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  1. sheep think they have better games than sony i really hope xbox has a comeback i cant take another gen of this sony vs ninty nonsense
  2. just do it like valve with half life 2. make a game, completely bullshit one half and cut right at the ending.
  3. of course he says that, it's like bodyodor's flipflopping on gaystation
  4. seriously what is it with ghostz and his phone obsession. just stahp nobody gives a shite about phones you cunt
  5. this is not a OG duplo, this is a variation of it called:"chocnut" (now I just realize the name lol, like as if some shit startles you and you do an emergency nut instinctively. the shock nut ). and as you can see there are 2 different types: the original (black) and the new one (white). glad i can be of help bro, ask me any time.
  6. you looking healthy bro keep it up, dont crash some planes
  7. agreed. sw gets boring because xbox fucked up too much. it was basically sony vs ninty this gen
  8. I hope they wing it and go back to exclusives so sw might be interesting again but all points to abandoning consoles and lose like sega.
  9. I really can't go back to the OGs anymore, the white ones are soo good. the black ones are basically mediocre chocolate bars now.
  10. you make it sound as if its a bad thing? .... who on this forum ever said they enjoyed playing fable lmfao. pure garbage