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  1. it's the new bingo of the future in retirement homes vrrooom
  2. "drug phase" as an idiot teenger lmao sounds like you are an idiot adult now.
  3. it takes some time to feel an effect. go on. you should try and hit the bong. don't forget to inhale my boi and leave it in for a few seconds.
  4. i bet you are mad because the first time you smoked weed you were like "this is dumb i dont feel anything "
  5. actually they are. because you are a fucking idiot who has no idea what he's talking about
  6. lol the fuck is with those numbers. I could smoke like less than half a g a day and would be fliying non-stop at best I smoked like 15g in a month. smoked every day and it didn't affect my cognitive and CERTAINLY NOT my physical function. a few hours of sleep and i'm like a phoenix cracking my shells. alcohol on the other hand destroys my body even in small amounts because it's fucking poison. (not too mention when you start drinking daily, fkn awful) also it does affect me physically because it makes you FAT as shit. etc. this green dragon site made me sad, looks way too good. I can be happy if i even can choose from 2 different strains from my dude. this is fucking bullshit. I'm on my way to canada.
  7. these people dont demonstrate for anything it's a new hobby. the hobby of being upset. stop posting this bs
  8. I have no idea dude, my oracle is on vacation. people are different and some can't deal with failure/rejection. people that want to be somebody but are nobody live a shit life in their pov. that's what i meant. lol the tiniest setback and ppl give up and cry OR shoot other peeps up. = mentally ill.
  9. orange box. 4k yet still unplayable. they forgot to fix the sound stutter and lags
  10. why? the same reason why all the others did things like that. mentally ill. and i'm not saying with a history but in most cases bullied - shit life - then snap. but stil thenl it's mental. I know it's not the answer you looking for bc it's too simple and we know it but I'm saying you have to be crazy to actually kill someone let alone start a massacre like that. The elliot rodger kid holw damn that dude was a weird ass aspergers psycho and other people want revenge for whatever reason. it's sad.
  11. bruuh it's almost as if they're just people
  12. im farming internet points by playing mother teresa ban me already