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  1. never played them, are they good? should I start with the first one?
  2. jehuty is a master of his craft. if he can't achieve the go around himself he will simply point others in the right direction to ruin their threads themselves a true god
  3. jehuty is raping these assclowns lemshites jonBoi and lemij all they can do is post laughing smileys to soothe the pain
  4. this will be xbox' last gen. can't wait for all the laughs yet to come. im sure xbox wont let us down with quality memes before they finally pack up and leave the gaming world.
  5. i only have downs thats why i always finish my sentences with a smiley.
  6. godfall looks dope man, the duel wield combat super gay show tho, glad i skipped most of it
  7. jesus man.. i said godfall looks cool not that i want to watch an hour of it.