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  1. of course it is, so many memes and jokes. basically the gaming comedy show
  2. souls games were never about leading graphics or tech... and yea the art style is just incredible
  3. I listened to "The Hunted" and "The Arrival" and the latter says collab with Marc? anyway I also mean the other collab keep it up, artists
  4. its just battlefield.... again who cares about vidja scores, twinb, just enjoy it
  5. looked like the tip of a dick at first... aza jerking one out to himself
  6. aaaah yes, the obligatory training montage thread by aza that gets posted every few months
  7. this is weird to me because I've never seen the finale I dropped it at the big revelation and hated it, stopped it right there. I feel like I have to finish the OG series to continue with the new approach?
  8. tbh I think the whole show is more slice of life than it follows a straight plot. I only know the arc for revenge for spike at the end? maybe it's time for a rewatch of the OG of course and not that soon to be life action garbage. thanks anyway to remind me to consider it.
  9. yep, you wanna move into my trash home?
  10. is it gameplay relevant? then it sucks if you cannot unlock it by simply playing the game.... microtransactions can be a blessing and a proper business model unless they affect the gameplay
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