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  1. you should have left the original thread title, you cunt
  2. jerry enters the thread with his cool ass wall of text defence
  3. okay, I'll allow it. But remember any bullshit and I will throw you out, just like on discord. also I raped jerry by posting a one liner in his thread after waking up this morning, don't you feel at least a little bit embarrassed for making a thread like this? jesus.
  4. amazing, you really need to make this shitty thread to "own" jerryio? get a grip, faggit
  5. uuuhh no, i say FUCK remaster from the very beginning. so FUCK OFF, CUNT AND FUCK REMASTERS.
  6. Hans might be lacking because he's always locked up in his own room.
  7. lmfao seriously. that's awesome. she was making shit up and acting threatened by the dude even though he did nothing at all. racist cunt I hope she gets prison time, one year might be enough for her to reflect on her actions.
  8. i couldn't. I love outcast and I love that song. I watched the intro and immediately cringed when that white boy started talking. (he shouldn't be dragged into this, super cringe, poor guy). and when they start singing, it makes sense ok, but i just had to stop. awful. I bet outcast guys themselves will get a laugh out of it and like it but not me.
  9. lol america is all over the place when it comes to that. its probably one of the most racist places on earth, obviously due to the fact it is the most diverse multicultural place as well.
  10. watched the cosby show all the time as a kid and loved it, was always planning a full rewatch from start to finish - after his downfall I chose not to. fuck him, for ruining my tv show.
  11. idk man that was actually cool. a fat whale trying to "dance" and shoving ice cream down her throat is not cool.
  12. lol i dont care, still love ya, jehuty.
  13. give everyone assault rifles, only a few % of deaths are caused by them which means they are completely harmless and save to use for your own protection.
  14. jerry doesn't give a shit if he's right or wrong, he wants to argue for the sake of it.
  15. communism was always a good idea but it's realistically impossible to create and maintain a society based on it. to answer your question cooke: it's negative, a sign and symbol for no progression and despair rather than a social utopia. also i swear some people here don't know what "Nazi" even means.
  16. LMFAO i missed that somehow. these fucknuts can do whatever they want but leave my games out of this
  17. the first time i read about it i couldn't believe it. i always thought shes some black singer. but she was a white disney actor who accidentally spent too much time in a tanning salon. damn she looked cute as hell as a white girl.