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  1. Nobuo Uematsu is a god listen to some of his songs every day.
  2. wave racer, mario kart and wipeout are godly racers. Wipeout fusion on ps2 is still the king
  3. I know, it's the worst version of all platforms because nobody hits a damn thing.
  4. you are not getting better aiming with fumblesticks, use auto aim noob. Just like you do in pubg and apex
  5. HH is probably a pedo but I just don't give a shit about this guy bc I don't know who that is aside from maybe 1 or 2 songs so I don't care.
  6. lol it's definitely up there with Halo and Gears: .
  7. because MS doesn't care about games. as if they honestly think a lot of people will play crackdown lol, i didn't even know what that shit is.... and I still don't know.
  8. you should play the gba games then. oracle of seasons/ages. I don't like the graphics of the zelda remake.