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  1. you are playing pugb on xbox. that's the definition of loser
  2. man i like the irish and korn and all but wearing a skirt or skilt as a men is weird. I wish I were female and dress like a princess
  3. its basically the norm. i like sweatpants too
  4. then I misunderstood, i thought you think its the same. sorry.
  5. I don't think slim fit and skinny are the same? you like to wear jeans "leggings"?
  6. I don't have to beg, microsoft looks ready to give up entirely if this gen flops again. just wait for scorpio wait for e3 keep on waiting...
  7. 1. you are fucking terrible at this game because you play with a controller 2. the game is fucking terrible 3. you suck
  8. they are far better than the skinny trend. the fuck is up with grown ass men running around in tight leggings like no I don't want to see your crotch. not to mention fat people wearing it
  9. who even cares about that game it looks terrible. it should be on 1$ hobo gamepass cause lemshites like trash games
  10. nobody gives a shit you fag, this is a gaming forum
  11. i don't know if kojima is up to making a good survivial horror game. if it's like PT i'm out, first person horror games are lame as fuck and boring.
  12. she looks like a cunt, i don't understand how anyone can like her? bernie is cool
  13. ??? is that the movie from 2005? or something? jesus that scene is horrifying
  14. imagine listening to a guy called andrew wang
  15. life's too short to be pissed off all the time.
  16. kaz


    I hate to say this but I hope this will go down soon and will forever be remembered as the biggest fail in gaming. Google needs a reality check.
  17. also the fuck is up almost every new action game looks like dark souls
  18. this gen graphics are already top notch, it's hard to compare it to this no name game. I don't think the jump in graphics will be as impressive as prior generations
  19. kaz


    yea, pretty good start for them