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  1. yes. and the microtransaction you can buy are purely cosmetics. I spent like 200€ on this game to support them but after so many hours it's like nothing. GGG is doing really well financially its a huge success. also they truly care, the guy chris wilson (not the diablo 3 guy ) who started it with a few others are very passionate about the game and it shows. definitely my fav devs.
  2. what the fuck are you even talking about? Baldur's gate is a CRPG based on DnD and path of exile is a ARPG, sit down you fucking noob. @Twinblade the game owns, if you liked diablo 2 you chances you'd like the og poe too. people complaining about it because of the skill tree or say the gameplay is bland have no idea what they are talking about. I have probably over a few k hours into this game, played it a lot in endgame. the game is MASSSIVE in content, the story owns and character building is absolutely untouched. A true kaz certified banger, one of t
  3. you should post a lot more pictures of your doggie, i actually forgot about him 😑
  4. i'm laughing at your post because you take the time to write it out even tho it's a thing of the past and you even say so yourself yo sheep take every opportunity like remember when switch version was the best cuz next gen versions didn't exist also i remember this video and them saying it but its still shitty on switch no matter what you cannot tell me you play a game like this on switch, nobody does
  5. kaz

    Tobias Israel

    lemshites begging for games
  6. sounded like a days gone expansion. it's ok just keep copy&paste your shitty games
  7. good job in raising a school shooter smh
  8. lol steam is flooded with trash games, just keep it
  9. there are still gritty/dark/realistic games out there. it's just the flood of baby games for the kids like leago of losers, fortnite, sea of tears, crackdown 3, halo (basically everything on xbox tbh etc.), destruction all stars...... is overwhelming my best advice is to just ignore the trash, the flood of shitty games nowadays is insane, one look at the darkest depths of steam is enough and you might turn suicidal 😌🙂
  10. you should've stopped at godsnaxx cause it's the only game that matters this gen.
  11. not sure what you are trying to say AT ALL other than trying to defend crackdown 3 for being "colourful" even tho this game was absolute hot garbage, one of the most hyped lemshite game turning into complete shit and EVERYONE KNOWS IT WHAT THE FUCK PUNKY
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