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  1. done a million times before. are you ok living in your bunker away from civilisation for so long? even corona can't help you.
  2. I don't know i'm actually okay with this. I'm also good with Aerith earning gil for Don Corneolio before Cloud dresses up like a woman. She's basically a prostitute in the remake. In the original she has never met Don before you enter his establishment. She doesn't want Clouds flower only gil to pay for her dishonest family. I'm not mad at Red XIII murdering Barrett after Hojo let him loose. It's like a new change of plans. Barrett dies, so Aerith can live. Sephiroth is also Super Mario and jumps on Aerith head in the forgotten city for all eternity.
  3. To be honest, why wouldn't there be? It's a proper remake. I fucking hate all these games recently juggling the term remake/remaster around like if they are eggs you eat for breakfast. FF7 is legit the first REMAKE I acknowledge. Okay, that said, i don't know what they changed in the story but I do welcome it. It is not supposed to be the original experience. And it makes me more excited to play the whole thing.
  4. i have to believe people give birth to children for food. what is this? the year 2220?
  5. in a village - trying to make your way to a castle? - unusual enemies? sounds like RE4 again
  6. It also has 3 difficulty settings and surprisingly the classic mode is the easiest of them all. all you do is choose actions once your atb is full. the characters attack and defend on their own. and on easy/normal/hard you have to control your characters.
  7. "...an unprecedented case in history" Russia
  8. he's the best and his birth place is the best and he's rich and everyone likes aza.
  9. the only thing the soviet system assured was last place every time. just like modern russki land.