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  1. i play on an OS not created by MS. ownage denied, what now might I ask?
  2. lmfao mgs4 on ps3 emulator. watching cut scenes without the scenes and scenery. every emu beyond ps1 era is garbo
  3. gilette is so gay. i could wear pink and doing facials with g-cream would still be gayer
  4. "you have nothing to say maaah xboxz " read the thread dude and i love your drive by's. stole your car many times bitch
  5. "maah xboxz " - always comes down to this lemmins get bullied in europe
  6. you can make "camera" and "crime" out of america and "pure" out of europe. just googled it. well well well also europe' "puree" ofc
  7. you the guy in witness protection that had to get a new name and face and lives somewhere in a shithole eating soup and noodles every day
  8. these games are the highest form of garbage. fucking pretentious "actors" acting for a video game. wow the gameplay and story. so profound. fuck you.
  9. maybe because you live in canada and i live in europe and our ping will be shitty