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  1. they all look kinda cool except the mini golf :kaz: lol so many sad ppl ITT denying the future. volvo made it very clear that VR is the big next thing, and it already is. gaben
  2. MS basically sabotaging their own releases with this pos... not the entire gen anymore, I like how everyone else doesn't care and releases their games without 0box
  3. the biggest cunt rats i've ever seen I hope if you read the notes and stuff it does pause the game, it looks like it didn't but I hope it's just for show, I don't wanna have to worry about reading everything super fast lol the game looks terrifying.... the sounds that thing makes can't wait to shit my pants when this thing is near
  4. shhhuuut the fuck uuup jerry. btw I noticed this includes layers of fear 2 as well apparently, some scenes are from the second game
  5. I think MGS1 is the best, but MGS2 comes after that. I love snake eater but I always wonder why everyone praises it as the best MGS. I think all three main MGS games are just so good, it's personal preference in the end. MGS remakes, I'm actually down to, but start from the beginning.
  6. I don't need some russki terrorist schmucks for that. the OG Nier OWNED hard on ps3, I said it before you feggets even know it existed.
  7. kinda got bored with doom eternal, so I started dishonored 2 expansion: death of the outsider and it's just as brilliant as the main game. dishonored easily one of my fav IPs, so much cool lore to read and the gameplay is just fun, and I usually end up killing every guard, I only spare civilians even though I do a sneaky approach first. high chaos -> low chaos
  8. oooooold neeews, why make another thread dummythre
  9. ^ yea, its definitely a fake-on rails type game. RL recorded plus game engine mixed
  10. stick to your fisher price toys, jerry, lmfao.. dumbass
  11. I liked a few things about control, the environments for most part, the floating bodies and their chanting/prayer, the fact that it was some alien entity, the videos with that crazy professor (which is actually the alan wake dude) and these kids show always with a dark twist. The games overall story is absolute garbo though and the gameplay is dead boring because it is so repetitive, enemy design as well. The thing I really liked was the lore about the objects of power and altered world events - it reminded me of that old crpg Planescape: Torment, which had a similiar thing going
  12. alan wake is just a mess story wise with no ending, garbo gimmicky gameplay with the light. And I have not seen anyone that praises control lmfao remedy sucks
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