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  1. i hope yall get the milder form of the deadly covid infection and die painfully, you fucking retards. starting with dumbocop
  2. why do you make another thread about this? can you gays merge them together? you gays on this forum are so stupid, a quick look is enough to realize this topic has been made already. bodyodor you fucking retard
  3. i dont know what to believe anymore i will just kill myself
  4. oh my fucking god that sound when it hit them and how they went flying i hope they make it and sue this cunt ass. shit looked like gta. rape in prison is a good punishment
  5. sheep pay full price for shitty kiddy garbage for ever and they are basically all the same games again.... but of course, everyone else has been owned...........
  6. remipee so angry he spent hours making new alt accounts to show that bitch
  7. change is coming.. literally change, peanuts money for microdick since they have no games hopes and dreams still in full effect
  8. fuck you james, nobody gives a shit about canada and you are a low life.