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  1. remove graphics modes on consoles and make 60 fps the new norm. I think it's long overdue. If you want to push graphics at 30fps make demos.
  2. It's Turtle? or whatever he was called before. a friend of cooke. checkmate. it's just cooke. anything else?
  3. if that isn't the sign i don't know what is. the ice cream ball dunk is a new one but he posted a picture (crystal clear) of his asshole in the chatbox before. It's like everyone missed it or something. I love him, but he's crazy as fuck
  4. yeah idk? is this a joke or an experimental take on animation? and why ghost in the shell, leave it alone.
  5. yes yes, i think his words don't do harm because he isn't serious. but that's just me. grow up remij
  6. lmfao stop, don't encourage it. I'm fine with his sarcastic remarks but the nudity has to go. I was eating when I saw that and I took a close look because I didn't realize what i was looking at
  7. how do you play this with these massive cocks
  8. It's the best movie ever. My absolute number 1.
  9. i still play pc rpgs from the 90s. im good bois
  10. i had to talk about it this morning. I don't care, this some basketball player to me and some nazi fags of mine are fake crying over it. RIP tho all of them.