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  1. yep, thank god I'm not even matching the minimum, but other games with the same requirements run fine with a few adjustments.
  2. KCD, GTA5, SOMA, mutant year zero. i put a shitton of hours into KCD alone. 0€ spent.
  3. this cross gen bullshit is awful, i read it all and i almost teared up and I don't even care about RE8. make a clean cut and move on ffs. the old consoles have enough games.
  4. just get some. drugs make you gay though. finished reading dragon quest?
  5. lol consoles died for me when they introduced graphics modes and upgraded versions of consoles. Basically this gen was the last nail in the coffin for me.
  6. I jerked off three times only, so pretty mediocre for a movie with children as main cast
  7. welcome to the gen of remasters. by the end of it every modern game will at least have two versions
  8. i see lots of people saying this, some even say the gameplay is different. I think everything looks fine. the running animation was always a bit clunky and wooden. but I dont see the weight issue at all. every enemy in the trailer is killed by one hit, normally you would have to hit them multiple times to kill them. It's just for demonstration purposes. Also I see a lot of "weight" and action interruption when fighting the "reposte" armor dudes and also vanguard. it'll be fine, just hope it comes to pc soon with bloodborne.
  9. yea it looks amazing. I need to see valley of defilement and astraea again
  10. ugh souls is not arcadey or about scores its ok man, i know what your problem is you never can accept anything and see everyone as a threat. enjoy your last words on this because I will not respond back, jehuty.
  11. im okay with that since the launch line up is meagre and uninspired. but making a clean cut and going next gen only sounds better. ps4 has enough games.
  12. i dont hate you it just doesnt make sense, they wont add a fucking horde mode to demon's souls. you dont have to respond, just accept it.
  13. you have no idea about these games, that much is very clear. that was probably the dumbest shit ive ever read. the game is fucking finished you moron and adding microtrtansactions wouldnt even be remotely fucking possible because it would destroy the game balance or aesthetics. they obviously wont add shit.
  14. how the fuck would this even work. you say some retarded shit sometimes, you haven't played demon's or any souls game?
  15. and with demon's souls coming to pc it's only a matter of time until they remake bloodborne and release it on PC and then its over PC
  16. yeah pretty much. I think this will be another gen without a console for me. PC PC NUMBA 1
  17. I thought the animations were pretty good except the walking animation of the player sometimes
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