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  1. don't forget that consoles have better graphics than gaming pc now according to twinblade
  2. that sounds nice, it's a shame I just can't manage to finish a ME game. I can't even point out what it is exactly I just dropped the first and second at some point.
  3. I agree. But now they confirmed a cyberpunk 2077 sequel I wish they would work on a standalone multiplayer game. I hate that so many games nowadays have a half-assed mp thrown in. Nobody benefits from it.
  4. You mean for hugh? They can make it about the past so it still fits
  5. Twinblade is grounded, his mom had enough
  6. 09.06.2024 I'm probably dead by then
  7. nintendo sucks so much their playerbase has to create their own shitty games
  8. at least the steam dreck doesn't sound like an air conditioner
  9. the what? never heard of it, I'd be scared of this cheap knock-off to explode
  10. they showed new characters, looks GOD
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