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  1. I think I saw a trailer of this game 10 years ago?
  2. in that case it would be a very, very,... very far cry. remember how the original far cry was a linear FPS with monsters and a story and then ubisoft turned it into some shitty africa sandbox highlighting you can set fucking grass on fire. wow
  3. call of doodoo Phil thinks he's being generous because all the kids play this garbo. how the fuck is this guy still in charge of xbox?
  4. that look is the "rich fuck boy, get down on your knees or I will sell you oregano" look fuck
  5. this is straight up some north american invention just like sjw bullshit I'm not even bragging or anything. you folks have mad issues we don't have GET A FUCKING GRIP (FANBOIS)
  6. It's nice to download games at 2.5MB/s and the increasing anticipation of looking at it hourly
  7. Still have to play this cat lady game too before I start this. Started Asscreed Pyramids and I honestly don't know what to say. That's some boring ass game so far. I wanna see dem pyramids
  8. Mala can't be raped, there is no more room in his single bed
  9. How come you think dumping your girl is connected to depression? let me give you a big kiss
  10. I read many journafgts complain about the difficulty.... uuhh
  11. Hell yeah! After Rebirth I wanna see more and more. They can do sooooo much with the lore and connect them all together. Even the spin-off A Machine For Pigs developed by the chinese room is connected to the main story. Having a last resort weapon sounds like a nice change. Escaping the nightmare, sounds like it is either the shadow or some variation of it, an actual monster, but nonetheless I think it will lead to some new answers I was looking for in Rebirth. Rebirth had so many direct connections to the Original, I have no doubt this game will answer more questions. I fucking lo
  12. bro what happened? did you dump your gf? first you start smoky weed regularly again and now you go full smellmit we are here for you
  13. Unrelated but I'm a huge fan of kids in the hall. This sketch is my fav:
  14. I gotta try Pentiment. I read your initial thoughts on it but I trust Obsidian.
  15. Just do it, man. Think about like Elder Ring, find a way to make things accessible. Grind some levels etc. It's not wrong to play these games like that. Most people would back your efforts and commend that kind of style, real souls gamer know these games are about exploration.
  16. I have no doubt it's like that. I hope this SJW curse will die soon.
  17. Didn't play it yet but I can totally understand your choice, being the first souls game you got into. I wish you would try Demon's Souls too. I mean I know you are a graphics guy and with that remaster on PS5 it's the best time to play it. I'm not a souls crack like some others but I always loved this game for the atmosphere and lore.
  18. they lost touch with reality a long time ago but it's interesting how they keep doing shit like this
  19. I finished A Plague Tale: Requiem. I just want to say:
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