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  1. I doubt anyone claimed ownage for Shemu 3 before or after release
  2. kaz

    New RE3 trailer

    this looks amazing. RE3 -> RE2
  3. shut up idiot. and yea i agree. I will wait anyway until they finished all episodes, I don't want a "cliffhanger" (lol can you call it that if you know the story) and having to wait to continue.
  4. I explored everything and did about every side quest. After you go back to Detroit I probably missed one/some, I can't remember doing much there. And starting with the epilogue there aren't any at all, it's fighting soldiers/armor and later the crazies. I finished it in 25 hours. Loved it but the flaws I mentioned really hold the game back for me, the combat and stealth was amazing and then the boss fights are a complete letdown. I think the first one (the bulky dude) was actually the best boss in the game, because you couldn't just burst him. The invisible bitch was annoying and the main villain dude was just awful - 2 typhoon - that's it. I don't like cheap mechanics like that. I know you acknowledge these flaws and they don't matter to you as much but I can't overlook these flaws. The side quests in hensha were the best part. And maybe the old pal in the police department in detroit, lmfao that shit was hilarious how you could guilt trip that guy, even tho jensen was a total asshole and it was all his fault. (kinda). Just my opinion. Objectively however, Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers is the best game of the decade, not DE:HR. (yes, it is a fact. deal with it).
  5. I disagree. I enjoyed it a lot but it was too short and most boss fights were way too easy because you could just upgrade typhoon, walk near them and kill them in 1-2 hits.
  6. the teenager who won 3 mil in that fornite tournament was called "the best gamer in the world" by the media. he also got swatted i hope fortnite dies soon enough
  7. it's fisher price gaming at it's best, so kids, soccer moms and grown up sad people like bodyodor.
  8. Yea, it means you don't get much for $1.
  9. or they forgot about it because it has nothing to offer
  10. yeah i have the numbers: epic 0, steam wins
  11. yep, valve and gaben are so talented they made this game on the fly......
  12. I don't why but you said it perfectly. The guy might have only the best intentions but it's like he doesn't see the trees in the forest. Xbox went so far behind purely because they didn't commit on their games they should've been provide this gen. I still hope they turn it around somehow and start making games because that's the only chance they got to compete with sony or nintendo. I know their focus may lie elsewhere now, but I hope they just go back to making games? What the fuck is a console worth without games?? I want a scalebound game, I am actually mad at microsoft for that one. And I always said that from the first footage I've seen of that game, dante clone yea, but the game concept look really promising and fun to me.
  13. so many fails in this thread. witcher 3 ok but still a fail like the op.
  14. kaz

    PS5 wish list?

    What do you people expect from a demon's souls remaster game-play wise? I am really curious because to me the game is perfect and I don't see how they can add additional content. Otherwise, a remake is out of the question, like what are thy going to do with it? Balance magic like they did with dark souls? I don't understand why people want remasters for perfectly fine games. Leave that shit alone.
  15. I dig the story aspect. I mean I get these games. I never got around to play one and you have to admit they look weird if you have no idea how to even play these games. I think i'm long overdue, i know everyone keeps praising these games for their stories and characters.