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  1. just what the fuck man, I was hoping for a comeback for a moment how the best racing game in the world can become completely obsolete in a few gens Wipeout on ps1/n64 and wipeout fusion on ps2 were GODLIKE, it all went downhill with wipeout HD/fury on ps3. man, that game was still fun but they fucked up the tracks by making them SUPER short and mostly uninteresting RIP
  2. I'm sorry @Twinblade but 2042 looks like garbage. BF will never change and get back to good gameplay when try to compete with COD and now all these stupid battle royal shooters. The pacing, the speed, the stupid hook to literally teleport on top of a building then jump down like 5 stories without taking any damage. What a FUCKING joke. ADHD shooter to the maximum. thanks fartnight etc.
  3. lol ofc lemij and his fellow lemshites is like deathloop 2 will be xbox exclusive! GODstation got dat banger now, not the other way around. typical lemshite shit again... "just wait.... and wait and wait" but nothing ever happens
  4. lemshites double morals, what else is new.....
  5. looks like a banger, just like state of decay 3 and crackdown 3.............
  6. jonBin jovi getting owned by jerry absolutely pathetic
  7. calling this trash a "game" is the funniest thing you ever said, lempee
  8. kaz

    GT7 vs FH5

    craig turismo? ahaha that's cute. tho nobody gives a shit about racers and GT still wipes the floor with borza anyday.... lemshites so butthurt
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