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  1. All mmo's suck atm, wow was at it's prime in vanilla and early bc. Those raids were fun, stopped playing somewhere at sunwell raid status. Game is casualized as fuck and every character is a clone at max level... same thing with diablo 3. Blizzard fucks up nowadays.
  2. Omfg, come on now people, i know some of you are into hardcore gay sex and whatever the fuck...
  3. kaz

    My gfs & friends

    STFU already you are better than most of these fkn mofos that try to turn a site about gaming (well, i really thought that...) into some sort of dating-advice show... where people post pictures of ugly bitches to rate them... fuck this shit... fuck you all.. :(
  4. kaz

    My gfs & friends

    Do you release a studio album or are just gonna continue throwing some random sounds together in FL or whatever? I have to admit i clicked those youtube vids of you everytime, because i just didn't look at the name of the track.....i want more.
  5. Gonna work there hopefully in the future, busy with studying right now. :kissing:
  6. kaz

    My gfs & friends

    Why are you still posting your shitty music.. -the fuck
  7. befragen you are such an idiot. And ofc you americans would just kill yourself like you are already doing nowadays. Sending your kid to school in the US? Nevermind, don't have to pay shiet for that anymore.
  8. The average "US citizen" is stupid as fuck. I can't even imagine living there,.. don't you all fear some random people that just start shooting some people to death? like everywhere? everyday?
  9. That's not 93. Don't care.
  10. :] and lol at this guy bashing trance... there is a lot of shit stuff but some tracks are amazing. Armin van buren = fuck dubstep though..
  11. Demolition Man. Wesley Snipes Philadelphia owns too. One movie is missing though Best movie ever.