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  1. lol it's the opposite for me. I like the movies and books (well the first two) because I grew up with them even tho they are mild but this game looks trashy to me
  2. I don't know man, I don't see how twinb said they are not important, just that it's a shitty job. He even pointed it out that he thinks otherwise with him mentioning halo infinite and bf2042 as a joke but it seems it goes right over your head. always your dumb tactics to initiate the jerry-go-around lol there should be a rule where you are removed from a thread when someone spots it, so we can avoid it entirely
  3. oh ya dat bike gameplay. helping build the highway and basically giving all of the materials for the other feggets because you were done with that area only to ride it in stone-ey environments and bump into shit every two seconds I'm very curious what they are going to do with the story but I'm glad for a sequel, they could've left it at that but they really didn't explain everything that was going on. I just hope they better pace the game around the story, that's really my only issue with the game and maybe cut some of the open world filler.
  4. I enjoyed it drunk, the story and all was cool but I didn't like the pacing. It's basically just open world and then suddenly super story focused. Mikkelsen were my fav parts.
  5. maybe 128 players isn't a good idea after all. I mean 64-100 players probably the max of how well it can be balanced. See how MAG on ps3 failed miserable with their stupid 256 players gimmick
  6. Check out maxroll.gg lost ark, it's probably the best site that explains item progression. You don't get loot like the tradiotinal way, you use many resources to upgrade your gear level. There are only 3 Tier sets in the end game and the Tiers are based on item level, up to 1400 something. The story is basically played in a few hours. Also you get two free level 50 characters later. And yes, you get a lot of stuff a lot of that isn't very necessary, make sure to get the HP potions with 45% and 60% from the chests and every engraving recipe you need. Like I said I didn't look in fo
  7. I'm sure I saw this game in my nightmares before. the weird ass music and sound effects are creepy
  8. looks good. Played a lot of arma 2 but never tried 3
  9. I think it was part of the main story line. Once you reach the first major city. I think it's Luterra Castle. You get a song which will teleport you. It's annoying and boring though I won't log in every day just to start researching stuff. Haven't played in weeks too
  10. amazing.... 30 fps in 2022 handhelds
  11. "I hate myself", sure you do, Mrs. Sunderland lol copy/paste I don't expect something unique anymore without team silent but maybe new tech will help. I hope it owns but I don't expect anything
  12. looks like they took a picture of my room and I don't like it
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