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  1. cool, now shitmits can play the game like I played it on my shitty PC nah, for real this game must look like muddy garbage on switch godlike game though, enjoy
  2. it's in the devs bankaccounts
  3. hunt: showdown one of the best PvP competitive shooters, the first one adding PvE elements in such an amazing way and can'tsole players complaining non-gamer trash don't deserve this on their consoles tbh.
  4. Thanks microsoft for finnancing my games Hunt: Showdown owns, can't wait for a new crytek IP. some losers ITT lol
  5. you still mad you fucked up your PC build by wasting your budget on garbage instead of buying a proper gpu? the hardware prices will go back to "normal" at some point, so you have no argument
  6. looks like normal internet responses to me.
  7. skipped last gen, next one is even easier. I'm not hiding it, I beg for all games to release on PC. That includes all the shitty ninty games. can'tsoles are so 2005
  8. I don't like it in general, I prefer most woman without make-up too. painted nails or longy fake nails are gross
  9. You want me to put Jehuty on my ignore list? But my ignore list is empty..... and I love Jehuty.
  10. BF3 was the last good battlefield game. BF4 sucked because of its air to ground balancing issues, also rare hit detection bugs were never fixed even in the final build. BF1 was ok, so was V but 3 shits on both of them. The only thing I want is a stamina bar (BF2) for infantry combat, the cod gameplay era in BF has to end!
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