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  1. After all, their lord emperor Trump just started a war with Iran. I shouldn't see any of them, because they should all be enlisted and be overseas to fight in their hero's noble war. If they aren't overseas, dying by Iranian rockets, they aren't true patriots, and are simply hypocritical chickenhawks.
  2. Absolutely roasted the snowflakes? More like a very mild rubbing that even Jay Leno could have done.
  3. Maybe try Flower and Journey. No dying (or gaming) in those games!
  4. Oh dammit, I'm a virgin again!
  5. Great Colorful Graphics? Check Great music inspired by Donkey Kong Country? Check Great levels that can be altered into other great levels? Check A great end level that's so hard, it puts Super Meat Boy to shame? Check The greatest overworld in any 2d platform game ever, that almost feels like a top down Zelda? Check Great characters including a snake named Trowzer? Check Nice long campaign that never feels boring? Check I didn't have to pay a dime for it, because Epic gave it away with their Fortnite money thinking it would somehow convince me to buy a game on Epic Game Store (It didn't work)? Check This game meets all the requirements, it is game of the year. Resident Evil 2, Sekiro, Disco Elysium... Piss off, you don't hold a candle to this greatness! Bow down before your Gods
  6. According to this article, steam has 30,000 games. https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-now-has-30000-games/ And its a year old, so its probably tens of thousands more now. Xbox gamepass gives you 100 free games, on top of the standard 4 free games a month. Playstation Plus gives another 2 free games a month. Nintendo eshop is flooded with shit indie games. Humble Bundle always has a bunch of games really cheap, and there are a million imitators that have more, but lower quality games. Epic Game Store has given me about 50 free games this past year. GOG.com is always giving free games (or onsale for a dollar, might as well be free). My amazon prime service includes twitch, which gives another 5 free games a month. On top of all this, you can pretty much emulate any console up to the PS2 era perfectly, with complete romsets available at whichever wackamole website Nintendo hasn't shut down yet. ENOUGH! I have to work 40 hours a week. I have to sleep 60 hours a week, and masturbate 4 hours a week. I ain't got time for this many games. I'm gonna die without playing most of these, and its driving me nuts. Most of these games suck, but a lot are really good. And they are really good games, I will never play. I miss the days of when I could only afford whichever NES game my mom would give me for my birthday or Christmas. (actually not, but seriously, cut back on these games!)
  7. I just hate SSDs and their low capacity. I'd take my 10TB external harddrive with slightly longer load times (only fallout 4 gave me problems) than some 512GB shit SSD.
  8. Work Sucks. Become Homeless. Or commit a major crime so you can spend the rest of your life in prison and never work.
  9. Superman 64, that way they would think gaming sucks, and never ask to borrow my games.
  10. What the point of buying indie games when Epic keeps using their fortnite money to give them to us for free?
  11. I've experienced getting butt fucked by a tranny in VR on the oculus rift. Real sex is lacking compared to it.
  12. Do they not know what an incel is? The Witcher is a straight up slayer, the complete opposite of a incel. Feminists like to throw the term "incel" at anything that isn't feminist, but goddamnit, its a 30 year old virgin basement dweller who hates women as a result. And if you managed to make it to age 30, and still have to fap it everynight, who can blame them?
  13. Cenk's a piece of shit who denied the Armenian Genocide for decades, then avoided questions on it, would regularly censor questioners who tried to question him on it (like for example, why is his show named the Young Turks, which was the group that carried out the genocide), and only finally half assed admitted it happened to save his own career. Fuck him, and fuck his pet Armenian Anna Kasparian for being his scapegoat.
  14. Well my thread isn't Cookester15 is a hypocrit. Its that these conservative commentator losers are hypocrites.
  15. Large corporations are too big and powerful and need to be regulated you say? Excellent point, that I'm sure Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, Sean Hannity, etc would agree with.... Oh wait, they only agree with that when it effects their bottom line!