, the Nordic model is closer to socialism than USA, but its people enjoy a higher quality of life. Therefore its should be something we should desire to implement ourselves. So socialism is not a complete failure when it is taken in its proper dosage, and our country could stand to use more socialism by proof that countries with more socialism than us have been proven to be successful. But we shouldn't desire socialism in its purest form, communism, because that has never succeeded. I don't get why this is so hard for people to understand. Capitalism and socialism aren't all or nothing. You can have bits of both, and there have been countries with more socialism that are more successful than us.
  13. I will wait a couple of years and get it for $5.
  14. Because she's a bland boring midwestern centrist, and bland boring midwestern centrist voters decide the election, because of the electoral college. 4 of the top 6 closest states in the 2016 are in the midwest or at least rust belt in Pennslyvania's case. https://www.usnews.com/news/the-run-2016/articles/2016-11-14/the-10-closest-states-in-the-2016-election She is from the Midwest, has won minnesota (A key swing state) with 60% of the vote. Of course she sucks, but does it matter if whoever your chosen candidate is doesn't suck, if they can't win the election? Out of every candidate, because of the terrible electoral college system, she is by far the most electable in the general election, yet has no chance in hell of winning the primary, because people are morons and think an actual communist like Bernie Sanders is still gonna be beating Trump after Trump spends hundreds of millions digging up all his pro communist quotes.