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  1. your transformation of becoming a fatmericunt is almost complete. xbox and trump, now get your double cheeseburger, fattre
  2. you don't play games, you live your life, james
  3. trials of mana looks terrible, just like the first "remake", i always hoped for them to make a new secret of mana in the style of 1 or 2. fuck remakes srsly i played through these games million times, i know the story lazy assholes
  4. a picture of geralt, not a drawing of yourself, voidler
  5. cant complain bro, finished hl1 and playing 2 rn. STEAM NO. 1 lmfao desperate EGS, nobody gives a fuck after they done dishing out free games enjoy fortnite faggots
  6. it does already but who cares.. no reason to ever get a xbox
  7. yes, a more powerful console, that's what people want. games? who cares
  8. im pretty sure panic attacks can kill you, but unless you are a faggot coward like a rabbit you are fine
  9. lmfao that dude lost his mind. all the assfucking he got from sony and ninty truly broke him "not disrespect [them]" lmfao so salty
  10. what happenend to this residence of evil indie game? this one looks awful, monster design
  11. never had those but I feel super exhausted all the time because my sleep scedule is fucked, 4-6-4-6-4-8-8 something like that
  12. I hope they do the right thing this time and stay true to the originals, season 1 in the mansion sounds good to me. but i doubt it the first movie wasn't so bad, it just felt super action-ey already. I would've been ok with the later movies going crazy but the beginning should be slow, mysterious and just horror
  13. kaz

    Remeber whens

    lmfao i remember whippit, for some reason i thought these pictures were from liquid, but as soon as I saw the name whip that memory came back
  14. kaz

    Remeber whens

    remember when xbox had games?
  15. that title was a ride to read, explosive ending. glad you dropped your meth addiction.