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  1. lol, i hope that shitty chinese rocket falls down on my place and kills me in my sleep
  2. same. not every morning, but after getting up. @Twinblade you are right but I still think you smell bad and people just don't mention it. no offense. also it's rare but I met some people who never brushed their teeth before going to bed, only like once a day in the morning. eeewww, imaging all the shit you ate and drank marinating on your teeth
  3. man, that move was so cool. only real man can pull this off
  4. just finished it. I think Wesker's appearance towards the end ruined the entire game for me.
  5. they didn't teaser the rumored trailer so it would obviously be a fluke
  6. imagine telling some faggs on the inet your financial status i'm rich, I can do whatever I want and when I want if you haven't notice
  8. sry didn't read all but: the devs make money with minecraft, not the player themselves with what they create is what I was pointing out. you said they make money with it - you mean the devs that professionally worked on minecraft - NOT the players, that's what he said and I repeated to explain. anyway I just agree with Twinblade, all those build your own games-games are boring to me. I know people love being creative in those and that is cool but I'd rather spent time learning how to make games professionally even though it's nothing like playing a game.
  9. uhh that's not what he said though, he said rather spent your time creating or working on your game/other games than waste your time in-game in a game that basically creates games. minecraft makes money if you stream this shit, not build stuff. just for example. and I agree with TB. games with the main purpose to create other content suck because it's basically saying create your own game. I rather use a proper game engine and fiddle around with dat shit and learn shit.
  10. wow, you did that, all by yourself and how many hundreds of years did it take you to find the original source?
  11. I mean, just to start from the left, you think that white women bish looking fat grinch with a wave as a hairstyle doesn't look like "he's" about to destroy the patriarchy and fight toxic masculinity? those monsters should all be locked up for even trying to fuck up this game franchise with their disgusting SJW agenda. I'm on team REAL DEVS FOR REAL GAMES. BLOODLINES DESERVES THE BEST, I don't care how long it takes, just leave that sjw garbage out of my game! Those monsters all getting fired is the best news ever for this game project.
  12. The game was going to be abused for the maximum SJW garbage by the former dev team. I'm so glad they are all gone and I hope a passionate dev team will take their place and start the game right this time. just look at those monsters how anyone tries to defend them or is sad over their failure is beyond me. SJW FREAKS
  13. "mobbing" is not only a polish term and he denies the allegations. I doubt it's true. attention seeking "news" that's all.
  14. ^seriously, can you imagine making an account on SW just so you can ask for a better version of the girl who got murdered picture? what a complete psycho
  15. yes, please teas the teaser for the trailer
  16. He's also really good in that movie and his iconic scene owns so much. Still amazes me how good the movie in general is The new one? didn't even watch it, OG Jumanji shouldn't be disrespected like that
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