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  1. kaz

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    there were 20 fps dips, just unbelievable. the big graphics games shouldn't be for sale for it, just like wolfenstein and doom, a blurry mess.
  2. i think it doesn't look special or anything.
  3. kaz

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    horrible. even my pc ran it better
  4. kaz


    i think rempee doesnt like freedom of speech
  5. kaz

    Who saw Joker?

    I'm not mad, i'm mortal too. stfu jimbo
  6. kaz

    Who saw Joker?

    you tell me, asshole
  7. kaz

    Road rage

    holy mary, yes. that's exactly how it is. get from a to b in the safest and fastest way possible. that's it. people into cars are losers.
  8. kaz

    Who saw Joker?

    watching anything a second time right after you watched it is such a noob thing
  9. kaz

    Road rage

    you were driving back home after you been to a few bars? after 2:30am? what did you drink man?
  10. never played one of these. sniper elite, eh? and then he goes in with a machine gun no thanks
  11. kaz

    Road rage

    probably the same as a lot of people becoming cops, severely bullied in their childhood and need that power trip now