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  1. kaz

    How is Yakuza 0

    snooze never played it but it looks dumb and ramza likes it so it's trash
  2. continued my new vegas replay. about 20 hours in. I got this companion Veronica. the melee lesbian. this bitch is cool as fuck, i think Ive never met her before
  3. idk i'm sure going swimming few times a week and eating healthy is not only a faster way to lose 15kg but also healthier
  4. i like everything. including you also don't call me rolf, my name is dieter
  5. kaz

    The sheep have died

    I don't what to say. writing this on my friday night trying to convince you to play new vegas because it's fucking awesome. do it. FO4 is garbage
  6. kaz

    The sheep have died

    fallout new vegas is quite old. but the game is really awesome and I missed a lot of content bc I played it once. Shadowrun hong kong though is not on pleb X gaming.
  7. fuckiiiing stoooopp i liked the first songs. I'm elbow shit deep into my electronic music phase... I need some time to contemplate or wahtever that means
  8. I like music and voices too. But i'm 100% sure there isn't a master voice in this world. Big wreck sounds like a big wreck tbh.
  9. when I play Battlefield 1 my game crashes sometimes and windows pops up with an error message.
  10. kaz

    The sheep have died

    I'm playing shadowrun hong kong and replaying fallout new vegas. also im not HH. maybe you should see a shrink.
  11. kaz

    The sheep have died

    I can't think of a single lemshit that hides behind.............. nothing lmfao there is literally fucking nothing and you have exactly nothing.... ...........fucking zero