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  1. cool man, I finished STEAM like 4 times already, awesome game!
  2. and another one. it's looking grim for my ps5 purchase.
  3. 50mbs, takes like a second to download a benchmark
  4. dont care then, america is for gays
  5. what the fuck are you talking about, i never said anything about that. I wouldn't name my child mohammed
  6. also nothing beats Ali. there is nothing more supreme than a fat kurdish dude breaking a sweat slicing kebab named Ali. people say lets go to ali and its always a ride.
  7. leave me alone, i was making a joke. i know mohammeds and cihads. they are just people like everyone else.
  8. it is, dota and csgo is flooded with blyats and cykas. some angry bunch tho their meltdowns are unmatched
  9. the dude locks his games away in a closet and his victims in the basement, what do you think?
  10. just wanna see the graphics turned down and more focus on important stuff.
  11. shut up or you gonna sniff my death gun asshole, asshole.
  12. lol you always say that, i was watching fmj one time and i was kinda bored but then this scene made me hard because i thought about you for a moment.
  13. lol what? thats what i wrote? thats cool
  14. mia, amelia, muhammed and emma are beautiful names
  15. if you get robbed you can use your hidden susetsu skills you learned in japan