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  1. bruh I honestly feel bad for that girl portraying her. It's like cringe flashback to the control girl. sad.
  2. lol this thread. firep keeps writing entire books cause he gets owned by ghostz of all people
  3. i liked the very first gow with the ship and the hydra fight. never played the new ones they look like cinematic trash lol
  4. Maybe a little weird but it's also a masterpiece. I think everyone should play this. and if you really can't or won't just watch the ending lmfao. this shit about some dunk that destroyed almost everyhting and
  5. they are all on PC and that wasn't his question @Jerrys Hair Line all 3 are on hobopass currently
  6. Folklore was one of the first games I got for my black lady OG. that pos had faulty cooler/vents though and turned into a fucking jet engine after 5 min of playing, so I sent it back to amazon, but kept the controller and still got a full refund then bought the slim version with it and still got some money left from it
  7. I was thinking of playing evil within, so I assume they are good? bangpass ⛷️
  8. ^ damn star citizen looks amazing, too bad this game will never release and stays empty at this point they should just give us modding tools and stuff so people can create their own campaigns
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