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  1. skip all john wick movies, waste of time
  2. idk i dont see twinb like that. his opinions about games are neutral and that he wishes BF to succeed is no secret but he's not all over it lol rempee fkn crazy again
  3. I agree, I never thought bloodborne as a new or special IP. People saying soulsborne games think it's elite to play bloodborne or something. They are ALL souls games. It's pretty obvious.
  4. these terms are weird. genX sounds like some sex disease
  5. his eyes look like watermelon kernels
  6. this thing? ugly as hell, hes kinda like the cat meme
  7. doom multiplayer is fire but im playing with nabs at rank 1 the single player is okay so far, just annoying you have to stop for certain items where you have to press use. kinda kills the flow but holy damn those graphics, even high 1080p looks amazing, cant imagine playing this on a switch tshbfo
  8. didn't the souls guy said he's interested in battle royal... even sounds like one... Elden Ring