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  1. tbh it sounds like you deserve a votekick. I would vote you off in the warming up phase
  2. I don't know what you are talking about. If you play casual ok, but competitive (at a lower level I assume) you can always mute people. At higher rank games there aren't many kiddies that yell into the mic.
  3. I mean playing smart means camping at the end of the match and I got lucky by picking the other two remaining guys off in a fire fight. I have to admit it's simple fun because it's a 10-15min game. But that's because it's still CS. It's weird though because if people had access to the usual rifles like ak/m4 at the later stage it would be a totally different game. But it's an early stage of the mode. Time will tell.
  4. yeah, find a gun and get ammo, even if you don't get ammo I got first place with 13 rounds, carefully headshotting the 2 or 3 people I encountered. BUT one round I killed myself with C4 WHY IS THIS SHIT IN THAT MODE. THE BLAST RADIUS IS BIGGER THAN THE FUCKING MAP POOL IN COMPETITIVE lmfao
  5. The game is garbage just like every other "battle royal" game. The map is pretty cool though I played like 20 games and survived about 5 games. The random items you find are garbage I had to kill few peeps with melee weapons but they had a gun already. Armor and helmet is random, looks the same as parachutes which are completely uselss. The drones give away your position and when you have enough money to buy something worth it the round is almost over(6-8min, 4 survivors remaining). I realized that getting a pistol and searching for ammo is the best way to win. One round I picked up a shotgun from a dude I killed. But then he killed me with an AUG camping on the roof of a building. It's not bad and all like I said the map is pretty cool with the underground corridors etc. but battle royal genre sucks and even godlike cs gamplay doesn't make it any better. also wtf is with the turrets everywhere AND the money you spent on locked doors is a complete waste. I got A FUCKING PARACHUTE FOR UNLOCKING A DOOR. WTF
  6. No. It's ok. I was quoting one of these pictures and I told cooke I didn't like it. You did the right thing. Thanks. ok I should add putting pictures in spoilers with an explicit warning is a thing on the internet. That was my original post. Without that it's just a dick move.
  7. DUDE. what a fucking baller move. thanks I agree. BUT you deleted one of my posts too. it's ok man.
  8. 100% pure garbage franchise
  9. I love and hate japanese. I don't like the overdramatic voice acting for every single little shit that happens. I prefer the original over voice actors tho. For example FFXIII adjusted lip syncing with english lmfao. I want to replay it with japo dub on PC. You know what I mean, I prefer the original. That's why I watch movies, play games etc. with subtitles if I don't speak the language also: even though english is foreign for me I'm comfortable watching/playing without subtitles. English is by far the best language ever and I'm glad we say hello to aliens that way.
  10. these pics look like the beginning of a snuff movie
  11. I will play them all at some point (maybe) but this is why it's hard to even get started. There are simply way too many of these games. I played 3 halfway, but never tried brotherhood or the other one idk
  12. rocket league sucks oh i forgot: pubicG battle royal