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  1. lmao.. even back in 2011-2014 I was already 4K gaming... LMFAO.. You're literally decades behind me in every respect And he's trying to talk about authenticity
  2. Not to mention the game is over half a year old.... fuck that shit Twinbitch
  3. Fuck you I did. I didn't spoil SHIT for him.. and he admitted it. Then I changed the topic... and he stuck around despite being warned... Get it right fuckhead and do your job properly.
  4. You're SO happy right now... shows how buttblasted you are about me
  5. How stupid can you be FUCKING STUPID that's how stupid
  6. What a colossal fuckwad... Jerry even admitted to knowing in that very thread... then from there on out I warned him and changed the title so NO other members would be spoiled... LMAO what a dumb bitch... mad because the rest of the forum owned him about his shitty PC @Alphonse real talk.. this dude's mod status has to go... it's past time
  7. Yep. Fuck you. And fuck this site. Why would I prop up SS? You're not welcome there... so fuck off
  8. You guys look like a bunch of fucking losers. Protip: don't worry about any of that shit because nobody is going to be flocking to this site.
  9. I mean, ZombiU wont even get a fucking sequel because the WiiU is fucking garbage. Rayman was exclusive, LOST, and now is on everything else. Seriously... the only saving grace right now is Bayo2..and even then... it's taking fucking long enough...
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