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  1. lol yea that's what I was thinking too but seriously all the best to her..uhh them.. uh..I mean good luck. I saw them years ago too but forgot about them.. HER. uh I mean it though, nature is just like that, i grew up with ogre stories and it's not unusual to have multiple heads 🙂
  2. yep, there are so many possibilities of how this could've happened but it is definitely their responsibility to make sure a firearm or a prop firearm is safe to use on set. it's rare that they use live ammunition but then it's always experts that handle those. It could be a mix up with the guns (acutally life ammunition), or not proper cleaning of a prop gun that has some "residue" or leftovers inside that can act as a projectile and can be as deadly as a live round. yep, propmaster fucked up big time. it sucks for everyone though.
  3. they are both white, of course they are in paradise now together, happily ever after
  4. yes, but what are you trying to tell me? that you can't spot sarcasm even if your life depended on it? like wtf
  5. my point is it has nothing to do with the expansions, the upgrade affects everything...
  6. both expansions are like the main game graphics-wise, I'm not sure why you would expect the expansions to get an extra overhaul game looks amazing already
  7. kaz

    How are you?

    I'm fine, thanks! 🙂
  8. really If I want to replay GODcher 3 the graphics is of absolute NO concern, the game still looks AMAZING, if you are not playing the snes ditch version that is lol
  9. I have no idea what you mean by jump scares because they are literally gone after chapter 2. The only time I remember a few scares again was in the Inn. (which were scarce as fuck). Game focusses on gameplay sections and story/puzzles more than anything. I love both timelines, without the past the game wouldn't make sense because they are connected but yea like I said I definitely enjoy the modern time more. I felt the increasingly paranoia and the hunt after the culprit was tense as fuck at times. Also some scenes were scary. Glad you liked it!
  10. I loved every chapter to be honest. But yeah, I think I get what ya mean. Trust me it will get weird as fuck if you like the modern day parts I was blown away by the voice acting quality and I really like adam and emma. glad you like it.
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