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  1. wannabe lemshites defending some unknown puzzle game
  2. yoo GD I appreciate your honesty. and I agree. the intro of bioshock is godlike. (the plot twist at the end is cool but so overrated in my opinion). I like them all tho, even if i have to force myself a little when I replay them but they are kinda enjoyable, never finished infinite.
  3. that's definitely a shock lol. it's over
  4. tony hawk's up to ps2. @ghostz life matters show us who voted which, bitch
  5. Returnal looks amazing indeed, though it being a rogue-like is so much wasted potential. This could've been a weird ass sci-fi gigant like event horizon if they focused on the story too.
  6. kaz


    lmfao. fuck harry and meghan, entitled cunts
  7. yoo this does nothing for me lmfao, it's more comedy than horror. and why does this rabbit guy want to kill stupid kids anyway? I would let this stupid kid die so many times
  8. they should just rename their platform to "Free Games" and call it a day. thanks suckers.
  9. ghostz threads like that are always the same, he acts like he's dishing out the ownage but every thread backfires and he gets fucked. dude is so gay he loves it too by the amount of threads he makes.
  10. I can't believe this is true either. Sony should know better.
  11. Yea, that was my concern before playing the game. I'm saying I thought it would look much worse. I understand it isn't up to date graphically but for me personally it's fine. I was wondering about it after replaying all their games last year and I was thinking about how silly it will be if everyone uses the same engine like unreal for their games. It's like having their own engine adds a lot of own "charme". But I agree, If they want to release the next game in a few years I'd also prefer them to up the graphics. Really interested to see if they can upgrade this one (probably not),
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