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  1. So I fell for some Borat level trolling? Ok, I got pwned. I'm stupid.
  2. You basically just have to twist everything and grasp at straws for Xbox to be able to claim PC games as its exclusives. So OS counts (despite the fact that the computer you buy probably isn't a micosoft computer). But hardware doesn't.. for some reason. Even if the hardware literally comes in a box that says Sony on it. You're basically just picking and choosing what Microsoft does in PCs to be able to claim PC games as exclusives. This is a massive failure. Hell you can even play most "Xbox exclusives" on an android phone because of gamepass. You're trying to have it both ways.
  3. By Hot Sauce's logic Sony made computers under the VAIO brand until 2014 and therefore should have been able to claim PC games as its exclusives, because you could play them on a Sony PC.
  4. I'm using it to disqualify the Xbox, not the PC. I'm a sheep and realize it has a walled garden, but at least it has some of the greatest exclusives of all time. Xbox's walled garden walls it off for no reason with no good exclusives, when you'd be far better with a PC. It seems like you realize the Xbox brand is now a massive failure and you're trying to have it piggy back off the PC as a last resort.
  5. Microsoft doesn't control the PC. Its not a walled garden where games need approval from Microsoft like the Xbox is. Its just an unfortunate accident of history that they control the OS market for PCs. Most of the best games for PC have nothing to do with Microsoft. Its a completely different type of arrangement from the Xbox.
  6. If you will admit the Xbox Series X is nothing more than a gimped PC with restrictions, a forced walled garden, lesser quality graphics, and a much smaller game library (With Series S being even more gimped), I'll actually let you win this battle. Then because I have the real deal, a PC, I never have a reason to buy an X Box every again.
  7. I will grant you Xbox Series S and X are the same system. But "Series PC?" What the fuck is that? The PC is its own system despite what Microsoft and you are trying to claim. You're basically just saying "If you ignore the fact that Xbox games are on other systems, it has plenty of exclusives"
  8. Based on what I'm reading, EVERY SINGLE GAME so far for it is either available for the PC, last gen Xbox, or even PS4 and PS5. Unless you're just a techie who has to have everything, why the hell buy this thing currently? There's no experience you can't get on it, that you can get on another system (and probably superior on PC). Its harddrive will fill up quickly, and it has the classic Microsoft tech issues. You'll feel like an idiot buying this thing when a new model is issued next year with hardware issues fixed and a bigger harddrive. I'm a sheep for life, but I'll take sides on
  9. Anita Sarkessian has a valid opinion that should be respected The SNES version of Aladdin is better than the Genesis version. People only like the Genesis version because of the sword, but the SNES version simply plays better Call of Duty campaigns are top rate. They pack a lot of action into 6 or so hours, and I look forward to a new Call of Duty Campaign ever year, except for that year the gipped us. Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening is the best Zelda game on the switch Swimming levels are usually some of my favorite levels in video games
  10. What, all these abbreviations and first names in the title, assuming I know what they are. What the fuck are you talking about? Who is John, what is DF? Who are the SJWs at ERA? What the fuck does this mean. Stop speaking in coded language.
  11. I'm an old school incel before it was word, didn't lose viriginity until age 23. Somehow I managed without writing bizarre posts about how we need to give up women's rights, rape all women, or commit acts of terrorism against women. Incels today are fucking disgrace.
  12. I just jerked it to 3 trans hotties fucking me up the ass on my oculus rift. That was awesome, and therefore VR did not fail.
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