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  1. taking your mother out for dinner doesnt count as a date, but to each their own
  2. I don't really care about politics at all (outside the little I have to know for work etc.) and some of these questions were dumb as fuck like "you cannot feel naturally homosexual" also only answered with agree/disagree. These tests are worse than the equivalent IQ tests on the internet.
  3. just saying. that mutant game is from 2018 (december) lol looks like it flopped hard. But I will try it because it's a strategy rpg apparently
  4. whoops I scrolled down but didn't see it rempee delet... oh right, he isn't officer anymore
  5. I walk so slow sometimes old grandpas pass me and some of them do this "sigh" or shake head with slight look behind like their thinking "young people nowadays" but im just enjoying nature also when grandpas walk around like nazis
  6. me too i'm afraid that poopsmell gets out otherwise
  7. kaz

    6 philly cops shot

    nobody cares..... on a forum with 4 people
  8. kaz

    6 philly cops shot

    ok but how where when what why. this thread is dumb. i dont care bc i dont know what happened
  9. I always pronounced it Joe "bidden" in my head. interesting i know
  10. your urge to talk like a robot cracks me up sometimes
  11. that shit is so weird canadians are so boring they had to think of something to stand out
  12. canadians are always so boring
  13. when you were born your mother and everyone just shrugged it off... and it has been your life ever since
  14. green, red and blue. also yellow and maybe pink.
  15. but who wants that. pass from me, the movie is cool and complete. no need for that.
  16. he is not wrong tho. they also never really close the lid on bottles
  17. imagine you wake up in one of aza's daddyos apartment complex and this is the first thing you see